mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

I Grock Spock

Bro just replied in response to what the Brits are going to do when they run out of ships for their convicts, like last time: "Well, the Coogee Bay Hotel DOES need new bar staff
from time to time..."


Cheered up now, though deadline looms alarmingly. I'm just not going to get it done in time. Anyways, just had a lovely email from San Francisco. Did I mention I was sent beads? I love beads and these ones are supreme beads. Oh yeah, always a sucker for beads. Anything new and shiny, probably. Viz Borders and Starbucks. As much as I rail against globalisation, I'm like a pig wallowing in muck as far as Borders is concerned, and we all know about my Starbucks addiction (I swear they put something in it to make you crave it fortnightly, to quote M. Myers). At least I don't have to go all the way to America for the goodies any more J

Just listening to an interview with the artist Shag, whose stuff I really like. He mentioned just adoring the Bond films and the title sequence for The Man With The Golden Arm. Oh yeah, baby, yeah. I like Charade, too. He says he likes narrative in his art, which neatly sums up what I want in my art too. Narrative. Oooh, now they're playing Tom Waits. Yummy. and I've finally managed to get a cup of Chai. I might not get the report done on time but I'm feeling much more mellow J

Oh dear lord, now they're playing Bohemian Rhapsody. How is one supposed to listen to that on the tiny earphone practically secreted in my clothing and pretend like nothing's going on? It was just voted Britain's favourite single of all time. At least Queen knowcked off The Beatles. Take that, Baby Boomers - snicker. Was reading how garage music is back again in the Herald. Yay. There were also two pieces on sci fi films. Apparently that Indie film Ewan did out here, Send in The Clowns or whatever it's called is being rated as better than Phantom Menance but that not meaning terribly much. I was sniffing to myself, again, how I wasn't a sci fi nerd, and then promptly giggled over an email from a friend about Dominar Rygel the 16th, not to mention another friend squicking me with her suggestion of Yoda using the Jedi mind trick to pull birds. Oh hell, I am so the sci fi nerd. Where do I pick up my Spock ears?



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