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Just got in trouble for raising my voice. Lousy open plan offices and damn it I will raise my voice when I'm 45 mins out from a Ministerial deadline and I've not had a single piece of content or design and I'm supoosed to create another web site, set up the paths, test it, all by lunch. Which is now, look, 40 minutes away. I've already formally complained about unreasonable deadlines, maybe if I kick a rubbish bin across the floor they'll at least stop and look at me for a minute and maybe it'll get through that it's not on, especially on a Friday with everyone else off on their RDOs (which I never get). More unpaid overtime. I'm so upset and I'm not allowed to make the slightest peep about it.

It's probably from being so tired that I entirely fucked up taping Boomtown (got Springer instead - arrrgh), forgot to do the shopping, open the windows, shower, change, water the garden, feed the birds and had to suffer one of AP's Depression era soups made from scrapings off the back of the stove for tea. I think I'd rather go hungry, if those are my options. Besides, those easter eggies ruined all the good work my flu had wrought, with interest. I hate that.

I was so looking forward to Boomtown. Even during SVU I was thinking I can't wait to see what funny thing Ray says this week, and I'll never know now. Bugger.

What I did get to do, as Charmed wasn't on and I'd forgotten to do everything I had to do that night anyway as I just crashed in my room, was watch another couple of episodes of Angel. I'm really loving the Angelus arc. I'm so sure I could get another story over Wesley's lifetime study of Angel, his schoolboy crush/hero worship and yowza to the Wes/Angel subtext becoming text. That was an unexpected treat. Unfortunately Angelus's whole Yoko factor had been done already by Spike, but I guess Spike had to learn it somewhere, and it was more fun to watch the more grown up Angel crew actually come to blows rather than just resorting to hissy fits and name calling, though there was a lot of that going on, too. Gunn and Fred broke up - yay, Lilah died - weep (what the hell were they thinking?! She was one of the best things about the show!) and Cordy's evil. Yeah, right, never saw that coming. Poor Wes, forever suffering the slings and arrows, no wonder I love him so.

Email of the day:

    HMV forced to acknowledge that Michael Rosenbaum exists: 'Sorority Boys' and the 'Smallville' soundtrack CD are
    now avaiable in Australia.

    Great moments in alphabetical filing: 'Tales of the
    City' sitting next to 'Tackle Happy' :)

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