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selamat pagi

Finally, I come to priase White Collar, not to bury it. I know, I'm as confused as you are. I mean, how did they finally manage it? One damn fine episode. All I can say is: fluke.

Or maybe it's just me who loved it, because it was big on the Pete and Neal, and mercifully light on annoying sidekicks. Mind you, I do wish I'd written this before I got to my Persuaders fest, because I just loved the scenes with Neal and Peter in the hotel, Peter being all prissy over the bar fridge, and Neal just sprawling on the sofa. I mean, look at that sprawl. Seriously, if Peter isn't hitting that then he's the world's biggest eejit.

But then, alas, it was a case of not bad for a beginner, but this is how you do it, baby, as Danny and Brett take us on a masterclass of tv hotel hijinks (or, as one magazine reference once put it, and I cannot remember which mag but it was most likely SFX or The Word, that watching the Persuaders is not unlike watching vintage gay porn. I'll have to take their word for it, but, oh my).

After the bedroom farce of the hotel, the boys then go promenading by Brighton Beach and realise they're being tailed.

"Act natural," instructs Brett.

Danny instantly snuggles right into Brett. I mean right in there.

"This natural enough?" teases Danny, all minxy mischief.

Oh, White Collar, you were good, damn good, but you ain't got nothing on these boys. Danny and Brett still rule my world, and always will, I suspect.

Odd, that I always end up watching The Persuaders alongside White Collar because I remember watching one episode after a friend pointed out White Collar's blue/orange pallete and then I saw Brett's bachelor pad. Blue and orange this, baby.

Lots og green and orange, too, yay, and a lamp that had the Peanut Gallery intoning "Stevens!", but you have to be an old anorak to get that.

I'm so glad we went ahead with the Persuaders-fest. It helped so much. I was laughing within the first five minutes as we started off with "A Home of One's Own", where dear Tony proves himself a master of the pratfall, falling through the stairs and getting conked by the well handle. And what's not to love with smugglers using ghosts to scare off the locals? Could it get any more Scooby Doo if it tried?

Oh, there was so much to love, and ITC rep players galore: Peter Bowles, Shane Rimmer ("Element of Risk"), George Baker ("Chain of Events"), a very young and pretty James Cosmo, not to mention Georgina from Adam Adamant pretty much playing Georgina from Adam Adamant (Hey, Mr Sinclair!!!) in "That's Me Over There", the one where Brett and Danny have to impersonate each other (White Collar would never...)

Bwee!!!! It was so much fun. So so so much fun. I feel a lot better about Tony, having watched him be so silly for several hours.

Poor old White Collar, though. Had it not slapped up against The Persuaders (cheeky devils) it would have been the best thing I'd watched all week. We had lots of Peter and Neal, and how much did I love Neal just popping up and fastening Peter's cufflinks and then putting on his coat. Without even being asked. How sweet. How intimate. Of course, Peter had to ruin it with yet another pointless scolding, but a girl can't have everything (and in my version, it was a very, you know, post scene, ahem).

Sometimes I feel like Peter should be in those Energy Australia ads: Peter Burke, wastes energy telling Neal 'no' and 'don't'.

Then we had Neal, in full Mephisto mode again, playing 'what if' and 'if you could' with Peter. He's always doing that. I guess Neal is just trying to see where Peter can be, well, persuaded, I guess.

We also had Peter in peril, and an upset looking Neal. Not a lot of payoff there (wherefore the once traditional holding hands at bedside, I ask you), but we did see proof of Neal's distress, which means at least that Peter is really important to him, he's not faking that, at least. Nice, these glimpses of the real Neal, even if the poor boy has to be pushed, and pushed sharply, to show it.

You'd think maybe hat Neal might have taken onboard the whole revenge = bad lesson that was hammered home for the rest of us, but no. Ah, well.

And yeah, I watched the next episode again. Neal on a mission/quest again, and it's a dangerous place to be, between Neal and his object. Dear Neal rather callously uses everyone to get at what he wants (Peter, Diana, Mozzie, even June's dog isn't immune to his opportunism) which would make him a touch on the cruel and ruthless side if he didn't balance it (to varying degrees of success) with deep, personal torment and the cheeky charm he uses to get past defences (much like Holmes, as pointed out in an interview with Mr Cumberbatch):

This Sherlock seems to have social skills, but just chooses not to use them most of the time. Would you say that's an accurate description of him?

Benedict: Yes. He uses them when it's appropriate to the game. It's part of his armor. What he does do is mercurially slip out of temperament and character to assuage or persuade somebody that they are able to have compassion for one standing in front of him. It may be a widower that he wants to befriend, as a long-lost friend of the man that she's just lost in her life, to gain information about him because he's never heard of him before. It could be about trying to get a little bit of outside work done by flirting with a girl that he knows is attracted to him. There's a cruelty and intention to it all. It is part of what makes him pretty special.

