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I'm wearing my Wednesday Addams shirt, even though it's only Tuesday, rebel that I am. I never intended to ever wear it to work but my wardrobe growled at me again last night and so it was whatever was still hanging up in the bathroom instead.

Yes, growled. I think one of the numerous critters that frisk and frolic in the roof has made inroads, and I really ought to check it out, if not for the whole growling at night thing. It's either that or Mr Tumnus is in a stinking bad mood these days.

Project? Never made my deadline of finishing it by today, which is very bad form indeed, even though I did try. I really did try, and I realise the fic was so far from ready there was no way any way, and I'm having so much fun with it at the moment, I hate to wrap it up, even if I am wasting time with silly scenes that do little to advance the plot (but wallow in Neal and Peter being Neal and Peter). If it were a commercial/professional venture, then maybe I would be far more strict and deadline abiding, but it's just me and my notebook, so whatever, eh?

Goodness knows how I'll cope if the upcoming episodes comepletely trash upcoming plot points, but I think I'm so far along now I can ride it out and call it AU. It's not like any one is ever going to read the bastard, any way. Still wish it was more finished than it is, though.

Okay, yeah, I did end up watching a dvd instead of typing like a mad person on Sunday, but it was so very, very sticky and, well, it was It Takes A Thief. The Wiki entry currently notes a passing resemblance to White Collar. So not kidding. You should see the opening gambit. I knew White Collar kept reminding me of something I'd seen with Robert Wagner. Oh yes indeedy. To be honest, I like Thief's opening better, even if it is sillier, and as for that brag on the WC dvd commentaries that only they had the long dialogue free intro, well, nobody tell Thief then, which did it in the 60s. The old everything old is new again excuse?

Okay, so if you've seen White Collar you've seen Thief. Neal is Al and Peter is Noah. Pretty much exactly, except Noah is a touch more ruthless than Peter, and I just loved the way, when Al was whining about not wanting to do a job, Noah just recited a series of numbers. Al's prison number. The threat was implicit, but with a lot more panache than Peter's clumsy, constant and rather off colour teasing.

Robert Wagner, meanwhile, is the business and could show Bomer a thing or two about how it's done. The key swipe was so classic they used it in the credits and there he goes with the hat. All of Caffrey's little ticks, all present and correct.

It is so White Collar you can't believe they got away with it. Anyhow, all the plots are there, and it's sort of like the Americans trying their hand at The Saint, like Leverage is sort of what the Americans would do with Hustle. Not a direct rip, but the same set up, as interpreted by different cultures, you know, putting their own weird spin on it.

I love Thief, in all it's silly 60s glory (the pilot went very Modesty Blaise at the end, in the whole I have no idea what's going on but look at all the groovy mod sets kinda way). It's bright and breezy tv and there's nowt wrong with that.

I think Al Mundy is the superior thief. He has to be, cause when he has to plant a bug in an embassy the thing is the size of a freakin' steamer trunk. Okay, yeah, I mock their steam powered spy kit, but at least they tried being all mod cons (White Collar is curiously retro in the way everyone walks around with paper files, etc) and Neal should never, ever complain about his TMZ. He could have Leslie Neilson watching him take a dump every day over the CCT, like poor Al Mundy (poor Leslie, too, for that matter).

Meanwhile, the RL IT sitch is as bad as it gets. Last night I was screaming at my PC in absolute tears because it took hours to open a single email. I feel like reporting Telstra to the Human Rights Commission or something for denying me my rights to information. And then, as if I wasn't frazzled from no sleep enough, the IT guy fiddled with my work PC and killed it dead so now I have a new box with none of my software and the firewall now fully intact, which is crimping my style something chronic.

Which basically means expect any communications from me to be even more halfarsed and erratic and infrequent as I've pretty much got no connection at work or at home now. Oh well, all the better to type with, I suppose. Better for me, typing, than being bullied online as well.

RL? Busy, surprising busy, with bouts of extreme apathy and sloth. Friday was supposed to be a day off but I ran myself ragged doing rounds of job interviews and squeezing in the odd gallery. Literally ran myself ragged. My Very Best Shoes are not the shoes I would have chosen to run rings around the city in and when I finally kicked them off my feet were caked in blood. Ouch.

