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Tues: I'm still perusing all the Comic Con palava, and I must say, I'm kinda missing Supernatural right now. The boys look so cute. Damn you, show, where for art thou? (Certainly not in the Channel Ten schedule, that's fer sure). Oh yes, thoroughly spoiled now, but it was worth it for the pretty. Pretty pretty.

And please, please, I beg of you, promise me the arc that just about killed the show for me is over. I miss the monster-of-the-week episodes (back when it was like Nightstalker, only with hot guys, no offence to Mr McGavin). But really, coming to the vamp party a little late now, surely? It's gonna be like so last year when the series screens, surely? And, I have to say, for a show called Supernatural, missing the whole vampire bandwagon is kinda smack in the face stupid, but that's just my thoughts on the matter. Never mind, if I can sit, grinding my teeth, through the heaven/hell arc for my boys, I reckon I can sit through just about anything (but don't test me on that, show).

And really, the Campbells? Do I seriously have to stop watching this show now on account of they who should not be named? Typical of American tv writers, though, not even knowing that the C word still raises hackles in some quarters. Oh well. One network went and called a major character Peter Burke, so clearly they're quite fearless in this regard (ie names that carry extra textual meaning in places that aren't the United States, and didn't they used to have people who checked that?).

Well, I've tossed away everything else, why not clan loyalty. I'll be watchin' them feelthy Campbells, if I ever get hold of S5, somehow.

Though it does bemuse me. Dad wouldn't even let Campbell's soup in the house. What would he say to the Warholian fridge magnet adorning the fridge (thank you, SAM), albeit in the bottom right corner. Because, you know, the C word, man. Oh dear.

Oh, I hope I haven't offended any Campbells out there, cause, you know, some of my best friends are Campbells, well, co-workers, at least, she says, in modulated PC tones. Heh.

Wed: Happily, since I was of a mood to wallow in Winchesters, they were playing Supernatural on Fox8 last night, and an episode I must have worked through before as I only remembered bits, so it was like a new episode, in a way. Though I had to stay up to watch the repeat because I was still typing away last night. Finished another notebook, but I swear there are scenes I remember actually writing that I can't find. I hate it when that happens. I guess I'll just have to slap together a reconstruction. Sigh.

But yes, Winchester, giant bi-polar Teddy Bears, Joxter, much silliness ensuing, in between Dean's rare refusal to squeeze out the emo tears. He looked weirdly, most unnaturally and almost disturbingly dry eyed during the big woe is me moments with Sam. Still, it was nice to see Sam showing natural and affectionate brotherly concern for Dean instead of being consumed by his own shit as he usually is. It was very, very silly episode, almost cringeworthy at times, but saved by some highlighty moments, mainly just the boys being sarky and sharing looks, especially when tracking the teddy bear's booze and porn binge. And was the teddy meant to mirror Dean that much, or was it just coincidence that they were both on booze, porn and woe is me trips (much like my weekend, hi guys).

And despite going miles and miles and miles out of my way to a Borders for no good reason (though I did appreciate the casual admission that they had no clue about their orders and that what arrived was pretty much pot luck, at least, instead of the usual spin which drives me up the wall) because I found a pretty blue tea cup in a shop and I know I shouldn't because I'm going to be rummaging through my coat pockets for bus fare soon if I don't get paid asap, but I needed a treat.

And a reward because I sat through my two hour bollocking smiling and nodding and telling myself over and over to be Sophie and not Parker or Eliot. See, Leverage can be instructional. Not to say that my inner Eliot won't be kicking a hole in a wall later, but just for now, smile and nod, smile and nod. I was so proud of myself.

Of course today I was trying to be nice to the new temp and just came across as Parker scary, but, well, I tried. I've got no idea about this social interaction thing, and never will have, at this stage. Sigh. (You should see the house, two aspies living together. I swear we are one stop off measuring out cup placements on the shelf with a ruler and timed bathroom visits).
Although, probably just as well, that I suck at talking to people. Because I wonder at times why I'm so down on Neal, being myself from a long, long, omg, long line of grifters, con men, thieves and cut throats and basically dodgy badasses but maybe it's just me sitting there, arms crossed and harumphing and thinking he's not all that (like the way I wanted to do woodwork but wasn't allowed because it was only for boys, without ever knowing one side of the family were once master cabinet makers or whatever they were called, making stuff for Balmoral, no less). I know that I scare myself sometimes if I do turn it on, but happily I got the dumpy brunette genes instead of the tall skinny blonde genes so the world is safe from my sociopathy. I just get to sit in a corner and harumph. Which, usually, suits me just fine.

