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Brisbane is drowning

Every time I see that W promo it looks like Caffrey is blowing Westen a kiss. Neal, you tramp.

Okay, yeah, watching it wrong.

Speaking of not watching it wrong: Ironside. Usually it's High Chaparral that has me covering my eyes, but late it's old Ironside. Last week I caught an episode where Ironside and his live in, well, let's just not speculate, his, um, flatmate, had a spat, which went straight into the full Whedonesque sad soft rock song.The full breakup mopery. Oh dear.

But that was merely uncomfortable viewing. The other I caught the playback of an episode that had the hero cop of the team in the slammer, and as he went through the clanging gates they started in on the soft rock again and we were joking (borrowing from Buffy again) that it must mean he was in for some tender Sarah McLachlan prison sex when they suddenly cut to all the guys fully naked in the prison shower. Arrrgh!

Fox Classics: you're so not watching it wrong. Gott im Himmel, I'm actually kinda glad my modern shows are in no way whatsoever as racy as the 70s shows I watch. I mean, can you imagine the pilot of White Collar, ala Ironside? Eeep.

Actually, that's one trope White Collar hasn't done/messed up yet, the ol' fake my way into the pokie to extract confession/protect someone, ala Supernatural, Burn Notice, Due South (off the top of my head, and I'm a bear of very little brain today, and speaking of Pooh I shoulda laid off the mince tarts over the hols if I wanted to squeeze through the wet weather stuck kitchen door without getting stuck, ala Pooh, as it will only open like less than my width without sticking).

Back to White Collar, but briefly and all jumbled up cause it's been ages and I've completely forgotten what I was going to say, but there was some ref to Matty wanting Neal to be more of a 'manwhore' (his words, I swear) like Bond, but I'm not sure that Peter would appreciate being Neal's pimp, and Peter'd get all jealous, like M, anyway (if the eye rolly in WC isn't enough for ya anyway).

Been watching it on W, quite a bit. Never get tired of watching Matty trip up the stairs in the potrait one, and the Chinatown one I'd not watched a lot but it's actually has quite a few lovely Neal/Peter moments as the boys dance about each other with Neal and his odd push me pull you friendship he seems to want to have with Peter. Last time I saw it was on the big telly and I think I was caught up on the details (this was the episode that kicked off the STILL UNFINISHED ARRRGH FIC) but this time when they're being all smug about having removed the local kingpin I'm thinking the lads haven't seen that episode of Life on Mars. At least Mr Hunt knew about status quos and the like.

RL? Don't ask. Thought I'd got the year off to an okay start with two ticks of approval but was soon quickly and most viciously disabused of my ability to do anything right. I still take issue though with being lectured on moral obligations by someone with, well, let's just say I wouldn't consider them qualified to throw stones. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Tried to be a bit pro-active but found I'd left it far, far too late, as always. Much like my fic. Behold my inability to stick to deadlines. Every time I think it's done I discover a gaping plot hole or some new plot bit suddenly occurs to me and the fic is off again like a greased pig. So, although I thought it was on target on Sunday, I realise now I have a lot more work to do.

If I really was writing to deadline I'd skip over the whole new added plotty bits (even if they will sorta kinda be important later on), much like all my fave t shows of the moment (we still don't get last Sunday's Glades episode) jut skip over all the explaining bits and leave gaping plot holes around without so much as a witches hat nearby, but since it's just me typing only for me and I'm really enjoying scribbling/typing at the moment because the boys just riff across the page all by themselves, I'm just gonna shrug and go with it.

From the spoilers abounding it looks like a coupla things are gonna be zapped pretty badly in the fic (like how the boys met, Neal's mentor, etc), so bear with as I post them here, just so I can feel better (cause typing is hard work and I hate to see it go to waste).

RL again. Been busy, hence the offlineness, and a bit of a shut-in. These panic attacks are getting bad. So bad I cancelled a trip I'd booked up the coast but the weather was rubbish anyway but I've never let crap weather and a cold get the better of me before. Usually I can call on my Calvinist upbringing to have me sitting in my horrid cheap hotel room with rain lashing the windows and by glad of it. Not this time. I wibbled. I flushed a week's wages down the crapper. Stayed home and sulked instead. Not good.

Did drag myself trembling to the nearest multiplex, or rather, the nearest multiplex where getting stabbed would be the exception rather than the rule, to see The King's Speech. When Guy Pearce showed up I thought I'd been tricked into attending an Oz film (gawd, no, daddy issues) but no, it was British and it was bloody good. Somebody give Col the Oscar already.

I may attempt True Grit later. It was a childhood fave, the book. And this time, with the Coens, Bridges, Brolin and Damon, I'm not grinding my teeth as I usually do (speak not to me of Marcus).

Oh, I have been reading a bit, though the weather was rotten. But not constantly rotten, which is even worse. Every time the rain stops and it comes out all lovely and dries out I grab my book and hat but it's always raining again before I can deploy the banana lounge.

But I really musn't grumble. I'm not in Queensland. I am concerned for all my banana bending friends (but do not wish to clog inboxes, but if you get time and you're high and dry, let me know, 'kay?) and I'm also fretting cause one of my most favourite paintings in the world (Under the jacaranda) is down by the river. Oh, Himself says it is safe, via Twitter. Phew! So at least the painting has checked in via Twitter and is okay. Hey, guys, you okay?

Brisbane in flood

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