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Oh my golly gosh it's hot. I stepped off the bus after my usual epic commute (across the new bridge, meh) and was hit by a solid wall of oven hot air. And it just wouldn't let up. My cheap plastic shoes started to melt on the slog from bus stop to front gate. We had to keep all the doors and windows shut and huddle, with only one cheap fan between us, the in dimness with all the curtains drawn until the sunset.

The moment the boiling ball of torment set all the neighbours emerged, like we were all in some horror film, and it was still horrid (made all the worse for the well meaning cherry salad Himself made but you've no idea how I struggled to keep it down when I was really not happy at all) and so if I don't get the Brit List up this week it'll only because it was too hot to have the wee pootie on for more than an hour at a time, and you know, that's pretty much start up and shut down time with maybe a five minute window inbetween.

I did watch White Collar, though. Well, actually I was enjoying Going Postal (now there's a con man and his keeper), but I made myself turn over, the lure of tv pretty too much (though j'adore Mr Coyle, so much so I've seen him on stage a few times now). It was the crooked judge one and while I'd don't have any time left to go through the plot in detail, you know it anyway, and I was really just watching for the boys. There were some nice Peter and Neal moments, as always distressingly undercut by Neal keeping things back from Peter and lying to his face (I'm not sure how hiding the message from Alex doesn't count as a lie, but Neal has a complicated morality system at the best of times). But on a shallow, heat stressed and exhausted and drastically unwell viewing, it was enough that the boys shared a smile on occassion, it really was.

There is also a pic of Tim in an article on Carnivale in the latest issue of SFX to hit these shores (thus probably long gone in your neck of the woods) and surprise Timmy is almost always a good thing. I was flipping through it while the wee pc and I had some downtime. This downtime is a drag, though, I didn't really get anything done that I had to. Would that we could have sun days the way other layabouts have snow days.

In fact nothing is going to plan this week. Finally thought of a new scene for the fic, bit of an important one, but it was late last night/early this morning and it was only two hours or so before I had to get up for work and I couldn't be bothered turning the light back on, telling myself I'd remember tomorrow and I'd have time to get it down. No and no. Forgot all the best lines and I was moved around the small park so often by the groundskeeper any semblance of coherency became laughable.

Why on earth were they turning on all the sprinklers at lunchtime anyway, in a small city park, when the watering of gardens, etc is banned by law between the hours of ten and four? Do they have some special licence to be arseholes?

I swear, this week, the heat, humidity, hormones, chronic sleep deprivation and being messed with is gonna lead to more than just ill tempered snappishness. I wish I'd be born with the patience of Jeeves, but I wasn't, and I can feel it brewing, so help me I can.

Anyhoo, as I was kept back late at work anyway, I decided to pop along to the HHT talk I'd signed up for on the Edwardian photos and I'm glad I did, because the trembling agrophobia is getting beyond a joke and I must do something that isn't work and work. It was a bit amateur hour, powerpoint wise, but seeing the photos up on a large screen, with the history of the pics explained, and things to look for for pointed out, enhanced the viewing experience mightly. Such a time, the dawn of the modern era (planes! trains! automobiles!).

Afterwards there was wine and cheese but I didn't talk to anyone because they were all snobby eastern suburbs types and I am untouchable westie scum, but I did grab the SL curator and networked on behalf of Himself, so that was something, I suppose (so long as I'm on a mission for someone else, I'm fine).

Popped out to find a vacant cab just sitting there, waiting. Kinda creepy but I never look a gift cab in the mouth and the driver was smart and we had a robust conversation all the way home (it was a long way, so we discussed many things, from history to Ghandi to break ups to Egypt to the weather and back again).

Caught the end of Lewis (it was the one with young Brad James in it) and it's not my imagination but early Lewis did rock, and was not the feeble parody of itself that it is now. There was no White Collar (pout) so I thought I should at least try and get some sleep but having had four or five cups of coffee and two strong pots of Yorkshire tea during the day I'd bypassed sleep deprived grumpy and had hit giggling manic, so that was me, sitting up in the dark with eyes like Betty Boop all night. I shoulda tried to get online or something but it was 33.7C in my room and I was far too hot, sweaty and crazed to attempt any such thing.

I don't know what I'm going to be like today. It probably won't be pretty.

Sat: Quick update, it's been heatwave all week and they;re promising 42+C today and rolling blackouts, neither of which are computer friendly so alas no proper updates from me today (which is a pity cause I wanted to talk Justified, Cavill and Collar, but I'm switching to pen and paper now...)

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