Galleries? Went to see the Leibowitz exhibition because it's one of those ones one is supposed to see. I didn't think it was all that and the exhibition space was odd, like viewing it in an old, well, I guess it is an old government building. I know I'm supposed to, but I just don't dig her stuff. I find her later work far too stagey (like an overworked Victorian piece yet entirely devoid of any meta), and her early stuff very Leni Riefenstahl, but nobody ever says that so I suppose I mustn't, but that was the overwhelming impression I had. Oddly, I liked the landscape/nature photos best. There was one of monument valley (I think) and one of wiggly trees which I did like.

The other exhibition I saw, which I hoped would be complimentary but entirely eclisped the Leibowitz one was Exposed at the Nicholson Museum at Sydney Uni. I've never been before (I think it used to be closed to the great unwashed) but it was fabby fabulosity of fabulousness. One of those great old Victorian gentleman's collections so it's basically just an ecclectic heap of old mummies and Greek vases, but I adore it. No rude-y nude-y kraters, though (and why is it that the best collection of pervy satyrs oh my kraters is in the Vatican museum, huh?) but never mind, they had the nudes, which were a series of arty b/w shots inspired by classical statues and they were really well chosen, all interesting, all speaking very much of their time (gay classical soft core from the 1870s and 1970s, compare and contrast) and some just fun, like the statue of Pan eyeing off a statue of Venus in the next garden. I loved it to bits. I bought the book, thoughtfully slipped into a necessary brown paper bag. Hey, man, it's art, dig. So yeah, I know which exhibition of photos of the human form I liked best.

TV? Been busy, so it's pretty much just been Matt, Matt and Matt night on Sunday (Doctor Who, The Glades and White Collar) and, well, White Collar. Which is very narrow casting of me but I have had to knee and elbow my way into even that short window of boob tube gazing.

The Collars this week (still with S1 on W and S2 on Ten) were (and I can't look up episode titles any more so bear with me), the one with the fake pink diamond and the one with the lambos. The diamond heist one was by far the better episode, and it had to be, being a big episode as it was. Somehow, and I think it's watching it sans ads on W, I don't get distracted by all the noise and I was just watching Neal and Peter, and as much as I might frown at Neal keeping to his own agenda, that's Neal, and so while it's sort of what's good for the goose when he gets all miffy about Peter not trusting him, the very real and raw upset, and even flashes of anger, this causes in Neal when he's slung back into the slammer are quite interesting. He'll get into all manner of strife, as they once used to say about a cetain bear, but somehow having Peter's respect/trust/belief is very important to him. Oh Neal, you contrary little beast, you.

Then we have the daring escape, where Peter just looks on with a quixotic mixture of adoration, pride, envy and whatever. He just lets Neal go. And sure enough, Neal skulks back to Peter's place, where they have their little heart to heart. Neal actually offers up secret Neal stuff, which must have been hard for him, and Peter, though bemused, takes the whole situation with remarkably good grace. Oh, you boys.

Love the way Elizabeth vanishes too, to leave them to it. I swear, that woman expends so much energy into putting and keeping the boys together. It's like take my husband, please.

Anyhoo, the boys scamper off to do their Hardy Boys sleuthing and solve the case (and I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for you lousy kids, etc, etc), and really, the crime is always an afterthought in this show, and then, darn it, what the show giveth the show taketh away because just when Peter and Neal are all happy and together the dreaded Kate phones. Wot a bitch.

Aside from anything else, she never asks Neal how he's doing, it's just more crypto clues on the ceaseless scavanger hunt, and suddenly Neal has gone from giddy happy with Peter to miserable wangst about Kate in a heartbeat. I say again, wot a bitch. And then we have the whole EvilPeter furphy that went nowhere and did nothing but distress me and countless other hapless fans. I mean, usually yes, I'd get it, and it makes sense, but not Peter. Tim plays him just far, far too decent and nice for any of that sort of malarky.

So that was then. The one with the cars, I still don't like. Way too much Moz and not nearly enough Persuaders, imho. I suppose it probably serves Peter right, not taking Neal to the art show, so Neal acts out and takes the key, or something like that. Maybe it just just Neal being opportunistic as always. Wafer thin plot, but I guess the Glades is wafer thin, too. Not a lot you can do in 30 minutes or so, unlike the 50 mins in the B/W shows I love so much which do have nice meaty plots. These days, it's like nouvelle cuisine narratives (ie not a lot on the plate, but pretty, but you still end up wanting a hamburger afterwards because you're still hungry and unsatisfied).

