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"There are a lot of detective shows on television, and all of them owe a debt to Sherlock Holmes. The socially maladjusted detective, the bantering partners, the curious charm of a guy who knows he's smarter than anyone else in the room -- USA must have eight shows in development right now with all these elements, to add to the 15 or so I think they already have on the air. So it's nice to see the original back in action, outshining his imitators." - Huffington Post

Oooh, was that a shot across the bows of any quirky (or, at least, they think they're quirky) tv crime fighters currently on the USA Network? Smirk.

Meanwhile: They killed Danno! Vale the One True Danno, pop culture legend (down here, at least) that he was.

But yeah, from my understanding gleaned from the US press and the non-recommendations of friends, the remake sucketh buckets.

Meanwhile, I has doughnuts. Halloween doughnuts. The Krispy Kreme at Town Hall was selling specially decorated Halloween ones and I've not had a Halloween doughnut since my trip to New York way back when, and, I tell ya, like any addict I've been searching for that perfect sugar hit ever since. It was an amazing confection of little orange pumpkins. I'm gonna assume they were icing, but probably not strictly edible in the least.

Nothing so fancy here (it's just a franchise, afterall), but they were iced as pumkins, skulls and spiderwebs and I bought a pack, because I needed an excuse to try at least one. Too cute.

Apparently we only observe Halloween when there's a Democrat in the White House - grin. Better get those doughnuts in, then.

We just don't do Halloween here. It's seen as an American thing, rather than Scottish, but whatever. I had one Halloween, in New York, upstate New York and San Francisco and it was the absolute best. It was my first ever trip anywhere really, and I really should not have been allowed out by myself but folks were very kind and I was pretty much handed off from friend to friend (much like Himself when he goes to Hobbiton).

I remember the pumpkiny doughnut, American icecream, pumpkin beer at some great bar (wonder where that was, fuzzy on details, cf beer), the fabulously and gloriously wonderfully silly "haunted house" up at Poughkeepsie (pumpkins under bedsheets, but the quaint tickled me so), ditto the wizened apple witches and the groovy Halloween party, and the reception clerk at the hotel in San Francisco in full crazy 'Nam vet gear, complete with human ear necklace (a wee bit startling for this girl from the small town that Sydney was then), and, best of all, the moustached nuns who sped down the enormous properly San Francisco style hill on rollerblades, wimples streaming out behind them. America has never been better than that. I'm sorry, but it just hasn't. It was like being in my very own David Lynch film. And...loving it.

Oh, oh, Twin Peaks is on tonight (ep 101) and I'm all out of doughnuts. Well, we'll just have to remedy that! (and I'd just shed those pesky cms/inches, too, now they'll all be back, and they'll have brought mates).

Too bad the scariest thing I'm gonna be doing on Halloween is probably having a cup of tea and watching Poirot on telly. Now that is scary.

A spooky pic for youse: Whitby Abbey, inspiration for Dracula:

Whitby Abbey

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