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I wish I'd decided to type up today's entry before I read my mail. I usually try to, lest I read something upsetting, and today I did. I never like it when an actor I like dies, especially if I've slashed their character. It's distressing. Being at work it's just a case of have a cup of tea, suck it up and carry one like nothing's happened.

But I liked him, and I'm very sad.

Before my day turned so bleak I was happily dissing Scott in my LJ. It was an excercise in self control not to dissolve into mirth as the kids sitting behind me on the bus yesterday wrote off Scott as a faggott. They were being cruel, I was merely amused. I can't help it, Scott is just soooo gay, just in the way he's written and acted, in any incarnation you care to mention (book, film, cartoon). Not that's there's anything wrong with that :) The sooner Scott accepts himself the sooner he'll be happier, I hope.

Had a meeting with HR and they said I had to learn to say no, soi I said no last night and bunked off early, wel, early-ish. Got home in time to watch the setting sun and sneak my tamest magpies a few cracker crumbs for a before bed treat.

I wasn't far behind the birds, bedwise (the CF has kicked up again) watching Relic Hunter ripping off the story of the Eureka Stockade (is there nothing the Americans won't appropriate?) then Farscape (still with the pranged ships) and then, setting the tape for Angel, it was fitful dreams.

Nearly slept through my alarm again. Good thing I didn't because I'd mucked up the timer for Sports Night (again) but manage to get it off manually. This is how I know I'm tired, mis-setting the timers and sleeping through my alarm and misplacing my cup and stuff like that. I've decided that if I've filled up a tape with unwatched tv it's been the sort of week where I need to spend a couple of hours on the couch vegetating on the weekend anyway.

Shitty day at work too. I needed my time out chai tea very much so.

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