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Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me if you made me angry

Friday: I tell people not to make me angry, because they wouldn't like me if they made me angry, yet they insist on doing so. Deliberately and with malice of forethought. They taunt and they laugh at my misery as I'm assigned yet another impossible task to accomplish by morning, not unlike some wench in a fairy tale. Then my manager has the gall to skip off at 3pm to a party.

Tell me again how I'm being melodramatic with the whole Cinderella analogy. Will probably be reprimanded for answering the phone as Cinders, but I just don't care. I'm sick of working 5-7 hours every day for no pay, and then having my mother's friends sniff at the fact that the house is a mess. I can't do it all and I'm killing myself trying.

Decided to add to my gothic misery by walking home in the cold and the dark. I've discovered that my tail lights stop at least a small percentage of drivers trying to run me down as my little red flashing lights indicate to some that I'm there. Not all, but some is a big improvement on none. Did I mention that not even walking on the footpath is safe? Lunatics.

My tail lihgts are those little clip on ones you get for bikes, only I've got mine soved down the netting on the back of my bag and now some drivers not only think twice about mowing me down but a couple have actually pulled over to yell compliments about my lights, rather than hurl insults, which really impressed me. At least with my tail lights I become something, even if it is just something to be avoided.

Didn't stop me from nearly being killed by three cars roaring up the lane the wrong way, though. First off, it's an old dunny cart access lane so it's narrow, ie no real room for you plus large vehicle, and it's a bloody walkway for the locals, and secondly, if they care not for the road rules I suspect they care not for pedestrian safety either. You'd be surprised to see how fast I can move, even when that tired, when some Mad Max hoon tries to run me down (there's a reason why Mad Max came out of this country).

What the hell? I'm watching Get Smart and first I notice Max is dressed exactly like Indy and on the trail of treasure though it's meant to be a Humphrey Bogart homage, so hmmmm, but now I just saw Max get deliberately goosed by a Kaos agent. Sure he was just tracing out the map spread over Max's back. That was a deliberate goosing. I so didn't need to see that. My, this is a different Get Smart to the one I grew up with (cut to pieces, of course).

Watched Stargate. Holiday, worth it just for the sight of Daniel dribbling icecream down his chin. Heh Heh Heh. CJ does a spot on RDA, hilarious, and there's a surprising amount of Sam/Daniel. One wonders what sort of credit card bill Daniel will be getting that month.

Saturday: An early, cold, unhappy rousing to get ready and out the door in time for the bus. It was all damp and foggy so for the first time ever I stole one of mother's items of clothing - a coat. No, she wasn't too happy about it but that's what she gets for gloating about having a nice warm coat spare. A long bus journey later and it was break fast at Starbucks. well, it was the only place open and it had such a lovely view of the harbour. Then it was off to the flower show, which wasn't too bad. It included entrance into the Chinese Gardens which I adore. Once again I stupidly forgot my camera so no photos, alas. Double and triple damn because every view is a painting and it's a Farscape location to boot but it was so crowded perhaps it'd be better if I went with a camera in tow another day.

Found a table selling cycads - another dinosaur plant for the collection my Dad started, and I found another table with a special on a dozen succulents so I picked out what will just about be my entire succulent garden as they were so cheap and so pretty. Apparently the drought has got everything thinking succulents. Mother bought half a dozen herself after she saw my pretty prizes. Just about killed me lugging three large bags full of pot plants up several flights of stairs across the freeways and up the steep, steep hill to the bus stop. Still, it's the suffering that makes it really worth it and the blood, sweat and tears I pour into my garden (take 3) starts early. Even mother has approved of my choice of plants this time around and they're small, and therefore unlikely to once again grow into a magnificent jungle. Did I mention carrying home her weight in succulents too? Took me hours before I could raise my arms up again.

Spent the afternoon wallowing in Angel (Apt Pupil Boy) and Andromeda (a clips show, hmph), reading the papers and drinking many restorative cups of tea.

Smallville: I know things must have happened in this episode because people kept showing up with slings on their arms, but buggered if I could tell you what had actually happened, because I just don't know. I think EvilChannelNine even cut out the recaps. I need details, people. Arrrgh. The sooner this plays on cable so I can see what the hell is going on, the better.

Parkinson, featuring the delightful Damian Lewis. It's such a pleasant surprise when a favoured actor turns out to be charming, quick witted, eloquent and wickedly funny. This is the first time I've ever seen Damian as himself. Yes, I know he's been on US chat shows but the putrid xenophobia that passes for American humour on those shows these days is just toxic and more than I can bear, so I avoid them at all costs unless I stumble across them channel surfing, and I only find out Damian's been on after the fact anyway. I miss the days when we used to be weeks behind and one got a decent heads up about these things.

Damian However, lovely chap. I'd happily invite him over for tea, and breakfast, too.

Stargate: Need. Ah, ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Dr Jackson's a junkie J. I was tired so the set up was more wearing and boring than usual, but once wild eyed home permed Danny showed up it was fun, fun, fun. See Jack on his knees before Danny, see Danny hug Jack, see Jack throw himself on a struggling Danny, see Jack hug and pet cold turkey Danny. Awwwww. And people wonder where I get freak boy Daniel from. Ignore the uncomfortable blood for Naqada analogy, I always do.

Sunday: Tried to sleep in but hungry hungry birdies would have none of that. They were especially unhappy as after yesterday's brilliant sunshine today the weather was decidely horrid: cold, wet and gale force winds. Perfect curling up and catching up on a week's worth of tv, which I did. Sports Night, 24 and Buffy. Not really caring if The First kills off the whiney slayer wannabes. In fact, it'd be a plus, but that's just me. Yes, just what I wanted in the show: Dawn, to the power of n. Arrrrgh.

A brief spot of sunshine tricked me into going outside where it quickly turned nasty again. I'm not used to weather than can change in seconds. Came inside and watched the rest of my Angel present, and yum, it's so good. Okay, could do without the whole Cordy/Connor plot, but otherwise, it was so cool. Wes heartbroken over Lilah, a jaded Angelus and Faith. Happy happy joy joy. Faith gets line of the week, too: "Just like riding a biker." Bwahaha! That's my girl. So amusing to see Wesley being the darker, angrier one - they make a great pair. Too bad they can't just make the Faith and Wesley show. It'd rock. (I'd also love to see That 70s Slayer Show, but that ain't ever gonna happen, either). I was just popping disk after disk until I ran out at a rather eek! cliff hanger point, but I've seen pics so I have some small clue as to what happens next. This Angelus arc totally rocks. It's been a while since I've just devoured episode after episode of a show because it's got its hooks into me. Amazing how losing all the main writing guys made Angel bloody brilliant television. Looks like they were holding the show back from greatness, and if it gets axed, well, it's going out in one almighty bang.

Monday: Another cold, grey day, and the bus nearly went past me in spite of my waving my flashy about. At least, because I was slow moving this morning, I was lucky enough to see Dana's dance of joy in Sports Night before I had to go out the door into Bronte bleakness.

Oh, most amusing story of the week: The Masked Avenger of Tunbridge Wells. Aside from being totally Avengers, which is finally being released on dvd here this week, it amuses because there was some Britcom skit, probably the Two Ronnies, about an enraged and inveterate letter writer to The Times who always signed off as Mr Disgusted From Tunbridge Wells 9in fact both brother and I returned from the UK bearing clippings from The Times from outraged denizens of Tunbridge WElls, because it amused). However it looks like Mr Disgusted has become Captain Disgusted, and I couldn't be more tickled. They obviously do things a little differently down in Kent.J



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