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Friday: All in all this has been a better Anzac Day than they usually are. Okay yes, so the other boot did drop in the form of being given a picture at 3.30 pm and being told to turn it into a working web site with bells and whistles by start of business on Monday, which means the bulk of my public holiday will, again, be devoted to unpaid overtime.

Usually when one is issued with such a whacky challenge it's a reality show and there are prizes involved. I guess the prize is whether or not I get to keep my job if I deliver on time.

I stayed back an extra, extra two hours on top of my 14 hour day to finish my fic, finally biting the bullet, ahem, to write the gun fight in my tea break while I awaited further abuses from the Marketing Dept and I stayed back even later still to try and proof it with bleary eyes and then, when I got home, it took me three goes to upload it.

I missed Charmed but for a few snatches at the end and I had my dinner during SVU. Yummy pasta. I'm not supposed to have pasta but on a cold wet flogged like a dead horse night I want my comfort food, dammit.

This morning I woke up to the Charmed marathon, which makes up for last night and I was enjoying myself more than I should with chocolate and sugary telly.

I went to get a cup of tea and fix up my fic and found my ISP off the air entirely (not even their phone was connected) and I endured several very uncomfortable hours reeling through the worst possible most terribly timed scenarios. Say what you will about Charmed but their upbeat cheeriness was a comfort as I imagined my site wiped again, just after I'd finally uploaded another fic, again.

Fortunately it was back again later that afternoon. Well, my site was, at least. My mail was still MIA but I had some nice feedback re fic over at my yahoo account so I could breathe again and the compliment on my dashed off in a teabreak gunfight made me feel like celebrating enough to allow myself a special, expensive tea bag.

Switched over to Buffy although it's S5. Hearing about the last Buffy ep wrapping this week I didn't much care one way or the other but halfway through this episode I suddenly realised I'd be facing life without Buffy, and it'd be scary and new.

After Dad died and my life was in ruins Buffy and Stargate were just about the only things to get me from one week to the next. The Scoobies were my friends long after my real life friends had deserted me (like cockroaches scuttling away from the kitchen light). I loved BtVS, I loved it dearly, right up until The Body, which I will never forgive. I saw it live in America, with no warning, and it had me throwing up in my friend's bathroom all night from long repressed shock. I was so shaking and upset that the earthquake the next day (6.7) was nothing, absolutely nothing, like the amount of thought you give to wiping your hands nothing(unless of course you're obessive compulsive). If my friends thought the quake left me shaken and stirred they'd be greatly mistaken. That honour went to Mr Whedon (though I still remember the sound of all the china in the shop next door smashing to the floor, the missing birds down by the docks, the weird smells - but hey, it was America, it all smelt weird - and the sound of the Needle wobbling back and forth that they played over and over on the news that night). Trust me though, it was nothing compared to the upsets watching The Body caused me.

Never forgave the show for that, but I'll miss it. I suddenly realised I'd miss it a lot. Why did this only just occur to me today?

Because it's my Dad's birthday and in spite of evil bosses and vanishing ISPs I've yet to meltdown, I've survived it okay.

So blessed be the Charmed Ones. They were there for me today, and I appreciate it. Besides, it's not a bad show if one regards it like any Spelling show, as a glass half empty thing, ie when it's good, really good, one is plesantly surprised.

Oh, I was actually allowed to feed the birds today, the leftover turkey no less. I haven't been allowed to feed the birds any more for weeks now but I hadn't really had time to be bothered about it until a friend thought it was so mean because feeding the birds is one of the few tiny pleasures I have in my life, like I used to have a garden, like I never get to watch dvds uninterupted. As another friend is fond of saying: we can't always get what we want.

Whoops, spoke too soon re horrible day and tears before bedtime. I must remember that when people make promises to me they are just filling up the air with word sounds and it means nothing. Of vcourse I must not assume it works both ways because woe betide me if I don't deliver on my word to the second and the very letter.

I hate my life. Happy now?

Just saw the trailer for the SWAT movie. Nothing I love more than guys running around with guns yelling go! go! go! Well, it was my favourite show as a kid. I'm sure the film will be a blasphemous travesty but at least it has Colin Farrell in it, the spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

Saturday: The Charmed marathon is replaced by a Bewitched marathon and it's an opportunity to compare then (Samantha hiding her true nature to conform) and now (the Halliwell sisters hiding their true natures to conform). Sure the Halliwell girls are a bit more 'this is who I am, deal with it' but no guys will, aside from Leo and Cole who don't count, being their own kind, as such. So the choices are, and remian: be true to oneself and die an embittered spinster like Prue (and me) or subjugate your entire sense of self entirely to that of your man, like Sam (and my friends). It's still just so gruesome and no real choice at all. Girl power is still a curse, still something to be feared, shackled or destroyed.