Neal sort of does the kind to be cruel thing, which makes him a bit of a bastard, but Peter wuvs him so much (scrawling glitter pen hearts all over Neal's FBI file, I bet), and if Peter can see the good in Neal, then who am I to argue.

I have noticed that Peter will never put the cuffs on Neal, or the tag. He'll wire him for sound or vision, but he seems to be squeamish about the other stuff. Mind you, grounding Neal for attempted homicide seems to err a bit on the side of sparing the rod, not to mention spoiling the child, but who am I to argue.

Much like that Spencer Tracy flick were were watching where the accused got off, never mind that if the attempted murder charge fell through there were still plenty of charges of property damage, afray and perjury to be considered, but I guess not. That was one deeply Law & Order on a soapbox lecture of a fillum, which we were really only watching because it was set in Art Deco World, but at least the American public took heed of such a worthy film about mob rule and hysteria and justice over revenge because if they hadn't, well, who knows what crazy half arsed wars they might have dragged us into? Ahem.

So yeah, there was a lot of justice versus revenge on the weekend, as well as more art heists, smuggling and naughty Russians. And thank goodness for Russians mobsters, eh? It brings the good old, I mean, bad old Russians back into play. Just drop the 'comrade' and add a few tattoos and Boris is your uncle. Not that you really need to even do that, with all the smershy stuff going on in the daily papers, but I digress. Even Bill Shakespeare knew the value of comedy Russians (cf Love's Labour's Lost).

So there's been some fun and games on tv this week.

Not to mention being up to the entirely fabulous and also exquisitely happy making no matter how bad a day at work Doc and Bart episodes of Maverick. Ah, still my OTP. No matter what I may faffle about others, these boys, every moment is a delight. Last night we had Doc and Bart explain the GFC. No, really, bad mortgages, bank collapses, swindles, scams, the lot. I particularly loved the not so silent partners Doc roped into the venture. Yes, Doc being sneakier and more venal and everything else does tend to make poor Bart his comedy foil, but I don't care if they're going to walk about town, arm in arm, acting naturally. Bwee!

They also had a lot of dutch tilting going on (enough to wonder if the camera didn't need choking up - grin). White Collar's arty vice seems to be forever filming through glass windows and doors. Perhaps its a style signature, but sometimes the reflections get in the way, and it's starting to err on the side of 'okay, I get it, enough now', you know, like the wobbly cam craze of the 90s. I'm not sure if they're just being arty for the sake of arty, filming in tight corners of it its meant to mean something like 'on the outside looking in' or 'through the looking glass' or something to do with surfaces, mirrors, transparencies or some such waffle. Whatever, enough now. Really kinda getting annoying, especially when it completely obscures the actors in what might have been an important scene. In my humble opinion, of course, dear reader.

I mean, I'm sure it's all to the point of giving the show a distinctive style, I just feel, if it obscures the talent, then perhaps style has once more overreached substance. Yes? No? Don't care?

"All people are really interested in is the relationship between John and Sherlock and Moriarty. It's the human element which is what, in the end, lasts. The deduction is thrilling, but it's the moments in between that actually get people." - Mark Gatiss.

Quite right, sir, quite right. (I could probably add something here about dingo's kidneys and music boxes, but I shall show uncharacteristic restraint.)

There was also something about Hawaii Five-0 in EW, which I only have in old fashioned hard copy and can't find via their scuzzy search engine on their site, that said something about being a fan of the original (yeah, right) but then the 'creator/rehasher' went on to say, when doing remakes/homages/ripoffs, one had to love the original show, otherwise you couldn't use the material right, and while I reserve my opinion on 5-0 (ain't seen it yet, original a sacred text), I feel a nodding agreement to the sentiment. You've got to love television to make good television. Those who don't are just making something to fill in between the commercials.

And I know it's just sour grapes from Miss Disgruntled here, but there are some cynical bastards out there making tv shows who shouldn't be allowed near the medium. They have the souls of used car salesmen, if that's not an oxymoron.

My favourite shows, the ones that get watched again and again, even though I don't reference them as often here, are made by folks who love tv (and film and books and comics too).

Speaking of often, apparently the things to do to really get yourself unfriended is to constantly witter on about the same subjects, over and over. Okay, somebody is clearly going to have to pimp me a new fandom. Go on, pimp me.

Meanwhile, where are we, oh yes, Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

And yes, you do get a prize for every DA ref spotted, though mainly I waste them on so called colleagues, such as our recent direction to place information on the website pretty much in a disused file cabinet in a locked lavatory with a sign on the door saying beware of the leopard. We're never going to get a decent Google PageRank with a deliberate policy of confusion and obfuscation, but you try telling management that. Sigh.

