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Neil Gaiman:
I have been to WalMart at midnight, & returned with a rawhide bone.
I have been to Walmart at midnight, & you should not go there alone.

Heh. Braved the grim, freezing day for a quick lunchtime run to the shops. It is so cold. And I suppose you're all thinking well it should be all grim and freezing cold in December, but it's December, man. I know this is just all part of some fiendish plot to lull me into thinking I can give chocolates as presents this year and then the day will dawn a blazing and blistering 45C and the expensive euro-chocs will just be greasy stains in the bottom of the box. Fool me once, etc, etc. But in the meantime, crikey, it's cold.

Weekend? Well, I think I harumphed all Friday night and most of Saturday over the office bitches and their impossible demands, which basically could be summed up as 'she'll nae take it, Cap'n'' and 'ye cannae change the laws of physics', nor can you expect results from cheap, ill considered and outdated tech and screaming at me just makes it all so much worse, but standard operating procedure I guess.

What I did manage was some more stuff off the to do list, including a spot of spring cleaning (hard to do a thorough job in a dump with a chronic hoarder and crumbling inftrastructure) and, most pleasing of all, to me, I managed to swap out some horrid nasty fugly tat given to me by folks who no longer visit and replacing with my own, superior, as seen on the Antiques Roadshow classic collectables. Including, no less, my old creepy Venetian plague mask, which gives the room a Neil Gaiman aspect, I like to think.

There was much scrubbing and dusting and while I didn't whistle while I worked, I was grooving away to some old crackly $2 op shop vinyl K-Tel (and the like) compilation LPs of 60s songs and a couple of them were really, really cool, like someone had really put a lot of care and thought into it, like a proper compilation tape, and, better yet, it featured local artists so it had songs and versions of songs I knew. And it had the Easybeats. I love this song so much:

So that was fun. So much fun. I gotta get me some more cheap vintage vinyl. And hey, lookit, the old turntable still works. Well, after a fashion (it struggled with Macarthur Park but who doesn't?).

Alas, and as always, nearly, I managed to bleed copiously all over my freshly scrubbed floors. Was washing up, tired and in a hurry and I dropped a knife, again, and this time I didn't miss (thunk!). Ow. Tried to be all manful and Black Knight about it but I did have to go off and bandage it before I finished the washing up as it started to bleed profusely but it wasn't anything a fistful of tissues and bandaids and a shot of whisky couldn't handle.

Hobbled off to the batcave (now with festive lights) for an evening of Matt, Matt and Matt (and more whisky, as the throbbing kicked in a couple of hours later when the surprise wore off).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I got home late and pissed off on Friday and turned on the telly and there was Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith and the Doctor and it was just what I needed. Tried to IQ it but the IQ went Bzzzt! (aain!) so I tried again on Sunday (hence the careless and butterfingered rushing with the sharp utensils). It was all very cougar town with the girls fawning over young Matt, who was disturbingly and yet delightfully flirty in ways they never really dared in the old show, and, being the Sarah Jane Adventures, it was all very kids tv silly and Scooby Gang, but I still loved it lots. Oh, I'm sorry, but Matt Smith has completely won me over. He ticks all my Doctor boxes. Happy childhood nostalgia happiness. Old girls for an old girl, and all that.

Then I greatly enjoyed Matt #2 in The Glades. It's not a show I fret or fangirl over, I just kickback and watch it from start to finish, it romps along so well the credits always come too soon (what? finished already? but I was having fun!) and I just really, really enjoy it. It gets from A to B in a very amusing fashion without ever annoying me and Mr Passmore is an absolute delight.

I do love a sassy, smart and smart mouthed cop, without all the issues, angst and self loathing I seem to have to endure on other fave shows. Snappy works, and works well, when you've got a decent script and a decent actor, I guess. Whatever, I find myself looking forward to The Glades now. It's like my pina colada tv cop show, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Matt #3 finally flounced along in the shape of young Mr Bomer, more snippy than snappy, but still drop dead gorgeous and oddly, still enjoying these repeats more this time around. No idea why. Maybe because I've taken a step back, whatever. I rewatched the fashion one on Tuesday and I must keep missing it because I still have no idea exactly what was in the frock that the bad guy wanted so desperately. White Collar has yet to attain the heights, or depths or Midsomer and Lewis where they completely forget to solve the actual case, but they teter periously close at times.

