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@MonasticProds: Dear tweepers. Do you wish to see a series of original LOM novels covering the events from the end of Mars until start of Ashes?

Okay, yes, I was belittling Mr Simm yesterday (so over Mr Grumpy and some of his crazypants fans) but I still have an amazing soft spot for Life on Mars and I must admit, I am curious. Especially as my own fic died a death (cf Mr Simm and his crazy pants fans, wot sent me mean emails, etc).

Speaking of crazy pants fans, no sign of Agent Carmichael about the place as I ran errands and then tried to picnic in the park. Well, I was trying to enjoy scribbling in my journal in my favourite spot but they decided that lunchtime was mowing time and I was nearly lawnmowered into oblvion. Okay, not the camouflage-y brown skirt, then.

I wouldn't bother keeping an eye out only with the pic Zac posted this morning, it looks like he might be staying in a hotel that may or may not be very close to my place of (non)business. Ah well, forget it, I can't even manage it when the boy tweets 'here I am, come and get me'.

Too bad, because all I want to say is thanks. Just thanks. Chuck has kept me in fine company over the last year, and I just wanted to say thanks.

Meanwhile, Mr Gaiman, whom I have managed to corner at various book signings about the place (though he broke my heart the first time I missed him), is pimping fanfic:

The Holmes/Lovecraft story A STUDY IN EMERALD, (Free) from my website: For the puzzled. about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Just learned there is STUDY IN EMERALD fanfic. I won't ever read it, just in case, but this is still awesomenessness.


RT good lord @harperchick: more fanfic

Bless. And I just adore A Study in Emerald. Bwee!

I can't pimp Mr Gaiman enough. Not everything he's written has rocked my work, but, by god, a lot of it has, and he was so influential in my formative years. Add to that the fact that I think we had a lot of the same interests and influences as well and, well, you have someone I really dig. The fact that he is finally, finally, finally doing an episode of Dr Who, oh, be still my beating heart. One of my dearest authors writing for one of my dearest shows. I cannot wait (please don't let it suck).

I am so enjoying Dr Who right now. There are the evening repeats, which are such a delight and comfort to me (nothing better than Dr Who, werewolves, a cup of tea and a biscuit after a dreadful of bullying at school, I mean work), the magazines, which I picked up yesterday, and even the annual Christmas scavanger hunt Himself sent me on.

None of the box sets on his wish list had the the right title at all but this time, because it was Dr Who, I think I have cracked the code. well, either that or I can blame the very night shop girl who double checked the database just to make sure there wasn't any other dvd set he might have meant. You see he asked for the Seeds of Death when I'm fairly sure he meant The Seeds of Doom, because I'm fairly sure he's already got The Seeds of Death because I swear I remember watching it, and it is oft referenced whenever there's been a slightly over generous use of washing liquid (ie soap suds of DOOM! I mean DEATH, or, you know what I mean).

And so on and so forth, but at least this time I had some hope of figuring out what he was asking. I think. Maybe. With luck. It helps if you know your seeds of death from your seeds of doom, and vice versa. Not the sort of thing you want to get mixed up, I'm sure you'll agree.

Ah, everyone is off to presentations, bar me. I don't care. I have a frappacino, my one, annual treat, though looking at my reflection I see I should have abstained, and how have I swollen up so much after a month of eating very little, it seems so unfair, but I'm enjoying myself. Blissful quiet.

And now not blissful quiet. Ah well, I had shiny fun while it lasted. Okay, typing when I get home, then, and treats if I can manage to squeeze in two hours.

Matt Bomer
TV Week
18-24 December 2010

L'Uomo Vogue
September 2010

A Study In Emerald

Lee Majors revisits ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ and his most classic of roles

Christian Kane rocks on ‘Leverage’ and on new country album

Sunday previews: 'Leverage' holiday episode

@zacharylevi: Another beautiful day in Sydney.

"Tangled" Australian Premiere

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