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go ahead, rain on my parade

Hey ho. Went offline for a bit because I didn't want anything raining on my parade, like, I dunno, James Freud dying. That was pretty depressing. Cause I was a fan.

Besides that, though, it's been great. No bullying aside from the semi-tame parrots outside the backdoor (Polly wants a cracker now, bitch).

I did get my day off, afterall. Very last minute so I just pretty much grabbed my bag and ran. Ran directly to the shops, as it happened, but it was November and November always requires shopping.

On the way out of the mall some wee girlies were giving away free samples of chocolates and as I had my hands full I proffered one of my bags as a joke and the wee girlie emptied all her samples into and clocked off, the cheeky minx. so I am now up to my eyeballs in free but decidedly sub-average chccolate bars.

I also bought yet another teapot and cup and saucer from the tea shop but they were on special I'd been eyeing them off forever and they were from different sets but I thought they looked good together and three other people agreed so I was pleased. At least I don't suck at teapot aesthetics. That's something, right?

Home in time for Chuck, and Rake (with Hugo Weaving as a cannibal) and Burn Notice. Love Chuck, not sure about Rake, and annoyed that I now know what they were filming across the road from work and didn't stick around to see (Roxburgh not good enough for ya?). That'll learn me.

Burn Notice? An old buddy of Sam's...etc, etc.

Saturday, we were supposed to be having a daytrip/ferry trip to see the jacarandas but it was pissing down, so we had out picnic on the loungeroom floor instead. and it was fun.

Washed out picnic menu:
juniper berry pate
swiss cheese
smokey cheese
blue cheese
toasted bred and crackers

We also watched Chuck and it is now my very favourite show. It was the I Spy/Avengers/Raiders homage that did it. I was rolling around squealing so much I had to play it back several times. I shall never be able to watch I Spy again without tittering. But it's all done with so much love. I also adored the Beauty and the Beast shout out and the A-Team and Charade refs in the same episode, lawks.

This is why I love Chuck so much. It's not that it's doing the classics - it's doing MY classics. This is my show. It's written for me. I love it so much. It made me so happy.

I really was. Anyhoo, caught up on True Blood. Loved concrete covered Mr Northman, for some reason I found that cute, but wtf with that ending. Now I'll never have closure on whether Pam got the concrete out of her hair.

Also watched back some old B/W Basil R. Sherlocks that I'd saved for later, you know, the ones with special needs Watson. The second one was better. Okay, Watson was still too stupid to live but it had sex, drugs, serial killers and evil hypnotists and a weirdly proto Jeremy Irons-y Moriarty. And a couple of very familiar moments, if you've seen the original pilot of Sherlock. Ahem.

Other than that I was busy typing. To no real purpose, but I was determined to have some 'me' time, by hook or by crook, and so I did.

That's it really. Thirty minutes out from another Chuck repeat. I think I might.

Oh yeah, also watched Trek on Go! (weirdly cgi'd Kirk fest) and Leverage on W (after an episode of Ellery Queen so I was unintentionally creepy again) and I saw Bomer in an ad. Apparently White Collar starts on W next month. At least I'll be getting a Bomer fix, if Foxtel doesn't cut out again (I was so rude to Ms CallCentre but a) fed up with the no service and b) hell hath no fury like a K/S fan denied, but at least my 'tude got services restored in an hour instead of a week this time).

Okay, Chuck now in ten minutes. Ciao.

Models frontman James Freud dead

Model rocker Freud loses battle with demon in the bottle

Models' frontman tragedy: James Freud takes own life

Real gun found on Law & Order set

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