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May Day

Yesterday was not good. Cute young actors dying, formal reprimands for being too hard working and responsible at work and a flu that just doesn't know when to quit.

Still unable to shake that damn Protestant work ethic (is it too late to convert to a lazier religion?) it was another looong day and I snuck home at dusk, alas with not enough light left to see without a torch the dent on the carport caused by last night's drop possum. This is what happens when you mix large furry marsupials with gum trees, aka widow makers, ie the branches just drop off without warning (hence my never climbing trees as a child, never mind our trees being a danger to low flying aircraft, ie they're so tall. cf Seven Little Australians). So down came possum, branch and all. Good thing the koalas have long since been driven from our swathe of suburbia (cf drop bears). We're on the look out for one stunned possum, and we shall name him George (as in 'of the jungle'). I'm not about to catch the sucker though - those bastards can bite through our macadamias (they built their dray in our macadamia tree, so no nuts for us) and you need at least 400 kg of force to crack a macadamia, so, no, not going near the possums, stunned or otherwise.

Decided to watch some taped tv so it was Sports Night and then, horrors, discivered I'd fucked up taping Angel entirely. Boo hoo. Decided to cheer myself by opening the brown paper parcel that arrived from parts exotic (ie not here) yesterday and, oh my, oh, most precious and generous person. There, carefully wrapped, was a vcd of the Angel episode I'd missed taping. Oh, happy happy joy joy. Usually the gift of Angel episodes is met with enthusiastic, grateful and pleasurable viewing, but this was just so value added, and I'm not just talking yummy widescreen prsentations. The timing, the time, effort, expense, thoughtfulness, kindness and did I mention timing, of this very special gift made me quite emotional for a bit. Thankyou, and I really, really mean that.

So, Angel happiness. And a perfectly happy Angel we got. I'm glad they decided to give old Angelus one last turn, lest the series be cancelled (looking more and more likely alas as the tide turns against fantasy shows, as I said it would - you only get cartoony shows with a Democrat in the White House, don't know why but it is so). Angel refuses to give up his soul (some nice Angel/Wes tension here and I swear I could get another fic out of Wesley's obssessive Angel studies) until Cordy points out that Angelus is smarter, much to Angel's chagrin. However Angel does what a formerly evil vampires gotta do, so he locks himself in a cage (once again I'm treated to the sight of Wesley chaining Angel up) and submits to a vision of a perfect day and I swear he whispered "Buffy". Well, they'd probably be lynched by an angry flaming torch waving mob if he didn't - grin. The insane giggle at the end - so worth it.

Oh, on Fox8 Xander stopped Dark Willow, Giles had some cool moments, Anya is much more bearable now that she's single again and Connor dumped Angel in the ocean, but not before I got to see new nasty Wes doing the nasty with that nasty Lilah. Very tasty.

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