Okay, feminist rant over, but it is depressing.

As I'd not been able to get into the city in the last month due to my evil overlords chaining me to my desk I decided to go in on Saturday, especially as my errands had piled up into more than could be accomplished in an hour or two.

So I decided to kill all my birds with one stone and go and see The Two Emperors exhibit, which featured some nice odds and ends from the Qin and Han dynasties and a handful of the entombed terracotta warriors. Someone wanted to know why I'd bother just to go and see a just couple of the tomb guys, but as it seems I'll never ever get to China I decided I'd take the couple offered up here, thanks. It's better than nothing and they were magnificent. I absolutely loved the minature calvary, too.

I really wanted to see this because I remember going to see a similiar but larger exhibit with my Dad a long time ago. I swear it was in the 70s, which is pretty incredible considering the soldiers were only discovered in '74 and we were still diplomatically estranged from China in '76 but it had to have been the 70s because after 1980 I was diplomatically estranged from my Dad, for no other reason than the medications which they put him on which destroyed him. People whining and seeking apologies for this and that make me sick - I have only a child's memory of my father because he was destroyed by medical mismanagement and he was gone for over half my life and no one has ever apologised to me, even though his so called Dr was found criminally negligent by Royal Commission no less. No, no apology for me (and certainly no compensation). Just a 'shut the fuck up', 'I'm sick of your problems', 'pull your socks up', 'deal with it' and 'get over it'.

So everyone else can just shut up and get over their little dramas too, but they never do. One law for them, nothing for me.

But I digress. I loved the faces on the terracotta guys, some cruel, some serene. Such personality in each face, more personality in each piece of moulded clay than most actors these days, but never mind.

So after that I ran around in circles getting most of what needed done and then it was on a bus and (after a lengthy journey) home.

I tried feeding the birds but both magpies and I were set upon by a swishing and swatting broom so it was back up to my cell, I mean roo for tv. Angel - the first Wesley episode, Andromeda and Smallville.

Ah, Smallville. Cut to pieces as it was there was something for everyone and some major Clark/Lex slipped by the censor's scissors this week, as Clark dumped Lana and in the very next scene (in our version anyway) he and Lex are planning to run away and live in Lex's penthouse in Metropolis together. Damn, there goes my fic, though there was much squealing in disbelief and delight in the moment. It was the bad boy Clark episode, and it ws big cheesy fun.

Ha! Summoned by thought: ABC - The Look of Love.

Superfriends! Now that's more like it, and more red kryptonite, too. :)

Stargate: the lil orphan Danny one, aka the Gamekeeper. First off, big been there to the gardens. This one starts off rather well and you think it's going to be Groundhog Day, but then Howling Mad Murdoch shows up and it devolves into camp, complete with the chase at the end which would not be out of place in an episode of Scooby Doo. Oh well, some nice Jack & Daniel work here, with meaningful looks and finishing each other's sentences - awww.

Sunday: The last two days had kicked my chronic fatigue into overdrive, so I slept in to wake to a very wet day complete with thunderstorms so while I was excused from outside jobs there was no internet or dvd watching to be had, either. Caught up on a week's worth of papers and tv. Boomtown I just adored again. Okay, yes, brought to you by the temperance league but my boys were just wonderful to watch and there was some champagne Ray as he tried to pull over a drunk. Enterprise - why am I still taping this? Each week it just gets worse. After Enterprise I was back into gritty cops again with Homicide on Arena. Caught some horrible legal series that ran overtime before it, it looked like Touched by a John Boy Walton and concerned evil developers trying to shut down a homeless shelter on Xmas eve (gag, and please save me from evangelical US telly) and I noticed Chris Judge as the pugilistic priest (no cliche left unturned). Shame, Chris, shame.

At least Homicide was a breath of old but refreshing tv air. After Homicide I tried to read a few comics, none of which I could really concentrate on and I kept getting interupted. You know you're in bad shape when you have trouble reading comics. Oh dear.

So it was dinner, washing up, Ian Wright, Frontier House and Don't Say a Word. I'd wanted to see this but it never played near me, nor did the video shop get it in, but here it was on cable at last, yay and my, what a big role Sean had in it. I'd thought he was just in the beginning and end and so I'd not moved heaven and earth to track it down but no, there he was, being all ruthless and evil (which he does soooo well) all through the piece so I was very happy. Yeah, of course he bought it in the end as evil never goes unpunished in American films, but he was so delightfully sociopathic. Those mean green eyes, swoon. I'll have to watch this one again if it ever repeats at a convenient hour.

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