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I spent all weekend in bed with the Leverage gang. I should do that more often. That was fun. Even though the plots did tend to get a touch repetitive when viewed in a block, it's the characters that make it. I love that show. It makes me smile.

I also watched three episodes of The Avengers, circa 1964 (and the White Collar folks can stop announcing how many extras they have on the dvd, compared to a 1964 show they are as weak as water. Really, do better).

Oh, the Avengers is so cool. And wicked. And pushing the evevelope for black and white telly until it bursts (seriously, could we get the boobies in the background artwork in any more shots, I mean, really?) and the way Steed watched Cathy walk off with the coffee in Concerto? Pure filth.

The stories were great. Concerto was all about blackmail and scandal via the tabloids (how very topical) but the chief delight was Steed's Soviet counterpart and they way they treated each other as fellow professionals (inclding a glorious scene where they both try to get each other drunk so they'll slip). Ah, the cold war, when it was a gentleman's game.

A Brief For Murder. Well, change the names and you could easily sub it for White Collar or Leverage, it was that sort of caper. Another Brian story featuring professionals going just that little bit further for their clients.

The Golden Fleece seemed like an odd mashup of Avengers and Red Cap, but I did like the beginning where Cathy just flings things at Steed when she realises the dinner date in the Chinese restaurant was just Steed on a reccie. That was a glorious scene (Sophie should try flinging cushions at Nate).

There was also hot chocolate. A perfect, dampish Sunday afternoon. (Except feeding the poor old cat savaged cockatoo. He's not at all well but he'd rather sit by me and be hand fed than put down so I'll let him hang on, if he can).

Anyway it was Leverage that started the whole thing. I mentioned that I heard Eliot and Hardison were supposed to be doing a cabin episode and the Peanut Gallery wanted to know what a cabin episode was. I tried to describe it, but I needen't have bothered because that evening High Chaparral coughed up the cabin episode to end them all. Seriously, and I am not making this up and I recorded it if you don't believe me, this was a champagne cabin episode. Buck and Mano contrive to spend three days and nights alone together in a remote cabin high in the hills. They arrive, don aprons and proceed to tidy and bicker. There's only one bed and I'm hoping they flip for it. Nope, there they are, snuggled up together. The next morning Mano keeps asking Buck to come back to bed but no, Buck is too busy trying to show him the new shirt he just bought (it's like a horrible vision of White Collar, S5).

By this time we were heaving on the floor, begging them to stop. More domestic squabbling, Mano runs up to a pub and picks up some guy at the bar (no, really, go look). Buck bursts in and continues the domestics, to the bemusement of pub patrons (not in front of company!). The boys wrestle a bit and then go off together, arm in arm.

There's some fluff with horse rustling but that's like secondary to the bickering boys. Oh, and the scene where John goes up to check on them and tests the springiness of the bed, oh, please, make it stop.

Anyway, it did eventually stop, but I dare you to find a more overt actually filmed and screened cabin episode than that. Oh. My. God. Suffice to say, the Peanut Gallery is now fully appraised of what a cabin episode entails.

That was pretty much it. I wasn't well, the weather was dreary, so it was me, a hot water bottle and the remote. Oh, I've missed weekends like that. The old dvd wallow. I did scrawl away a bit (all rubbish but my goodness everyone is in a backstabbing mood) but alas no typing. Had the schedule cleared for it, but I found myself just a bit too peaky for struggling with horrid, badly written fic. I just cannot get that first part to click. It's missing something, or needs something excised. Or something. But no cabin, no guitars and no Mexican bandits.

Watching the White Collar dvd that arrived during the week might help, but I'm still feeling a bit burned by White Collar, and The Avengers and Leverage seemed safer bets. But if I was hoping for ideas, I found none. Sigh. I suppose I'll have to break out the Bomer at some point, but I think I'll just stick to the blizzard of Comic Con pretty that has engulfed my inbox. Yes, watching from afar, again. Ironically, I was almost tempted to go this year, but figured they never have the shows I like there these days. D'oh! (It's like the universe has slapped me with a restraining order, I swear. What did I do that was so bad?).

What was amusing was Leverage referencing the infamous Mona Lisa con, which I'd used in one of my never to be finished fics, and I'd say I'd scream if I knew White Collar was also going to refrerence same but I've been reading every spoiler so I know they are, and I can't complain, as I lifted that idea from one of my favourite Maverick episodes. It's a classic. And yes, I know, I usually try to avoid spoilers, but I'm keeping track since I hate typing and this story so much, if I come across anything too similiar or completely off canon I can just red pen it. I really don't care any more.

That said, I note that Lewis has put a massive red marker through just about all of my fic by making the enigmatic DS Hathaway a damn sight less enigmatic (blast their eyes) so in that case I'm gonna have to shrug and call it the AU it very obviously is (once you read the last part, but I just couldn't resist the Newcastle reference, or why Lewis suddenly transferred to Oxford and never looked back).

Didn't watch Lewis either, which also arrived. Wasn't up to seeing Hathaway reduced to a pedestrian creature of flesh and blood just yet. Sigh.

Anyhoo, the Leverage ep, also featuring that old Van Gogh painting. That's twice my fridge magnet has popped up in a favourite telly show this year. I am bemused.

Yes, I am easily amused. One day I need to post photos of the fridge avec magnets. Soonish, too, as the house boy did a magnificent job of scrubbing the kitchen down and up before the stove repair man arrived. Did a far better job than I ever manage. I was duly impressed. Oh yes, we have the oven working now, tested it on the poor old bake we made last week and had to shove up the back of the freezer with the woolly mammoths. So we didn't have to cook this weekend. More yay.

Oh, I should be typing, or writing, not watching Comic Con vids. But alas, I'm still stewing over the last nasty email of the day and require distraction. Besides, I really hate this first part of the fic (Tim might be right about the Moonighting effect though if he mentions Peter and Neal getting into bed together one more time, well, I won't know what to think). But yeah, I reckon you could put this blasted fic to this, and pity the song.

Though I gotta say, there's that moment in the pilot where Peter is so excited over Neal that Elizabeth almost has to put paper down. Bless.

Dear Peter. He has it bad.

Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes, looking effing cool or what?

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