At least it was cute playing 'oh, that's where I sat and listened to that really cool band', as well as watching the boys being snippy with each other.

Wednesday was the copy cat wayward Professor one, which, again, was an adaptation of the Mona Lisa con, and if Neal wants to get snippy over people plagarising his work a) he really needs to take a good look at himself and b) he needs to acknowledge Bart Maverick at least who pulled off a brilliant version of this old con. Again, the story was slight, with many dangling threads, and wrapped up very quickly (as opposed to the complex, witty and engaging B/W version, just so they could wallow in the pointless who killed Kate arc (who cares?!)). But never mind, Matty is pretty.

Still pretty on Sunday where we had the missing bible one, featuring the old crazy vet trope (though not sniping at people from a rooftop, as per tradition). This is one of my least favourite episodes and could Matt have any less chemistry with the femme fatale du jour (yet another evil professor). I really felt embarrassed for the two actors, it looked so cringingly bad and forced. There were strong catholic overtones, which weren't to my taste, and I'm not talking about the bible stories, but the way a lot of women, on the early episodes especially, are all wicked temptresses and jezebels, like on the Prisoner (overseen by that notoriously grumpy old Pat McGoohan).

There were some good bits with Peter and Neal, and Elizabeth, that I wasn't overly familiar with, this being an unplayed episode when I reach for the White Collar, so that was fun. And I did enjoy it, I just always seem to be grumpy with White Collar the morning after. I'll follow along easily enough while watching, it's just afterwards that I start to see some of the gaping holes, frayed logic and plot wrinkles, if you know what I mean (RTD DW is just as bad, if not worse, btw, for the sake of fairness).

While it's on telly I'm all 'oooh pretty' and critical faculties go out the window. Though not so far out the window I wasn't going huh over some serious lack of continuity over Neal's outfits: Peter tells him to race over and right now, buster, and Neal heads out the door but shows up in a completely different sexy black ensemble (he stopped to shop and change?), then later, somehow, he's back in Outfit A again (how very Modesty Blaise of him) and so on, and this show is really maddening with its lack of continuity and logic holes at times (and lacks a big blue police boxed shaped escape clause, more's the pity).

I did have a wonderful time ogling the boys, though. Oddly, Peter seems to trust Neal more in these early eps than later. Burnt much? Sigh.

So that was my weekend. Today I hobbled in with the very comfy shoes and I tried to pick a vaguely sock hoppy outfit (complete with pale pink cardie) to go with the black sneakers but no one is buying it (they laugh and point or scowl). Doesn't matter, it's not so bad now, ze stabbied foot, anyway, though I think I'll avoid any perilous fancy shoes this week.

Also, as the people I don't like are away today, it's been quiet, we had cake and I had to cc someone I used to be great mates with several depts ago and they rang me back right away to catch up, so I feel less friendless today (especially after Friday where I took delivery of an entire sackful of santa mail for Himself but couldn't even manage a bill or a flyer for a pizza joint for myself, le sigh. Card tally: 0).

Two silly bulls?

Tuesday: Meant to post this last night but couldnae be arsed. It's that sort of week.

I wasn't even going to sit down and watch the Blackadder Christmas special but somehow I did (it's rather become tradition) and still found it funny, especially Bladders trying to explain charades to the Prince and Baldrick before giving up in a fit of eye rolling, much like me trying to explain techie stuff at work. Rather too much like, in fact. One might even say exactly like. Oh dear.

Ah well. Himself is in a grumpy mood (and he's only working four days a week, god help us all when he finally gets up to five) but there have been some snarky pearls, like when Back to the Future was on the telly and I was surprised how many things they guessed right, more than I thought way back when, but Himself snarked that they'd obviously hadn't invented time travel yet because no one from the Bulletin has been found crushed in their own printing presses with USE A LARGER TYPEFACE YOU CLINTS scrawled across their foreheads. Seems to be a bit of a bugbear with the little dear at the moment.

Speaking of Clint, he was on Maverick last night. Happiness and joy. Not a terribly heroic role but showy enough, and anyway, national treasure status beckons.

