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The Brit(ish) List

Le Morte d'Arthur: The RSC throw down the gauntlet (Troughton)

James Nesbitt in Guinea for Unicef

Tim Roth: Lie Detector

Ewan McGregor takes to the skies in remembrance of Battle Of Britain

Priyanka Chopra: Why Bollywood Actress Dumped British Actor Henry Cavill and ‘Dawn of War’?

Craig closing Hollywood deal

Coogan flies in for film festival

Misfits - Monday June 7

Art Antiques London Gala Party (James Purefoy)

Gary Oldman tipped as lead recruit in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy film

Rob Brydon refusal to return to Gavin & Stacey spells show's end

Hollywood returns to the recycling bin in its quest for hits (Neeson)

Can BBC3 find its new Being Human?

Paul Bettany still in religious themeworld with Legion

Michael Caine goes gangbusters as vigilante ‘Harry Brown’

Benedict Cumberbatch - stepping into the lead

Champ Billie Piper lets her hair down (Fox)

Kev on Simon Mayo Drivetime

Richard Armitage: ‘I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into’

Stephen Fry unveils 'most beautiful' Tweet

Interview: Ben Miller, comedian, actor

'Inception' Character Posters Explain the Roles (Murphy)

Interview with Ian McKellen and Roger Rees (vid)

Fassbender wanted for superhero movies

Dougray Scott: how I learned to play a gangster

Exclusive review of The Tudors season 4 episode 8 & 9

Is Jamie Bell the next Spider-Man?

Michael Sheen set for Jesus film

Nighy to be sorcerer in Shadowland


'Wire' star Idris Elba to appear in Showtime's 'The Big C'

The Wire Star Idris Elba Joins The Big C

Luther finale: your verdict

Idris Elba has a new love in Laura Linney (I have the vapors!)


David Tennant to star in Fright Night remake

David Tennant to star in Fright Night remake

David Tennant to make US debut in Fright Night

David Tennant to star with McLovin' in horror remake$21379480.htm

David Tennant to star in Fright Night remake

Tennant, McLovin for Fright Night


Merlin Preview For Friday, June 4th

Under Merlin's spell

Love comes to Camelot in this week’s ‘Merlin’

The Arthurian legend grows on this week’s ‘Merlin’

‘Merlin’ is on a break this week, but we aren’t!


James Corden and Sir Patrick Stewart clash on stage

Star Trek star Sir Patrick Stewart in bitchy podium row with James Corden

Sir Patrick in verbal spat with James Corden

Watch James Corden and Sir Patrick Stewart clash on stage$21379527.htm

Patrick Stewart in showdown with awards host


How Doctor Who gave Richard Curtis a shot in the arm

TV matters: Doctor Who

Doctor Who made me cry

Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor – series 31, episode 10

Doctor Who: art imitates life


True Blood star picks pair of pictures (Moyer)

HBO's "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere - Arrivals

HBO's "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere - Red Carpet

HBO's "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere - After Party

The fur flies and fangs come out as 'True Blood' returns

Wild, weird 'True Blood' packs full-throated fun in Season 3

Bite me


International partnership secures new series of Torchwood

New season of 'Torchwood' to air on Starz and have 'international' vibe

Torchwood returns for fourth series


Ondine (Farrell)

Colin Farrell's horror at sex tape in mail


Farewell, FlashForward: 5 Reasons It Should Have Stayed on Air (Davenport, etc)

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