TV? Not much. Fell asleep during Sparty-babe, and it's pretty much over for me since I was spoiled good and proper on the fate of my very fave character. I mean, I pretty much knew he was slash-buddy toast from the start, but I had hope, you know? Sigh.

And I did like him so. He reminded me very much of my first ever squee worthy crush. I must have been about five or so, back when I was still living in the H.Valley with my grandparents (my mother didn't just reject me, she sent me hundreds of km away) and he was some sort of family connection (we've been in the valley for 199 years so we're connected to absolutely everyone and yes, you may cue your banjos now) and his name was Jay and he was a tall, blond, gangly surfer dude and omg, to die for. I was in lurrrve. He gave me his old plastic toy soldiers. I still have one, yes, indeed. And that was it, what with me being five and so awful I was exiled and all. But, well, can you say imprinted?

Anyway, the dude on Sparts reminds me of him. It was kinda fun. But all good things, etc etc. (While horrid things, like annoying co-workers, grind on forver).

Other than that? Caught up on S3 Chuck via dvd, now attempting to catch up on S5 Supernatural (finally got S4 down). Yes, I know I'm way behind but with download speeds of 6kps, that's just six, as in six bits from disconnected, it's just going to have to stay that way until somebody does something about the lack of internet in this flyblown country.

Also, been spending nights working on work work, for absolutely no thanks. Why I bother I do not know. So I'm back into disgruntled, disengaged, disenfranchised, discontent, distressed, disconnected mode. Just generally dis.

It has meant though that there's been no time to post lists about British actors or type up notebooks. I'm up to the third or fourth book now, the one that went to the US of A and back. You know, in years to come I'm gonna tell myself that I didn't mind so much that I never got to see stuff I had tickets for. And it's gonna be such a lie, because, I can tell you, I got my heart broke good and proper. There are some pretty sharp comments about young Mr Bomer in the margins, shall we say.

The funny thing is, I think, for a short while anyway, my distress made me, impossibly, write better. At least, I'm enjoying what I'm typing up for, like, the first time ever. Oh yeah, Neal is in six kinds of shit, maybe that's it, but I dunno, it seemed to sharpen the mind as well as the pen (and you'd think my workplace misery would do the same and it used to but I think I'm just numb, dull and stupid with it now, as it's been six years now without relief).

Matty Bomer, good for something, at least. If only he could piss me off again somehow. Shouldn't be too hard, he's done a sterling job so far, confounding boy that he is.

Anyway, just coming to the end of all the stuff I scribbled while on my jaunt (no more jaunts for me, alas). Heh. I think Kiss With a Fist sums it up, pretty much, as to where I left the boys when I had to leave off typing quick smart (just what do they mean getting in before ten am on a Friday?)

Or maybe this is where the boys are at? Eeep.

Still working my way through From Russia With Love (I only get to read it on the bus, and only if I have a proper seat). James, being the perfect English tourist, hates all foreigners, foreign towns and foreign food, and I'd love to regale you with some completely inappropriate passages that'd make even Gene Hunt's hair stand on end, but I'd have my account cancelled so I'll spare you that. James, meanwhile, girded his loins, waded into the local cuisine and ordered...a doner kebab. Much wheezing when I re-read the passage at home. How very exotic (smirk). In his honour, we had kebabs last night, made on the treasured Damascan blades we'd bought and they were brilliant. Yum yum yum.

In other news, I have a proper grown up phone. Well, it's not as proper and grown up as an iphone but as I couldn't really afford this one, it'll have to do. So far I've managed to change it into Indonesian (and quickly re-learnt Indonesian to change it back) and couldn't shut down the browser, import my contacts or change the wallpaper, so I think I'll just leave it alone, for now [pushes phone away from her nervously with the end of a pen]. I think I miss buttons, after all. It just made me feel really old, and you know you're getting old when new toys mae you feel old, clumsy, stupid and inadequate instead of sexy, clever and bright. Sigh.

Udate: Managed to attempt three wallpapers, three ringtones and browse the web and synch up my gmail account. Man, those things are addictive. It's like drop it, Drop It!

And I'm sorry but's very much a case of 'oh lord, won't you buy me a Sony X10. My friends all have iPhones, i must make amends.'

Yeah, I know, but it was the best I could afford and the best I could get in this tin pot little country.

And I know now that I'll never be an iphone person, the same way I know I'll never drive through Paris in a sports car, with the warm wind in my hair.

Nope. People like me don't get to have iphones. Only people like this get to have iphones. And that's just the way it is.

and now I must get back to this F.A.B Thunderbirds doco narrated by Jack Davenport, of all people.

Selamat tinggal.

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