The little dear was also off to his big end of year party last Friday, which is why it was me trying to get online but failing miserably with another 37 microsoft updates to process first and why I never posted, and instead giving up (before the wee pc slammed into the far wall) and watching Shattered and snacking on prawn chips (which came with the duck in plum sauce takeaway that awaited his pleasure because the party is always notoriously undercatered).

I said I wasn't going to enable him in the costume department this year (it's always fancy dress) because the fez has proven to be his most treasured possession, but sure enough, it was a 50s theme and he ummed and ahhed and I showed him the old Hawaiian shirts I had and he went in the really cool one with the palace on it and his fedora and old 50s camera - instant 50s tourist (pictures available upon request). There was a lot of poodle skirts etc but the winner was a tall Kiwi who appeared as Sir Edmund Hillary, complete with pickaxe and flags. Absolute winner. Briiliant choice.

See how dull my life is, I have to talk about other people. Twas always thus. Oh well. Trying not to be grumpy.

Wed: I know, I know. Last night's non posting excuse? It's a good 'un, and has precious little with Robert Conrad in Maverick (the one with the pyscho killer cowboy in drag, and unconvincing drag at that, or as the Peanut Gallery is want to heckle: dude doesn't look like a lady. Classic, but you have to go see it, and watch it wrong, or is that right, I can never tell with Maverick, they're so sly at times).

Anyways, as Friday is shaping up to be the usual byotch for me (everyone gets a half day off, I get to stay back and do unpaid OT in the dark) and a bit tight for the newly employed one, so we had our seasonal eve slap up meal last night, very hasitly slapped together featuring chill prawns with pasta, a half bottle of Tyrrells from up the back of the fridge (the beauty of Hunter Valley wines is they're so flat and vinegary anyway you never notice if they've been open too long), a small Xmas pud I'd gotten from building management and a can of Ambrosia cream that was about to expire (had a bugger of a time getting it out of the rusty can). And it was marvellous.

Alas, I'm a very, very cheap drunk so two small glasses (Kraft crystal) in and I was flat on the couch very giggly and just watching telly, which included Being Human, Spooks and White Collar. Too bad Russell Tovey never made the cut as a Doctor Who companion, the Peanut Gallery lamented, as he can squeal with the best of them. Me, I was just drooling over Mitchell. You know me and my brooding, angst ridden vamps.

So yeah, sorry, had the night off. Hope you don't mind.

This town's so mean...

Thurs: I'm having a horrible week. The only thing that has amused me so far today is this little tweetlet:

Mark Gatiss:
Darkness creeping in. Temperature dropping. And all I can really think of is: 'Mr Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!'

Watched White Collar last night, though it was a struggle to stay awake again. No reflection on the show, I'm just tired. Must make only positive comments.

Tough call, it being a Mozzie episode. Um, well, yes. I'm sorry, this is just not a fave, and aside from a scene where Neal and Peter are both sitting on the edge of the conference table watching tourist vids and both kinda mirroring each other, there's not a lot of meat for the Neal/Peter viewer. Even the bit where Peter tries to explain the strain of Neal's little escapades, Neal just bites back nasty, and it still strikes me as shockingly abrupt to Peter, even on repeats. Yes, we can all say Neal was exhausted and stressed, but still. No thanks for Peter saving his bacon, no thanks for Peter dropping everything and taking on the case (even though it involved the old Columbian smugglers) no thanks at all, really. Poor Peter, taken for granted, snapped at and living on microwaved meals for one because Elizabeth is out of town. Bad Neal. Bad, bad Neal.

Watching series one and two being played next to each other (series one repeats on Tuesday nights), I am not mistaken, Neal was indeed much more flirty and cheeky and frankly adoring in S1. I miss that Neal, because grumpy brooding downright nasty Neal lacks the certain loveable rogue quality necessary to make the character watchable (aside from Matt's pretty, which they trade on a little too easily and a little too much). In this episode, particularly, but it's an overall vibe in S2, Neal seems to have lost respect for Peter and, well, can seem very dismissive if not downright hostile at times.

I suppose I'm to understand that it's all part of Neal's grieving process and maybe he blames Peter consciously or unconsciously, which is a touch unfair (and I've always thought Neal let himself get caught in the pilot because he needed Peter to help him find Kate, then respecting Peter's professional chops enough to figure that if anyone could do it, it would be Peter, so it's not Peter's fault it all went pearshaped and the little missy got caught in her own trap). But I suppose it's easier for Neal to snap at Peter than deal, and I guess we've all been there, in a way.

