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This week: Where did the week go? Soon my life will just consist of Mondays, to eventually just become one single Monday entity. Saturday was fun. Three art heists, one spot of computer fraud, and that was before I got anywhere near White Collar which was about...oh well, whatever it was about.

Anyway, yes, Saturday dawned gloriously and while I multitasked there was some cracking telly going on. Art, and almost exclusively pretend post Impressionist pieces, on the Thunderbirds, Hustle and Get Smart.

Hustle I love and adore. Still, after all these years, the plot twists surprise and delight with their switch on a switch on a switch deal. And is it me or does Albert have some form in acquiring pretty young grifters and training them up? Heh.

The episode was a little Robert Vaughn light, but a girl can't have everything. I mean, they didn't deploy Thunderbird 2, either, but I can withold my quibbles - grin.

Get Smart meanwhile was doing the old Mona Lisa con, and if I'd had a shot for every time I'd seen that plot this month I'd be complelely legless. I did get a giggle over the po faced art forgers and the inexplicably bolted on Goldfinger refs. Not to mention poor Larabee. The man does his stake outs hardcore.

Bergerac, with Sir Michael Gambon, no less, was doing computer crime. Big, beige and chunky buttoned 80s computer crime. Now, I know, it's unfair on such shows and usually I just let it pass as 'period drama' retro props, but when it's an episode that tries way too hard to be all Science! and Technology! then I think it's perfectly fair to laugh and point and I was howling and screeching like a monkey. ASCI! 9 pin printers! Monochrome VDUs! Oh, dear, the before times, look at the chunky buttons and the beige, oh, the beige. Anyway, yes. It really was a bog standard Inspector Rex plot where the evil scheming missus was plotting murder instead of just filing papers (because where's the fun in that) but she was foiled by that darn Jersey detective (sans dog).

White Collar. Just watched one (much savour the last few), and weirdly, later that evening it was the Top Gear episode with the Lambos, but that was the only time I ever really saw the cars in action. Dear old White Collar, alas, too poor to put the fancy cars on the road. Well, they did a blockie but it was hardly The Persuaders now, was it. I was dearly hoping for a Persuaders moment, or, at the very least, Hart to Hart (oh, omfg yes, I finally saw that episode of Chuck - bwee!).

I love you dearly, Matt and Tim, I do, so much, but seriously, dudes, if your show has set up the perfect Persuaders/Hart to Hart moment, and then doesn't do it, well, it's pouty pouty arm folding and pursed lips over at the Tumbledown Palace, I can tell you. Harumph.

What I would do to see Peter blow a kiss at Neal as he booms past him in a fancy car, but yes, as I am constantly reminded, it's not that kind of show (darn it). Fortunately, my other shows are, most happily.

So aside from the complete lack of Top Gear/Persuaders/Hart to Hart moments, we did have some charming scenes where Neal competes with another CI, flirts with Peter (despite Peter saying he wasn't tempted, oh, he doth protest too much, that one) and I just loved snippy Neal when Peter wouldn't take him to the art show (a touch too snippy, Matt, just fyi). Oh, my dear boy, I dare say Peter only said no because he knows his attempts at date night are just a fraud (certainly it never went to plan, not that Pete seemed that bothered).

Poor Elizabeth, most understanding cop wife ever. Now I know one of my absolute pet hates is the constantly nagging hero's missus (particularly shrill in the 90s), but I sometimes think they've swung the pendulum a touch too far with Elizabeth and it becomes a bit doormatty after a while. Yes, she has her ow life and interests, but her constant shrugging over her husband's 24/7 obessission with Neal comes across as disengaged disinterest. Come on, Elizabeth, fight for your man!

And seriously, if I had Mozzie over that often I'd be steam cleaning all the couch covers, put that's probably just me and some of the extraordinarily creepy aquaintances I've acquired via the not always quality controlled friend of a friend thing.

Getting back to Neal, there were some nice moments (so we know Neal has car theft on his sheet) and they do use audio cues when Neal goes into con mode (and here I was thinking they'd never be as blantantly obvious as Tenspeed and Brownshoe but I stand sadly corrected) and Matty was just looking mighty fine, as always, and I don't mind the pink shirts (I survived Jude's Aflie period, after all).