Either that or it's just a bit of a rubbish episode with some moments (Neal's bitchy moue face when Peter turns him down re gallery, the pink shirts, which I like) but other than that, meh.

Oh, I forgot, Supernatural was also on. I didn't get to watch it, as such, and I missed the opening scenes, darn it, but yeah, it's back, S5, oooh, don't spoil me. I missed the boys. Oh, and I think the Peanut Gallery has given in. First, he referred to a large poster of 'the boys' over Anzac Bridge, and then he watched it, anyway. I think I hooked him with Ben Edlund, but yeah. Heh.

It was the nuthouse one this week. Not an episode I'd pimp, by any means, but there's a trope White Collar hasn't tried yet (cf Chuck, Leverage).

RL? I read a magazine that said the best way to deal with a toxic office was to be yourself and take colleague's asessments on the chin.

Easier said than done. Yesterday the evil temp bitch who thinks she so bloody posh stood beside my desk and had a loud conversation about wearing black being lazy and fatties who think that they look good in black are kidding themselves because they just look like a big black tent lumbering along. So this big black tent lumbered across to the park for an hour or so and tried very hard not to cry.

True, I am fat, ugly, old, wear glasses and have Aspergers so I never say the right thing or do the right thing, but still. And that whole ignore them and they'll go away? They don't. And if they do, another will be along in a minute. I've been bullied since birth, if you count my mother's criminal neglect. I'm really tired, and all that telling myself it'd get better that got me through school? Well, it doesn't.

And don't you love the way she just said it next to my face, not at my face, that plausible deniability that bullies love so much.

I'm really tired. So much bullying in this world. All those mean girls who drive their victims to death, they should be charged with murder. Worse than murder, because it wasn't quick and the victim suffered. How can you want to make someone so miserable they cannot bear to see another sunset? Why do you do it? Are you without any piece of soul at all? (Apparently not, according to a bullying site I found helpful and sympathetic to my plight, ie, it's not me, it's them).

It's unfortunate, too, that my father, and several friends, chose not to suffer bullying any longer. I don't really have any 'chin up' role models, unless by chin up they mean dangling from a rope. Sigh.

No wonder I'm shaking and sweating with the mean reds every day and night. I need to go to my happy place. For some people, it's Tiffanys. For me, well, it's in the same hemisphere (sadly the one I'm not in right now).

And to think it's only just over a week since I bought my red sundress. Sigh. Yes, I am wearing black today. Black, black, black...

Ah well. Got my first rejection letter today, no doubt to be followed by a flurry as I've been desperately applying for two or three a day over the last fortnight. I'm thinking of papering my walls with them.

At least I still have a job, for the moment, miserable though it may be.

And there are reasons to be happy. Supernatural is back on tv. White Collar, for the moment (I think they're taking it off Ten just as we catch up to the US screenings, dammit, but they did that with Burn Notice, still ain't seen that back yet) and Doctor Who on ABC1 and UKTV, which is such a great comfort to me, you've no idea. Especially Matt Smith's Doctor. Now, I know, I love the Tennant, but young Mr Smith has been unashamedly using dear Mr Troughton as his template, as I imprinted on #2 like a wee duckling, well, it's soothing, especially as #2 was my parent when I was a wee sprog (having been actually abandoned by the actual items for reasons of my unfortunate unsuitability, if only there was a returns policy, eh?).

So there's that and the mini marathon on BBC America that unhappy day I spent when all my hopes and dreams came crashing down. I was so unwell and upset, and had it not been for Mr Smith, PG Tips, Advil and Chivas Regal I might not have survived the night, I can tell you. So he's like my TV blankie. Not very sexy, but there it is.

And man, do I need a blankie right now. A teddy bear wouldn'y go astray, either. People are disturbed by the scatter of bears that lurk in the corner of the couch, but it's just me, needing a hug after a bad day at work, and teddys are largely non judgemental (I say largely, I've owned some furiously scowling bears in my time).

