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Hey ho. You should have seen the very dramatic clouds this morning. That's all they were though, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, ie they've buggered off with nary a drop for the garden. Worthy of a painting or a photograph though. Too bad I can manage neither.

Which is why I'm now about to dump further on other people's art. Because those who really, really can't, blog.

Cause I realised at the bus stop this morning I'd entirely dismissed, re White Collar, Neal's evil dead girlfriend from the equation. Hard to care when she appears to be largely a creation of Neal's own romantic and impractical imagination (and now she's dead it'll be impossible for Peter to ever convince Neal otherwise) and it's hard to understand the time and resources being spent on avenging her death when she sounds like a thoroughly nasty piece of work that Neal is well shot of, but try convincing him of that, either.

Kate does seem to have been calling all the shots, though. All of them. Including setting up her own fake death (oh, snap, WC, that exactly what I'd guessed in my ficcy). Interesting, that seems to be Neal's type, the bossy, bitchy, dangerous women. Oh, Neal, you sub, you. He does appear to enjoy being dominated, though he would no doubt call it being challenged.

See? This is where Peter is going wrong. He's way too easy on Neal. Maybe that's why Neal is alway's pushing Peter, he wants to feel the firm hand of the FBI coming down hard on him.

And I'm going to stop right there, I think. But yeah, it's hard to see Neal ever as a true criminal mastermind. He likes to be dominated just a little too much for that (he certainly seems to defer to others, though he probably calls it delegating). Oh Neal, you crazy kid. Peter should get out the handcuffs more often - grin., hot water bottle, doubled over and at work = not happy. Wish I was at home with some shiny silver tv treats to watch (and a bottle of Glenfiddich). Ah, but what? Well, there's some emergency Matty lying in reserve, or maybe something a little more light, cause I'm so not up to watching the end of Pacific, which is still waiting for me. No wrist slitting tv this week, I feel.

Oh, and I'm sorry I jumped the gun on the WC finale, cause the flist wasn't so spoilery as all that, not even the icons, which are usually the worst (still frowning at LOM fandom for that one, and it was a biggie). Nor was the press that bad. Unlike being casually and extremely spoiled for Ashes to Ashes and True Blood in articles that had nothing to do with either show yet just casually dropped the spoiler carnage into the conversation, as in, you know, when X did Y. Well, thanks. Thanks a million. Hey, we've just got Deadwood, don't tell me how that ends.

And they wonder why Australians are fiends for wickedly getting their hands on fresh telly in ways they really shouldn't. Well, between being treated with such disgraceful disregard by the local stations (and ISPs) who will hang onto shows for years/decades/centuries before screening them, if at all, spotty dvd releases, no services like Hulu, and loose internet lips sinking ships, what choice is there if we want to suck any semblance of a spontaneous viewing experience from the wretched things?

So yo ho ho it is, I guess. Not that I would ever, because that would be wrong. It just seems so unfair. I mean, the only show I get to watch sans spoilers right now is Spirited, and none of youse has seen it so there's no one, but no one, to gush over Henry with.

And that's a great pity because, well, Henry is just wonderful, and, getting into it it's really starting to hit its straps. Yes, a bit wobbly at the start, not one of those shows that hit the ground running, but I really liked the third episode, even more on repeat.

Take the cheese scene. In a gesture to make up for a previous spat, Suzy has bought some fancy cheese for cheese-o-phile Henry, and, as Henry can no longer partake of sensual delights, he watches vicariously as Suzy tastes the cheese for him. It is the most gentle, hands off, Jane Austeny romantic little scene and I just adored it.

We learn so much more than the fact that Henry likes his cheese. Hell, we learn about Suzy's teenaged experimentation, but we also learn that Suzy isn't used to opening herself up to new experiences for fear of rebuke, and that Henry is a far more gentle, kind, poetic renaissance man than his legacy as a hard partying punk rocker might initially indicate. It's a wonderfully sweet moment where the two characters share, bond and experience.

So why don't we have scenes like in White Collar? Just a sweet, hands off, quiet little scene of sharing and understanding. One that had nothing to do with the case but just, maybe, Neal explaining/demonstrating why he likes the finer things in life (like Henry I assume he's a sensualist). If Neal could ever manage it as sweetly as Henry did, without bragging, just wanting to share his passions. Of course, if Peter wanted to share a similar story as Suzy's, I wouldn't mind, either. Not at all.

Heh, when I just mentioned Neal bragging then I suddenly thought, yes, at times he can be like a crass red braced bollied up banker and I knew, I suddenly knew exactly which gentlemen were causing me to keep viewing Neal as an arrogant undeserving little twerp who, with any luck, will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. Oh yes, those British, posh and complete Thatcherite infantalised public school wankers. Oh well, that's it, but it doesn't solve the problem. Neal keeps behaving to type, and I really don't like that type. Oh dear. Oh well.

That said, ever notice how Faustian Neal can be? He doesn't share experiences or invite Peter in the way Henry does with Suzy (and Henry is dead, so what's Neal's excuse?). Neal tends to throw it out there like a salesman, goading Peter to try it, just this once, corrupting him, piece by piece. Last series, to my constant amusement, Neal was really pushing thoughts of adultery Peter's way, from the very first episode to babes, babes and more babes. Getting precious little traction there our blue eyed Mephistopheles has moved onto fast cars, but I'm not sure if he's tried subtler, more sensual means such as fine clothes, food or wine. Nevertheless, there's a lot of temptation being put in Peter's path.

Is this Neal's idea of sharing, because, honestly, it looks more like baiting a trap than a gentle, seductive, sensual experience. Like the moment Peter tastes, or the more he tastes, he'll fall, or be beholden to Neal, or something. Neal is always playing an angle, always playing Peter. I don't trust him, Peter doesn't trust him, and I think that barrier is a real block against making the relationship between Peter and Neal something I can believe in, invest in, and geunuinely enjoy experiencing.

Peter needs to go buy some cheese. Seriously.

And if he could bitch slap Neal into understanding that he dodged a bullet re the bitch from hell, that would be good, too.

But I guess not. It ain't that kind of show. It's an 80s style bit o'fluff, and most times, that's fine. But I think they're missing an opportunity here. There are so many things they could do with Neal. I guess that's what's fan fic is for. If you ain't gonna use these plots and characters, do you mind if I borrow them for a while?

Not that ficcy Neal has reformed in any way. After all the stuff he's put Peter through thus far, his ethos is still 'don't get caught' instead of 'don't do anything that would annoy or upset Peter'. It falls to Peter to invoke a Marge Simpson level of stoicism in the face of his wayward boy. I guess that's love.

PS. I take it back about the clouds. It is pissing down.

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