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Hey, Matt, is that an iPhone in your pocket or...well, you know. Man, you can practically see the playlist. Still, it's not as bad as Arthur's iPod in Merlin, because that's really bad. Hello, costume department? Way worse than the old packet of smokes forever shoved in noticeably and anachronistically in the pockets of cowboys back in those 60s westerns. And not that I was looking, or anything. Ahem. No, sir, not me.

Meanwhile, they're taking that great statue away in SF. Damn, I loved that, it looked so Harryhausen, climbing up out of the pavement. To me, anyway.

RL? Braved JB (which I loathe, for so many reasons) for various backuppy supplies, and was thinking phew when my wee mousey carked it last night (I think I broked it good and proper on the weekend, the dear thing), most inconvenient, because I just cannot use the pad thingie on my wee pc, not a bit of it. Getting a new, cheap, and, most importantly, small mouse (I can't handle normal sized mice for hours on account of my freakshow tiny hands) was another fraught trip.

So, no park for me, and I had several whole new plotty bits ready to rip in the fic (though one will require re-arranging some scenes). It's been four days since I thought of them, and I have not had a chance. Arrrgh.

Last night, well, yesterday I had the cheap scent soaked co-worker and after a handful of hayfever pills that did precious little to bring relief, I just kinda flailed all over the place and then fell over midway through Supernatural and, well, that was that. And it was the cupid one, too. On misery to singles day. We never get 'holiday' episodes in synch out here, so much so that persons of my generation actually celebrate Xmas in July, when we get all the yuletide episodes (or used to, at any rate). And I'd been so looking forward to seeing the boys all day, too. Grumble.

Oh, and I see my rants about them hiring some no talent yank to play my most beloved Marcus weren't wide off the mark. I've seen the reviews, they all say he's woeful. Toldya, and why did you go and hafta ruin my most favourite book with a crap American actor for, anyway? I can list at least a dozen Brit or Euro thesps who would have been better, and have a much higher profile than Mr Ken Doll. Harumph. And no, I haven't stopped spitting over them casting Keanu as JC, either. Stop, Hollywood, please, stop.

And, in the interests of fairness, I can think of, well, one or wo US actors I might have put up with, maybe, sort of. No, not him. No Marcus, he. Actually, no, I can't, I really can't. The makers of Rome were right, when casting togas, one should stick to the Commonwealth, at the very least (though the Euros will do in a pinch).

Too bad Fassy has already done his sword and sandals bit, cause he'd be great in The Horse Lord, but, ah, well.

RL? Well, stuck here, and given the hopeless task of improving the site's PageRank. Why hopeless? Well, fer instance, take the top five most popular searches on the site, for info that isn't on the site for reasons of controversy, etc. So, for the most popular search terms, I have to ensure the information isn't available or is, at the very least, impossible to find. Oh, and improve the PageRank. It's either Yes Minister, Hitchhikers or something out of Monty Python, I haven't decided yet. And this morning, I must report on my progress. Sigh. It's all a bit Kafka, isn't it?

And people wonder why government workers are all embittered lunatics. Well, you try it, is all I'm saying, and see how long you last before the quiet desperation kicks in.

Meanwhile, while watching back some old Rex's to free up space on the IQ, we were bemused that in this episode the son who was a math's whiz and studying economics was seen as such a failure and disappointment while the parents doted on the playboy brother who was out partying all night with his supercar and model girlfriends. Clearly, Italian dragon mums have a differing set of priorities. Explains a lot about their PM though. Smirk.

So sad SBS has lost the plot and no longer spins the Euro cops as they used to (just when they're tres chic, too, for shame). Sure, a cop show is a cop show is a cop show, but sometimes, like that episode of Rex, one gets a view of the society and its conventions via the prism of the procedural. Actually, one could write one of those silly papers on it, comparing various procedurals around the globe, because, surprisingly, they really show up the differing attitudes, legal systems, societies, etc. As much as watching old Law and Orders provide a fascinating study into the changing times and attitudes, especially as they went through a period where the death penalty went off, and then back on, the books. Chilling, but interesting, too, from a social history point of view.

Oh yeah, not just watching for the shiny suits. Well, not always, and not all the time. I miss Unit One though. I miss it so bad. I need me some Mads. In the leather jacket. I need it bad.

Seth MacFarlane:
Did Geoffrey Rush ever try to cure Porky Pig? 'Cause THAT'S a movie.

Tuesday night we had a roast. Himself just went mad and made a roast chook, just because, and it was magnificent. Oh, that was just what I needed. Turns out, I was just hungry (all these soups and salads are just not doing the business). I slept so soundly that night, well fed and happy. It was another triumph for the chef.

Stuffing (from the blessed iPad of His Majesty 'imself, AU measures):
Three shallots
150g diced bacon bits
1 Granny Smith apple
About a third of a loaf of bread, crusts trimmed (less if small bird)
Olive oil

Oh yeah, I watched the White Collar repeat on W, Well, I was still up, Bomer is pretty and it was a cute episode (White Collar does work when the cute outweighs the distressingly bad writing). Oh, boys. Play nice (and I still don't know what the sleeping arrangements were when Peter stayed over, oh wild imaginings, but from Neal's prissiness the next morning I can only assume poor old Pete fell asleep on the boy - smirk).

Poor old White Collar though. It's no longer up on any of the boards I trawl for Chuck and Supernatural (the most spoiler sensitive shows I watch, and I still buy the dvds anyway, I just can't be waiting two years to see an episode, and, what, I should stay off the net and not get spoiled, please). Not worth pirating. That's harsh, man.

Meanwhile, I was chatting to Captain Awesome about teas, remarking how Whittards actually sell a Russian Caravan I will drink, because I usually agree with my late father, that it tastes like the sweat of the donkeys that carried it across the steppes. Smirk. The Captain was most taken though with the tale of how, when going through a particularly rough patch with one of the extraordinarily bitchy temps our extraordinarily bitchy manager loves to hire, I drank so many cups of Earl Grey tea in an attempt to calm my nerves I started to sweat it and wafted eau de Earl Grey in my wake, so much so that random people on the street made comment upon it. He thinks that is hilarious. Well, anything to amuse the mighty Awesome, I say. He truly is awesome, but lacks a surprisng knowledge of tea, for someone running a cafe. I shall have to educate him re the history of the East India Company next - snorkle.

And this is why I don't have any friends. Oh well, being a weird kid nobody likes is an official disorder now. I am officially disabled. I can officially whine discrimination when called names and left out of reindeer games. Though it'd be nice if I'd had some support instead of just outright rejection, especially from my mother who wouldn't even speak to me, as a child. Kinda hard to learn social cues when nobody will be social, I'm just sayin'.

In other news, there is a bucket of tadpoles sitting on a table in the office for some reason. I could watch them wriggle about for hours.

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