And Peter, well, if this was to show Peter in hot shot mode I wasn't really getting it as Neal seemed to steal most of his thunder, but some nice t-shirt work from Tim, nevertheless.

The plot? Oh, something about somebody selling information for some reason. I think. Who cares, look at the pretty.

Chuck? Oh, how to begin? Since I'm going through the whole dvd I can't possibly go through each episode, and you've either seen them or you haven't, but I love this show so much. Some episodes are better than others (and the cheapness shows, but is part of its 80s homage charm) but I am constantly and consistantly delighted and giggling away, if not actually lolling, and unlike most, I don't mind the constant 80s jokes, though if I had a Chuck drinking game for every time a John Hughes films was referenced I'd be completely blotto. It was bad enough trying not to snort all over the ironing during all the Back to The Future references.

I do, however, have a drinking game where I get a shot, or a chocolate, every time Bryce Larkin gets name checked, so there was some payoff there. Dear Bryce.

And yes, I get why they had to kill off Bryce. Clearly Chuck is doing the whole Single White Female thing because he now completely and finally taken over Bryce's life, the life he so bitterly envied and coveted all through series one, for Chuck now has Bryce's girl and Bryce's job and Bryce's lifestyle. Kinda weird, but there it is, and clearly poor Bryce, sexy blue eyed spy god Bryce, could not continue to be allowed to live if Chuck was to achieve this metamorphosis. (I still get the weird sense that Shaw was meant to be Bryce, though, especially as Chuck doesn't fully assume Bryce's life until Shaw is shot, rather than Bryce at the end of S2, but that's just me).

But Bryce is gone, and for the most part, I can get over it. Would I have rather had another season of Bryce than two series of White Collar? Tricky. Get back to me on that one. But I do know I can enjoy Chuck without Bryce. In fact, it's usually when I'm chugging along and they mention him and then I'm all back to missing my blue eyed baby. But thems the breaks, I guess. (They seriously need to clone Matt Bomer, so I could have both Chuck and White Collar).

Okay, three hours later and I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. So I will say I liked last Thursday's Burn Notice, a lot. Possibly because I wasn't attempting to multitask during it (well, not much), mainly because I'd only managed to get home just in time for it (missing Chuck and True Blood. Don't even.)

So watching Burn Notice I was. It was the Burt Reynolds one and even the SMH said everyone seemed to have lifted their game. It was also annoying new guy light (too bad Fiona never wears bras or she could take him out with the underwire, I'm just making a suggestion), which was super fancy bonus points as far as I'm concerned. And Burn Notice? They know how to do a Persuaders style car chase. Oh yes indeedy. Much love. thank you.

I quite enjoyed the episode, I really did. And Michael, scaring the pants (literally) off the Russians - just too fabulous for words. More, please. (I'm still smiling warmly at the complaint by the Russian dude that went something like "He's Michael Westin and there are only four of us"). What can I say, after weeks and weeks of Michael being put down (perhaps rightly) by everyone from his Mother down, well, it was just a nice change of pace to see Michael away from his sad domestic dramas and being the mad, bad dude he used to be (and loving it, the dear boy).

Yes, Michael's lone wolf schtick wears hard on his nearest and dearest and he does need to be reminded of this, but I felt the show has been a bit too naggy lately, and it was just nice to have a break and see Michael living up to his legend once more (though perhaps the overly naggy tone is just me listening to it instead of watching it properly and getting all of the nag and none of the kabooms). Would that had the time to actually watch my favourite shows instead of just nodding to hem once or twice.

So in answer to your question, no, I don't need to see Peter nag Neal over his selfish actions every episode, but it'd be nice to see Neal achieve an awareness of this every onnce in a while, if a narcissistic sociopath ever could acknowledge the effect his actions have on others.

