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My Aunt is supposed to be airlifted out of Egypt tomorrow. We hope. But enough about her, let's talk about me.

Actually, probably best not. There is more of me in the bin than is sitting here right now, certainly enough to make a gollum, but at least I've dropped a couple of dress sizes - yay! I must have been so pale, Himself did all my share of the housework yesterday. Golly.

And why is it that half the country is up to their armpits in water but my garden has gone all brown and twiggy again. I think I've lost all the azaleas, ditto lawn and herb garden, but I suppose it sorted out my weeding probs (they too are of the brown and shrivelled variety).

Telly? Well, there were so tech difficulties with Supernatural S6 but S5 is still screening out here and it's kinda fun, but not as much fun as what I saw of S6. Okay, maybe it was the whisky talking, but I was having a ball. Oh, it's gonna be just like Angel, after wandering for years in the wilderness, it finally gets its groove back and the axe falls. Never mind, what I saw I loved, especially Dean getting the Impala back out (though the boy tried so hard to settle down, bless, not for him, the hearth and home) and Bobby's Zeppo episode (poor Bobby). Hee. And EvilSam and SnarkyCas, I liked.

Caught up on two episodes of Leverage. Fun, as always, though they really should leave the foreign accents to the professionals. Frain popped up in one, to be somewhat underused, imho, but hey ho, it's a big cast. and everyone had to have their X minutes of screen time.

Caught up on Chuck. Not sure I like or understand where the plot is going (I'm such a shipper on this show) but I still love it so. It makes me laugh and Timothy Dalton, what a revelation. The way he just turned it on and off, it was hilarious. Best knowing pisstake of himself as Bond by a Bond actor (and there's been some stiff competition there). Oooh, Timmy. It's enough to make a gal want to track down that early BBC stuff he did that so turned my head as a young lass.
Yes, I was watching a lot of tv, it was 40C outside and enforced quality couch time inside.

What else? Hawaii Five-0, just the pilot. As I've not had any mail all year (so if you sent something, I'm not ignoring you, I just ain't got it) and I was curious, having heard wildly differing opinions, but they put it opposite The Glades, and I love The Glades far too much to even think of switching (I love Matt, and the way he just plays Jim as Oz as just with a silly accent) so to avoid angsting I peeked, and, yeah, I think I'll still with The Glades for now (and H 5-0 will prolly pop up on cable sometime this century). Yes, the dysfunctional buddy cop routine was cute, but the rest was very kiss kiss bang bang and poor Grace Park (making a habit of playing transgressive roles in remakes), does she ever get to wear any clothes? They seem to have taken the sexism and, dare I say, woodenness from the original, but left behind all the quaint. Ah well.

It had it's moments, but it did seem to be an odd mish mash of stuff from the original (and not the stuff we would have kept or highlighted) and generic action cop show that is just usuing old franchise branding out of laziness. It lacked a certain warmth and knowing affection for the source matter (as opposed to Life on Mars UK), which made me think it was more a cynical commercial exercise than homage, but whatever. I'll know I'm old when they reboot X-Files, but right now, somebody needs to reboot these greedy, lazy tv execs.

Just tell me if they ever get up to the trippy volcano god episode. What a hoot.

The Glades, well, I'm not watching for the plots, just as well, but sarky Jim wafting from scene to scene, dropping wisecracks in his wake like rose petals. Or something like that. I just like it. At least it's not one of those 'wrist slashing concrete tower block' British police procedurals that I force the poor Peanut Gallery to sit through. Thumbs up just for that, apparently, and why not?

And both shows have Oz leads, which is pretty cool. We rule, apparently.

There were other shows (cough) but I'll save them up for another post (only I seem to have swung back to DeKay this week, he'll no doubt delight in knowing).

Merlin. I was supposed to be reading Sword at Sunset but it is still dull and hard work (for me, in this mood, at any rate) and as I wwas up in the wee non melty hours being unwell, I figured why not? It's always a moment of some pleasure to see well known bits of the well trodden mythology pop up, such as, well, Arthur popping across to the Ikea in the Danelaw for a certain item of furniture (amusingly enough, the only Ikea I've ever been to in the Uk, yes, with the rels, why go castle when you can go Ikea, don't get me started, was firmly in the Danelaw). Oh, those Scandanavian designers! So modish!

Oh, you want me to take it seriously? With a talking dragon and young Mr James man-tarting about with his shirt off (often enough to raise an eyebrow to the shameless pandering, but not nearly enough that he could feel thoroughly exploited like poor Ms Park). All I can say is I liked it, I liked the new dark angle and the way the plot rolled out and the characters. In fact it was just an all round like that, sadly, it is easier to just mention my few quibbles:

1. Sir Leon. As much as I like the chap, his Penelope Pittstop escapes from quite certain death were becoming farcical. With a mighty leap he was free! It's almost as bad as...

2. Arthur being conveniently knocked out everytime Merlin does his mojo stuff. It's all very I Dream of Jeannie and I was willing to let them have some leeway, but that's quite enough now. Either, or get off the pot, as my father would say. Either that or Camelot is going to have a seriously punch drunk head of state if they're not careful.

3. Lord of the Rings. There are other fillums you could look at you know, like, I dunno, Exalibur? Enough, already.

But other than that, yay! Things moved along, eventually, like Morgana being revealed as the spiteful brat she is, and the failing Uther. There's a really well done moment where Arthur is battling in his father and he realises he can take the old man. Just like that, Arthur grows up and becomes King, just in that moment. It was a fabby moment of television, and well done, show, for being able to pull it off (because frankly the whole Morgana thing was getting a bit panto. Behind you!!!)

Anyway, more later....

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