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I'm supposed to be unwell but I've just had the most wonderful morning trawling through the purchases that were still in my bag from Wednesday: 3 cds, 2 books and a t-shirt.

The books were from the HHT booksale, and they have the best books, world class, so it was a pity I had neither cash nor storgae to load up on fancy books going cheap - I was off to the Opera House and they frown on any baggage bigger than a clutch purse - so I was stuck with the smallest bag I own that I could comfortably get away with, which was already stuffed with books (in lieu of human companionship, but at least they let me choose my own cafe to sit in).

I bought a book on wallpaper which is brilliant. Just swatch after swatch to swoon over or recoil in horror (a couple just screamed Gacey and Manson). My faves though were all from the 50s, natch, especially the curiously oriental cartoony Venetian scene (a delightful mish mash of Chinoiserie and 50s cartoony art and some weird Tex Avery version of Venice).

The other book was on historical torture devices such as cucking stools and branks, and I know, but I like a nasty looking woodcut.

My fave woodcut was the one with the ducking/cucking stool, with two ducks swimming upstream, giving the scene an oddly bucolic note. Either that or the guy who made the woodcut has a boss like mine and he though he'd better include two ducks just in case he'd misheard the commission.

The book itself was written in 1881 by a gentleman historian, and a fussy old misogynist with bondage issues, of course, and it's hugely quaint for all that, with his primly over eager fascination with the deserving chastisement of women (sure to be on the shelf of some tv writers, I'm sure). It's horrifying awful and hilariously funny at the same time.

Sometimes I think the sole purpose of my private library is to test the mettle of any soul ever brave enough to step over the threshold, for one brief perusal is surely enough to send them scuttling back in horror. The man brave enough to read the spines of my books and cds and stand is the man for me. Sadly, no such creature exists.

The cds? One Amanda Palmer one, and I do so love a gal so out loud and proud about her map of Tasmania.

The others were Mikelangelo, the support act I loved best and most. The cd, alas, in no way does justice to the theatre of the performance, but it's still fun.

And now you know another guilty secret, that I am deeply, deeply in love with rockabilly that's gone a little bit wrong, you know, like early Chris Isaak, or, especially, early Tex Perkins, not to mention one of my other Tex faves, which is always on high rotation as the perfect Peter and Neal song. Heh.

Love it. So I wallowed in tea and whisky and scary wallpaper and sad, sad songs that were all a little bit wrong. Perfect.

This is me. This is who I realy am. The same me singning along to the Sound of Music last night as I caught up on the interwebs (this firewalling really bites).

It won't last, of course, but just for a moment I've a bit of respite, and I've rediscovered the things I like. Cowboys and con men and music that's twisted, old thing and photos and getting pissed as, books from my childhood and clothes that I hid, these are a few of my favourite things.

Meanwhile, speaking of misogyny as we were, I know how folks go one about the badly written/badly acted women of Supernatural, but have you sat through White Collar yet?

Okay, yes, everyone in White Collar is a touch of the 2D persuasion, but the women get very short shrift, and going again to my theory that the show, at times, reads like it's being written by angry women hating Catholics, they seem to fall into whore (Kate, Alex, bimbo of the week), mother (Elizabeth, June), and the unavailable she-male (Diana). It's really kinda messed up in the tropes there. No wonder Moreau and Adler get name checked.

Not that I want to get all femminista on youse or anything, but sometimes, in some shows, it's really a bit obvious, n'est-ce pas?

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