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Oh god, it's like a death in the family. No, it's worse. Family, shamily, this was Tony Curtis, my man, since, god knows, he's always been there. Just the other week were were watching and hooting during The Vikings. I adored him.

Really, truly adored him. This has really hit me hard.

I was going to wallow in a Persuaders-fest on the weekend. I think I still will, only it'll be sadder, and need more chocolate.

That's pretty much it. Work sucks and this week there's been nothing but work (and commuting). Off to bed, no tv or dinner. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be eligible for parole.

Well, I have been soldiering my way through From Russian With Love, on those rare occassions when I get to perch side saddle on those tiny seats (not last night, three buses passed me by and it was hours before I could even get on one to try and get home). I'm halfway through the book and all I've done is sat through everyone's CVs. I mean, do I really need to know about Red Grant's gap year?

So, finally, does the action start yet? Not a bit of it. First Bond has to have breakfast. Described in The Guardian as 'an exercise in prissiness', it is certainly all that. And if you thought the Bond films were one big product placement, take a deep breath and check off the names here as every condiment and eggcup is name checked. One could possibly recreate it, but I'd advise against it. We found the marmalade mentioned (in both Bond and Morse) and tried it and it was bloody awful, at least to our antipodean tastes. As woeful as some of my marmalade batches have been, they've never been as bitter as that. Yikes.

And, my gosh, this book sure has my eyebrow creeping upwards at times. The pages and pages of Mr Grant were one cause, but what really had them pinging off the top of my head was this line: "Bond sat down and looked across into the tranquil, lined sailor's face that he loved, honoured and obeyed."

I mean, I've read some things about Bond and M in my time, but that's actual canon. Oh, you public schoolboys, you.

The other bit that amused that was after Bond gazed lovingly upon M's visage, they proceeded to mock silly secretaries getting all silly over frightful pictures in magazines.

Yeah, who'd do that...OMG! The GQ with Matt in it is here!!! (Which GQ? Which Matt? Both, as it happened).

Ahem, yes. That's me, silly secretary with my frightful magazines.

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