There was, at least, the bit at the end where Neal asks how many dinners Peter has missed on account of Neal and his games. I'm not sure if it was meant to be a longer scene, and no explanation or apology is ever given. Peter just shrugs. Oh, poor Peter. He's spent the whole episode being Neal's bitch. Ah, well. Maybe Neal was over-empathising with Mozzie's dilemma, but still. A touch high maintenance, our Neal.

Oh dear, not very positive at all. You'll have to excuse me, the constant bullying at work is getting me very down. I spoke to one of those 'don't throw yourself under a bus just yet' lines and they were very sympathetic. Yeah, sure, they were being paid to agree that I am indeed surrounded by very mean people but it helped not to be told to pull my socks up and grin and bear it quite so dismissively. I mean, that's what it amounts to but the obvious Kiwi at the other end of the line was much nicer than that and put it to me much more gently.

A lot of the problem is, aside from the many, many personality flaws that all the trying in the world ain't fixed yet, is that I'm extraordinarily ugly, and because of that people attribute negative qualities to me (they've done tests, it's true, this happens) and so no matter what I do I am perceived badly (the same with nasty people who are good looking and, you can go look up the studies, literally get away with murder).

Because I'm distressingly ugly, people ascribe to me sinister and malevolent motivations that simply are not there, but loom large in their reality. When I drop something or knock something over for no other reason that I'm a gigantic klutz, or if I'd forgotten something because I'm a moron, I've done it on deliberately and on purpose. I've had people roar up to my tiny desk red in the face and frothing because I've shown them terrible and intolerable disrespect by deliberately refusing to act on some tiny track change comment that I've only accidentally overlooked because my eyes were tired. Normal looking people do not have to suffer such abuse (they've done studies, it's scientific fact). There have been several very unfair examples today, but I shan't bore you any further by llisting them, but it's so unfair.

So I cannot win. The only thing I can do is try and tell myself that I am not the person they see in their reality.

Mind you, that's bloody hard when one is bullied every day. Some days are very wobbly indeed. Worse, being bullies, they attack and attack and attack until they get a result, so turning the other cheek never works, either. They just increase the attacks. Sigh. If only I could get another job but I'm pretty much an unemployable basketcase now.

In the season of goodwill towards all men, some people really get off on being cruel and ruining lives.

Oh yeah, we were flopping around the channels and caught an ancient old videotaped episode of Taggart featuring a very young Alan Cumming as a Glaswegian truck driver. Boggle on that one for a while, as we did.

Fek that halls

Feeling much better today, or at least until 9.15 am when their evilnesses roll in:

1 WITCH. Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd.
2 WITCH. Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin'd.
3 WITCH. Harpier cries:—'tis time! 'tis time!

Got the pressies all wrapped and under the tree. One of them had a naff peek alarm ("Put the present down and step away from the tree!") which duly went off, catching himself red faced and red handed. Hee!

Also was wished festive greeting my my newsagent, barista and fruit seller, but hey, it was sincere and they're the cloest I have to friends these days (all my fault, of course), but at least somebody wished me a merry xmas.

best of all, I had a rare, nice comment about an old fic in my inbox. Somebody out there thinks I can construct a sentence adequately. Yay.

I hope Himself likes the pressies though. I've been thoroughly trumped by some mates from down south who sent him a 1911 catalogue, but I thought I could get the the newly minted image librarian something of use. Honestly, what were thinking, putting a chronic and pathological hoarder in charge of the disposal schedule? Of course he's totally gone all Oswald on them, but he's right, they don't know what gems of rare cultural history they have marked for destruction and I thought a popular electronic device might help him demonstrate some of the highlights of the collection. That's the idea, anyway.

But he'll probably hate it. He always does.

25 Dec: woken by nightmare and the angry, angry possum who lives upstairs. Watched Going Postal last night. Liked. I mean, Richard Coyle and Charles Dance, and that's just for starters. Heh, if only Mr Pump was handling Neal's rehabilitation fron bond forgery. Peter should seriously try the 'taking bread from their mouths' speech sometime. It seems curiously effective.

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