I really should get a pet, but Himself won't allow a dog, so I guess being the crazy bird lady is it. You take what you can get, I even have a sort of understanding with the brown snake in the backyard. At least, he ain't killed me dead yet, not even when I tripped over him the other day. And the parrots sort of do care. At least, they know when their jolly japes have gone too far, and I gave one absolute conniptions when I nearly sleepwalked into the path of a garbage truck while walking to work had he not screamed at me to attend. Yes, they follow me to the office and back, they always do. It's cute when I go out of bounds, though, like to the mall or the park instead. Then I am recalled. Oh, crap, I'm becoming one of them now. Oh well. At least somebody wants me in their gang.

And I do love The Captain, and all his moods and old man fussiness. And I'm fond of Hoppy, the very well fed one legged Noisy Miner (next door's evil mostly feral moggie ate the other leg), who now comes when called.

I miss the magpies, though. I miss the way they used to follow me around as I weeded and sang me songs about how I was mean and didn't feed them that time but now I'm finding them beetles and all is good. I miss them so bad (all eaten by cats, my most beloved right in front of me).

The bus actually stopped for a magpie crossing the road this morning. It just toddled across and up the steps, fussily flustered like an irritable country vicar muttering 'well, really' to himself. They always have the air of an irritable country parson about them. I read that description once and it so apt, the way they would strut about, wings folded behind them like clasped hands, peering and inspecting and judging and scolding. You haven't seen every thing until you've seen a magpie stalk around the kitchen, peering and frowning, like some inspector with a clipboard. I think all those fussy old gentlemen who judge cakes and write letters to the editor must come back as magpies. You'd understand if you'd ever seen one tsk and tut at my kitchen cupboards or washing pegging ability.

Books? I have three on the go as usual. One for the morning commute, one for the evening commute and one to read in bed (usually a big heavy book unsuitable for lugging about). I can manage so long as I don't have the same author, and it's not like I'm a fast reader any more, and I rarely get a seat any more on either commute so it's a rare treat and slow going.

Two are set in the mid 20thC, but one in New York and the other in London , and they might as well be set on different planets. You can, really, really tell the difference between a country that went through a war, and one that merely participated. One could write a paper, only one doesn't have enough spare time to sleep or scrub.

Speaking of which, does any one know a good organic, not toxic mould killer? With both of us working now the hot and humid house it shut up all day and it's getting Doctor Who scary in there. If you don't help we will come to get you when we turn into Mould Girl and Spore Boy, I promise you that. Yes, it is getting that bad.

But anyway, books, yes, Rumpole (a flashback episode to his embryonic career), Breakfast at Tiffanys (because it's been in the press a lot and I've not read it for so long I can't remember a word) and Sword at Sunset. Sword at Sunset has been a great disappointment to me. It's supposed to be Ms Sutcliff's opus, but, I'm just not loving it like the rest of her books. Maybe it's now that the slash is out in the open it's no longer fun, no more secret hand touching or intense looks, sigh. Or maybe it's, so far, been one battle after another, worse than a Bernard Cornwell book. Or maybe it's just because it's an American imprint, despite buying it from, and, because I have to guard against the barbarians at the gates, ie Americanisms in all shapes and forms, I'm stuck in proof reading mode and that's why it feels like work. Maybe it's that (not that there's anything wrong with Americanisms, just not in official documents, cause that's like, asking for it, man, you dig?)

Sorry, been living in the 50s, 60s and 70s again. It's more fun that way. Except for Himself who is having to trawl through 70s documents in great dismay. Sample rant: "Just put the bong down, you stupid, hairy hippie and tell me how much you paid for the Save The Lesbian Whales tapestry." He can go on like this all night. It's hilarious.

Not big on the facts and figures, the 70s. Nor grammar and punctuation. I was certainly taught none of the above, my hairy hippy bong smoking teachers being more into yoga and interpretive dance. All that did was make me surprising bendy and fair game for posh madams who went to posh schools where they actually taught them stuff. Grumble.

You can see why we blame hairy hippies for all the ills of the world, no matter how benign they thought they were. And, hey, if the Victorians can't get away with their paternal colonialism then I don't see why the Baby Boomers should get off scott free, and, at last, it seems, the grumpy old (and we are all grumpy and old now) not Boomers have wrested control of the printing presses: What Did the Baby Boomers Ever Do for Us?. Snorkle.