I mean clever Neal for lifting the keys to his gps tag in that episode but we all know it's not for altruistic reasons and he could have totally fucked up Peter and the whole operation if the evil marshall had clocked it. He just never thinks of anyone but himself, even when Peter is in peril (or semi-peril, probably could get out of it by himself peril). (Heh, Neal vs Raylan? I think Neal might not be able to talk his way out of that one, and it would be entirely justifiable, because Neal is a criminal dick, when you get down to it, alas, pretty and charming though he may be).

Michael, on the other hand, will drop everything to help people, even people who annoy him intensely, like Sugar (whom I adore, btw). Not to say Michael isn't an extrordinarily screwed up and single minded person, but he can at least be reasoned with and has a strong sense of social justice, not to mention loyalty.

Sorry, didn't mean to start bagging Neal. It's just that he always follows up being ever so cute and playful with Peter with something that coldly furthers his own agenda, bugger what it'll do to Peter. Which is fine, that's who Neal is, but man, it makes him hard to like at times. Perhaps it's clever that he can think of himself while trying to extract Peter from his problems, but it can come across as calculating. Just a touch. Baby blues ot no baby blues.

Other stuff? Much mayhem in my history docos, catching up (at freaking last) with Supernatural via dvd, and, loving it. I'm still not sold on the whole angel war thing, but whatever. Good thing poor Peter doesn't tear up the way Dean does everytime Evil!Sam betrays him. Heh. It was painful to watch the brothers fall apart the first time, almost too painful, but now it's all over I can watch it at a remove and not care quite so much (as I will no doubt be able to do with WC once it is done and dusted).

Real life? Well today I was hoping for a break in the park, I even dressed for it (though I bet nobody else could possibly tell the difference) but alas it's got that summery pre-storm feeling and I'm in no mood to tempt fate/lightening bolts/a stiff drenching by taking myself and my little paper notepad out under lowering clouds. So the park's orf, luv.

I was also pleased with the dress I bought last week, but, alas and alack, after dodging all manner of cakes and biscuits, I fell off the wagon, big time. First, I was stranded for hours on Thursday (cf no True blood), stranded near my fave Lebanese bread shop/deli/cake shop. Which meant, annoyed, bored and hungry as I was, I bought a tray of baklava. Oh dear (but it was brilliant with coffee).

Worse was to come, with socially obliged celebration pavlova. Though, if life were fair, and it isn't, it wouldn't count, cause it kept me up all night (with the SPN disks on pause). It was like Alien, man. I was actually sore this morning. Damn you, social obligation cake (social obligation outing was oddly nostalgic enough for me to weather it well).

The upshot of all this confession is that you won't be seeing me in that dress anytime soon, darn it. Sigh.

So you see, it doesn't really matter what I think, because I can't fit into my dress, and that's all that counts.

Man, but I'm bored. And annoyed, cause if I've got nothing to do here, I've got plenty I could be doing elsewhere.

Would that I could be typing up White Collar porn, but no. Yes, there are Winchester-y moments in my fic, and I'm sorry about that, but once you throw in sexual jealousy it becomes even more toxic. Oh dear.

Oh look, 4.15ers. So I'm not going to get home to do anything I have to do, either. Such is my life.

Late PM update: I know, you think I'm so mean to lil Matty, but he looks like he's in a good place, and anything I think, it don't matter.

Poor old White Collar, though. I swear, if they really decide to take a leaf out of Roger Moore's book, you know, Maverick, the Saint, Persuaders, they'd go and pick Octopussy and they wouldn't know any better. The poor poppets.

It is so clear that none of the writers grew up with stuff, and you really, really have to. It's like some people get paid to write Dr Who, but only some of them get it. Like Mr Moffat, they grew up with it. Its in their bones, their dreams, its part of who they are and how they see the world.

And Chuck, they might mine the 80s a little too freely, but it's done with deepest love and affection (and besides, even Heston's Feasts referenced Back to the Future this week).

It's like anyone can do a Bond knock off film, but precious few can do it well (and yes, MGM, I am even looking at you). Ya gotta love it. Ya gotta know it. You've got to have it under your skin and deep in your heart. otherwise, you're just fakking it.

Ah, Neal. How ironic that he's like totally fake. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, everything's fake these days).

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