But yeah, I was giddy happy yesterday because I'd survived my bollocking with shreds of dignity intact and I'd seen off another hotwater bottle session. And it was bad tempered this time because I'd pretty much crossed my legs the whole time I was down in Melbourne and, like George's werewolf, it doesn't like being denied. Hence the cranky, crappy blog posts.

And how much do I love Being Human? It can be clumsy at times, but it also manages to have me laughing out loud or on the verge of tears at times. And Ivan? Oh, I loved Ivan. That last bit where he instantly brightens and demands to know why Mitchell hadn't told him this big favour was for love. Oh, I adored suave, cynical, hopelessly romantic Ivan. He shoulda had his own show, totally.

Why is it that I prefer embracing the lifestyle vamps as opposed to woe is me hair shirt vamps? Because they're more fun, obviously, than the constantly whining, evangelical abstainers. And if this is so, why do I not love Neal Caffrey more (who is pretty much a daylight vampire, when you think about it, in turns of sociopathy and romanticism and transgression)?

I dunno, maybe it's the way Neal keeps so much of himself (and what he's up to) back from Peter (even though Peter is now doing the same, to my distress, because that's not going to end well, is it?). It sort of feels like a betrayal of sorts, which is clearly a big red button for me, I guess. I don't like it when George or Mitchell lie to each other, either. And I loved Ivan. He was always deliciously, almost viciously honest with Mitchell. It made Ivan look like the only functioning adult of the piece. Oh Ivan. I loved him.

Speaking of con artists, despite doing the huge round trip last night, I did get home in time to catch Maverick. Not a gold standard classic but it did involve the two boys and a real estate swindle contrived to humble a cheating, bullying local businessman. We had mirrors above the card table, honey traps, bogus experts, fake corespondence, the works. It was exactly the sort of con you'd see on Hustle or Leverage, but never White Collar (not really a team swindle show).

And I do like to see the Maverick boys together, especially when they're working together, rather than trying to one up each other (but then they were raised by Pappy, and wolves would have been preferrable, as far as quality parenting goes). I love Maverick. Both of 'em.

Meanwhile, I'm also discovering the pain of delayed austerity. Oh, I came up with a far cooler term for it last night but I can't remember it. Basically, between the unexpected bills, sudden unemployment, etc things are a bit tough but all this hit me without warning last week so I already had holidays booked, dvds ordered, etc none of which I could cancel in time. Definitely an austerity blip. I might actually hit the red for the first time since my then BF dumped me (lovely chap but he did have a habit of blowing the rent money on what passed for the latest XBox, as was). Not good.

And I can forget about, ahem, alternate tv viewing methods. First of all, after nearly four hours to get one damn episode, having it crap out at 2min and 18sec and damn near midnight is heartbreaking in the extreme. And it costs me like $70 an episode. So not good. If the house could just not fall to bits for a couple of weeks (as if) maybe I could think about dvds again. Or just read second hand books by candlelight. I could do that, too.

I am, however wearing a new(ish) shirt that I bought a month or so back, before my own little financial meltdown, and the waistcoat I bought as a joke but have since discovered is actually warm to wear (and good choice today, as the air con is off and the weather is set firmly to winter). Fortunately everyone thinks I'm just aping Himself, who has been wearing waistcoats and trilbys and vintage suits for years, just in case anyone thought that was groundbreaking or anything like that (do I detect another harumph? Quite possibly).

Did I mention everyone wearing hats down in Melbourne last week? There was a lovely line of trilbys on the hatrack in the NGV cloakroom, a rack I fear has not seen such employment in years/decades. I would have taken a piccie if it wouldn't have given the game away that I had pocketcam secreted upon my person (not that I used it much). Sigh. I miss not being able to take cool pics because of security or my complete inability to get my camera out and on in time. Security more and more these days, though. But that's a whole 'nother post.

Sometimes, though, I just try to be in the moment, like you're supposed to. But then again, the way my memory is going these days (going, going, gone), I need all the help I can get.

Oh, it's shocking weather out there. Just right for turning my post to mush in the letterbox. I do hope Mr Fry wasn't planning any extravagant tourism today, because it just wasn't gonna happen. I'd check what the lad was up to on Twitter, but, of course, today of all days, I can't friggin' get on. Blast, blast and damn their eyes.

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