But still, like Sam Tyler, I wish I was in the 70s. Simpler times, for simple folk like me.

Oh, I forgot my own Ashes to Ashes moment. It was while I was trying to get from job interview to gallery and I tried to take a short cut but got a bit lost and popped up these stairs and thought it old I could smell old records. Well, that was just weird but as I turned around and around I realised with a jolt exactly where I was standing: the exact spot to the square millimetre where I had once met Nick Rhodes. Okay, not really a chance encounter per se, more of a semi stalk as I was in town to run around the record/book/comic/ stores etc and I thought I'd just swing past just in the off chance and there he was, getting out of the taxi. This was back when I was a giddy schoolgirl and they were recording in Sydney. I'd completely forgotten, and even now I only have flashes of memory, of him handling my camera (everyone loved the old Oly), of me being a bit nervous about that (well, it was my beloved Oly) and I think he was trying to talk photography and I was making inarticulate fangirl babble and probably sounding about as intelligible as Keyop from Battle of The Planets, but, ah well. I might have got an autograph, I can't remember. Nevertheless, the bits of memory I did have cheered me up immensely (because I had, as I deeply suspected, completely blown that interview).

Did I mention Ashes to Ashes is back on telly? Loving it. S3, don't spoli it.

Actually, referring to Sunday night as M cubed also takes me back. Another night of Matt, Matt and Matt, ie Doctor Who, The Glades and White Collar. With Burn Notice and Chuck thrown in for good measure.

Oh, Chuck, how I missed you. In the first couple of minutes they'd referenced Beauty and the Beast, I Spy, The Avengers, Terminator and whatever the hell ex-Sydney Uni boy Dolph Lungren was in. I don't care about you lot, this show is clearly made for me. Who knew all those beyond crap films those lame-ass boys dragged me to in the 80s and 90s would actually come in handy one day, if only to just get a passing joke in Chuck.

Doctor Who? The repeat of the space whale one. Still a bit save the whales but the whole Neil Gaiman Neverwhere vibe has me very happy every time.

The Glades was fun, though the new and shiny is starting to wear off a bit. Burn Notice was Burn Notice (these are old repeats but it's a cause for eye rolling everytime Michael carries on about his Burn Notice. It happened, move on, dude. You know, for all his 'man in a suitcase' ethos, Michael sure loves to lug around the baggage. I'm just sayin'.

White Collar was fun. It was the boiler room one, or really the one where Neal thinks Peter has betrayed him big time and spends at least a third of the episode so seriously pissed at Peter, and it it hilarious the way Neal is so petulant, childishly so (watch the way he throws away the photo Peter hands him) and Peter takes forver to clue into this. Tee hee. Honestly, if I had Peter this clueless in my fic I couldn't write it. Then we have the two boys locked in the airless room together, the whole 'I'd rather let Neal die than resuscitate such a goodlooking boy on US TV scene' (I mean, seriously, it's so jarring after watching non US telly, I mean, I saw Jack and Ianto liplock on BB1 at 7.30pm, fer cryin' out loud, thou prudish US networks). But there's plenty of pretty pretty Bomer to behold.

Btw, my annoyance at Bomer must have been sincere (it's the whole vicious misogyny thing that gay boys do that irks me quite badly, especially when my otherwise beloved Mr Fry indulges, and on record, for example) because, bingo, got his edition of InStyle magazine. Just sitting there at my normal everyday newsagent, no special trips hundreds of klicks out of my way, no desperate ebay orders. This never, ever happens. Clearly, I must have been quite genuine in my annoyance over the weekend, and he really needs to watch that, imho, the whole bitchy little queen thing, because it can get very not cute very quickly.

But that's just me, being oversensitive as always. And I shouldn't have made that 'bitchy little queens' crack, either. Hypocritical much? Oh well, at least I know I'm talking shite and I am now officially grumpy and old, so I probably am going to get all Germaine Greer on you. Batten down the hatches.

Can't help it, being oversensitive to stuff that doesn't matter. Kinda stripped raw every day. Still, that UK site on workplace bullying was a boon. I feel like someone has finally listened and understood. Yes, I'm stupid cause I'm tired cause I can't sleep cause I'm so upset, and apparently it was no coincidence at all that I fumbled the knife onto my foot the week I was really copping it. Sigh.

