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From the Just Too Cute newsdesk comes this pic of the White Collar boys on the Today show (more here, and the boys at the prom, here). Then the good old Seattle PI waxes lyrical about the charming leads on the show. And I think to myself, there is clearly some other version of White Collar that I am just not seeing.

Either that or the numerous annoying side characters are distorting the show out of all proportion. But that's what happens when they populate the cast with actors I've loathed for years/decades. It's like a dirty fingerprint on the screen, like that's all you can see.

So it's either that or there's some crazy slashy version of White Collar out there that I don't know about. Sigh.

That said, I still think WC needs to seriously lift its game. It's like I have to sit there and actually will myself to enjoy it at times. And the clumsy writing, please.

Like last night. We were talking costume parties (no, I've not got an invitation, I never get an invitation, don't go there) and I was saying if it was an Asian theme (and if I ever got an invite this lifetime) I'd probably have to see if I could get one of those x-large Sailor Moon outfits like in that bit in Leverage ("Did you go to the wrong address?") which was just a throw away visual gag but we giggled and giggled and giggled some more over the memory of it.

We never do that with White Collar. The best they could manage was a lame "Sunnydale" ref as a password, and they thought they were so clever, too.'s not a big bear of a guy in a Sailor Moon costume, now, is it, therefore, it's not the least bit funny or sly. Sigh. White Collar, it tries, but it just doesn't quite get there.

Damn, I wish I could see this big ol' bromance version. Maybe there's a special dvd edition. That must be it.

In other news, the Guardian issued for a Doyle trashing missive (but since I'm a Bodie gal, I was fine with it). I was amused by this line:
"Downing a shot of whisky in order to emphasise a point is also something you don't see enough of any more."

Clearly they hadn't seen Deadwood the previous night. Much whisky punctuation going on there. Yeah, I actually got to see most of Deadwood for once. I was tuning in just for Olyphant perving opportunities, but I find myself sucked into the plot even more so now, especially since I've been wallowing in tv westerns of late, so I know the form, the characters, the tropes, the stories, etc. I think this is the most I've ever enjoyed watching Deadwood. I'm getting so much more out of it this time around.

Sadly, I had to work on work work all through Supernatural, and the pain of having to miss the hot guys on telly was not lost on me. So sad that my home PC goes to the work sites first before any fansites in my favourites list. Pout.

True Blood? I loved. It's silly and campy and way over the top, and it was just what I wanted this week. And Grant Bowler? That was a revelation - literally. When I heard Grant Bowler was in it I figured it must be some uppity Yank calling himself Grant Bowler, because surely they didn't mean TV's Grant Bowler, but surely they did. The boy from Blue Heelers is now playing a naked nazi bikie werewolf. Life is wonderful.

True Blood also dished up James Frain (whom I do adore, despite his rude and nutjobby fans) and Alex togged out as an SS officer. Oh dear, because as Alex is both tall and blond he does get a bit of the old Nazi work, and he looks damn fine, every time. It's so very wrong, yet there he is, Mr Sexy Undead Nazi, 1940, or whenever it was set. And I just loved the seen where he paced up and down on the veranda with Sookie. Such a simmering undercurrent, such a divine creature clearly at war with himself. Oh my. Why, Mr Northman, won't you plese come in?

The other show I really watched this week was also supernatural of theme. Yes, I actually watched an Australian show, and yes, it was painfully clunky in parts and I had to will myself through some of the duller scenes and many of the annoying secondary characters just to get to the good stuff, the chemistry between the two leads.

Well, I just wanted to watch Henry, to be honest. I fell in love with Henry, just from seeing the ads, and he didn't disappoint.

Okay, Spirited is that extraordinarily rare beast, an Australian tv show that doesn't involve cops or doctors (or, indeed, cooking), so it mut be supported. It was also created by Claudia Karvan, who must be supported. But aside from that, I just dug the initial conceit, as it's pretty just The Ghost and Mrs Muir, updated, with the ghost being an English rock star of yore. Henry.

I adore Henry (oh, and bonus points for starting off with The Saints's I'm Stranded. Oh yeah). Henry is, well, he's pretty much Spike, and clearly certain women of a certain age have imprintted on that particular trope, which probably explains the instant infatuation. But there is much to like about Henry, especially his near instantaeous connection, friendship and protectiveness of Suzy. He's her brand new invisible BFF, and, ironically (underlined, in the show) the only 'real' friend/relationship she has.

Oh, and if you think they overegged it with the husband, no. A lot of folkks have been laughing, nodding, and impossibly knowing Australian men even more boorish, if that could be in anyway possible (sadly, yes). And the wicked fake friends who dumped her, so been there. Poor, determined, midlife crisis Suzy.

But yeah, it's a sweet show, let down by the budget and some of the supporting cast, but overall, I liked it very much and wish it well, and I just adore Henry. The actor playing him is really good, too, as he covers up for a lack of SFX, like falling out of the back of the car, with some good old fashioned acting. Yay Matt.

So yes, I will be watching Spirited unless it gets really annoying or weird, but, with such a short season, hopefully the chances of that are less.

Chuck? Kinda fun. Burn Notice? Kinda boring (either it was late and I was overtired and had a headache, all true, or it was another episode that seemed very same old, same old).

Real life? I've had a fic scribbling, telly watching impeding headache all week, but I did do somethihng very proactive and almost won an argument with my boss (bollock me all you want, I still got a result).

PM update: curioser and curioser. If nothing else, my sudden burst of proactive has netted me mandarins and chocolate crackles. I shall be kindly and grateful (and not leap up shouting "Aha! Guilty conscience!". Absolutely not. Most unseemly).

Travel travails. The new bus routes etc, the craptastic timetable, etc, etc. The best bit, though, was when, about 2/3 of the way through the journey, the bus pulls over, the driver snaps off the engine, plunging us into pitch blackness and just walks off. So we wait and wait and wait in the dark and cold and I swear we're just about to start a chorus of Kumbaya when another bus driver finally appears, switches the bus back on, and off we go again. I'm not at all sure that shift change was safe or within regulations but there you are, life in a third world country. Harumph.

Oh, and I forgot to tell Himself that Mr Whedon was going to be on the radio. I am a bad, bad person. Still, I never thought I'd ever hear Dr Horrible on Triplej, but I did.

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