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Thurs: The house boy is attempting a Roman dish tonight. Yes, more Italian (just finished off a magnificent lasagne) but this time he's attempting something from Apicius that he saw on telly. He's ground up all the herbs already and had them in a jar. It smelt...wonderful.

I think it'll be much better for us, too, than the piss-taking straight out of a packet 70s repaste that was whipped up last Saturday as a giggle. That's the problem with being children of the 70s. What we ate was so bad, so entirely composed of fifteen syllable chemical compounds, so when we have nostalgia childhood treats we just know we're doing ourselves no good. But still, instant pudding....mmmm....

Fri: So, the Roman dish, you want to know how it turned out? Quite well. The house boy worked on it all day in various stages. It was a very spicy pork and apricot sort of tagine stovies stew thing, but it was really nice and oh boy, was it spicy, so many spices they just tingled on the tongue. I'm not used to having food with so many flavours going on (sad but true, behold the result of a western diet) but it rocked, and we're having the leftovers tonight.

Yes, the house boy has been watching the Supersizers and has been inspired to finally dip into those odd cookbooks I've been carrying back in my luggage over the years, bar the one I bought in upstate New York which never made it home (everything I posted home that day was stolen or damaged to my eternal chagrin) and I remain gutted as it had a whole chapter on varmits.

Oh, bad news. Remember those kangaroos I thought were so lovely that I spied from the train? Well, they're all dead, killed to make way for more McMansions. Sucks.

Trapped kangaroos culled in west

Sorry if that upsets anyone but I felt you deserved an update in the interests of honesty and transparency. Yeah, I'm kind of a bit upset myself, because they were wonderful to see. Alas, this town is run by men who declare that if you want to see a tree you can open a book. No, really, actual quote.

Oh, I had to make all the bookings for Himself's conference (being the only one with means to do so currently) and I was very nervous as Himself is very, very particular about such things but the location and price met all his requirements and he was most satisfied so phew! (bonus points for booking somewhere close to chocolates and trams). I'm gonna count that as a run on the board since I have so little to show for myself this week (I thought I got a win at work, having finally nursed a long limping but important project over the finish line but they marked me as 'could do better' - sigh).

Work has completely sidelined me (and yet it's way, way, way too open plan here to dare crack open the fic, so it's doubly distressing) but I had an envelope finally arrive from parts north yesterday and despite Australia Post taking the boldly typed legend "Photographs do not bend" as a challenge rather than direction, it's flattening out twixt the Cubists and Impressionists catalogues and it cheered me up no end. Cheered me up more than it should, but sometimes a girl needs a bit of sugar (and yes, I bought it before the poo hit the proverbial).

It really did cheer me up as I was mighty miserable but I went home early (well, on time, actually, but we'll call it early) and wallowed in tv treats in the form of Dr Who (Tooth and Claw), Maverick, Chuck and The Tudors.

Well, as much as I may be on the Matt Smith bus, it's still fun to wallow in some classic Tennant and Tooth and Claw is a good 'un, even if it does suffer from some fairly big logic holes, it's the usual RTD, don't think, just watch them run fluff, but, what a welcome treat after a miserable day. A nice hot cuppa, a biscuit and Dr Who. Works for me.

Then there was Maverick, not the best episode, but James Garner is so darn likeable I can forgive him almost anything, and it was a fine and dandy middling episode with a dastardly femme fatale jewel thief, and aren't they all? (Btw, I swear I saw Neal do a classic Bart Maverick 'I have a cunning plan' smile in a trailer, but maybe I just had my Maverick goggles on).

Next up, Chuck, which I've learnt I can still enjoy very much even sans Bryce Larkin. This week we had Vinnie Jones popping in as an arms dealer. The plot was very slight, with the macguffin being very much secondary to the romantic entanglements of the characters. But it was sweet and fun and I'm afraid they've turned me into a diehard Chuck/Sarah shipper so there was much to please in this episode as Chuck tried to explain himself. It was pretty much Persuasion only with the gender roles reversed, and guns.

The Tooders, second last episode and thank goodness for that for I'm not sure I could have stood more of JRM doing his 'old' acting. It was like panto bad (and, weirdly, he sounds much more Irish when he does so). It's getting so that I can't tell whether the wind is favouring catholics or protestants (though it did gladden my dark Calvinist heart to see the bishops as wicked arch villains torturing poor, virtuous protestant hertics, oooh, spot the bias), not that that's getting resolved any time soon (just ask Ireland). And Mr Cavill, with the poodle hair. A crime against man and nature. It pained me to watch it.

So I got a bit bored and dipped into the dvd collection. I shan't bore you again with what I watched, but, funnily enough, they played this song on Triplej this morning and it was exactly the song I was humming as I watched it (even if they must inflict annoying comedy characters on me). What can I say, I was suddenly and mysteriously much happier with the show than in days past (even the fic has gone temporarily upbeat).

Turtles- Happy Together

Welp, back to being sidelined and ignored at work. If I didn't have my brain permanently switched to White Collar, the sadly entirely imaginary HBO edition, I'd go mad.

And seriously, the White Collar folks need to hire me to be their on set stills photographer, because while I may be rubbish, I'm way better than their well meaning Twitter efforts (and I can byo cheap cameras). Honestly, I'm looking for a career change, and I know, just this once, I couldn't do any worse.

Actually, it's not too bad today (thus far). A whole load of folks seem to have taken today off and there just aren't enough bodies around to manage an effective social exclusion. And there was a guy juggling in the park, and I just love randomness like that. And I actually had lunch. Very wicked I know, but it's quiet and it's the first day in months that I've felt relaxed enough to actually swallow anything. And on that note, I shall bid you adieu.

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