Still, most of them away today. Hooray! Let's see if I can post this today. Firewall is still crimping my style so badly. No blowing off steam by browsing ze interwebs no more. It bites.

Oh, I did get some stuff done on the weekend. It's strange how I seem to get more done when I deliberately, purposefully and with malice of forethought goof off than when I'm slaving away from dawn to dusk in full Calvanist zeal. I managed to run through quite a few chores, even the bathroom, after a fashion (the vinegar worked) but shirked the weeding (the spiders, the giant spiders!) but I did catch up on my typing and I even, horrors, got to spent some quality time in the banana lounge with a book and I road tested my brand new picnic set. I was very pouty I didn't get to use it all summer so Himself made a picnic and we had it in the backyard (anything to shut me up, basically, as it twas him who poo-pooed the bulk of my grand excursion plans). A success, if ants per square centimetre of picnic blanket is anything to go by. They loved the chicken strips crumbed in cumin and tumeric with blue cheese dipping sauce almost as much as I did.

Oh, and yes, I could save time if I just typed fic directly into an electronic device of some sort but it's just not my process. It's too much like work, I get a headache from the flicker, I never remember to charge the bastards and I like lolling about and hanging upside down from my bed with pad and pencil if I have to (because it's too hot to turn on any lights and I'm trying to write by the last of the dying light). Paper pads and pencils also don't take over 45 minutes to start up (by which time I've run out of time and forgotten what I was going to say anyway), can be slipped in and out of pocket almost anywhere, in mildly inclement weather, even, and when I do come to type it up, well, that's a first pass at it, isn't it. Okay, so I'm insanely old fashioned. My ancestors were luddites. Deal with it.

Oh the floods. You know, as if watching histrionic and handwringing modern media coverage of death and disasters weren't bad enough, they have to torture us with...the charity single. Good grief. Oh, don't be like that. It's been a curiously Oz disaster, as in 'stop laughing, this is serious' with drunk bogans bobbing about in tinnies, mud zombies, and the photo of that little scamp lurking behind a half submerged fence ready to launch a plastic crocodile at hapless passersby. And then, not to outdone, the Victorians did this:

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Matt Bomer and Matthew Morrison hug


Matt Bomer looking gorgeous at the #goldenglobes

White Collar Fixation

Access Extended: Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay On The Return Of USA’s ‘White Collar’

Burke's Seven

NBC Universal Press Tour All-Star Party 2011

Do you yearn to know the story behind TV’s ‘White Collar’?

White Collar


Presenter Matt Bomer

Actor plots to run the show

Welcome to the White Collar Lexicon

White Collar: Q&A Conference Call with Matt Bomer & Tim DeKay


Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Interview: We Put Them on the Spot!

'White Collar': Find out what's happening next in the Spoiler Room!

Scene #1 from White Collar - "Forging Bonds" 1/25

Scene #2 from White Collar - "Forging Bonds" 1/25

Scene #3 from White Collar - "Forging Bonds" 1/25

2.12 - "What Happens in Burma"

'White Collar' Winter Return Down Slightly in Viewers, Up in Key Demos

White Collar Stars Talk Season 2.5 and Beyond

NBC Universal 2011 Winter TCA Press Tour All-Star Party

NBC Universal Press Tour All-Star Party 2011

White Collar (Paley NY 2010)

Hilarie Burton Interview on White Collar Spoilers and Reasons to Love Sara Ellis

White Collar Quotes: Season 2 Burke’s Seven

White Collar Season 2 Spoilers: Burke’s Seven Review!

Five Best Moments of The Golden Globes 2011

White Collar Gift Bag

White Collar Episode Guide: Season 2

White Collar 'Burke's Seven' review - Ridin' through the city on a horse with no name

Willie Garson Talks About WHITE COLLAR

White Collar Q&A – On the Line with Willie Garson

The InStyle/Warner Brothers 2011 Golden Globes Party [PHOTOS]

The InStyle/Warner Brothers 2011 Golden Globes Party [PHOTOS]

White Collar Season 2 Episode 11 Preview (+Clip): Forging Bonds – Flashback Time

'White Collar' 2.11 'Forging Bonds' Advance Review

WHITE COLLAR “Forging Bonds” Advance Review

'White Collar' Forging Bonds Sneak Peeks: The Neal Caffrey Story

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