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the dwarf african frogs have arrived

It's still one of my favourite statements, ever. It was a sign, stuck to a door in NYC, and clearly, the frogs, which are both dwarf and African, have arrived, but is this a good thing? Something I should be worried about? Should I be heading to the nearest bunker? Or is it code for something? Something that has arrived? Something that has arrived and is watching us even now, with its cold beady eyes? Who can say? It's just one of those odd signs that capture the imagination, or mine at least.

I know, way too much ITC telly as a child, but there you go.

Meanwhile, the office klepto is back. I've lost a stapler I'd carried through eight different offices, assorted pens and my spoon, which I was also attached to, because pens and spoons are personal items (to some of us) and, well, harumph. It's what I get for being tired and accidentally leaving my desk drawer unlocked but my gosh, they were in like Flynn. I think they've taken more but it was the spoon I missed most as I was feeling rather unwell and had been thinking on the freezing cold and overcrowded bus that a little warm museli might set me to rights. Museli denied.

I'm so glad I'm here and not in New York this week, it's been so much fun. You should see all the nasty emails and notes I have from my boss. Oh yeah, it was so worth giving up the chance to see the boys from White Collar for this. Whimper.

And installing the dvd-r? Not so much. Plug and play, works with Foxtel, my Aunt Fanny. Gave the manager an earful but I'm going to try and see if I can manage some jiggery pokery before I give up, pack it up and take it back to the store. It did, at least, play the Burn Notice dvd that arrived yesterday (could have done wihout it starting up on a White Collar promo though, ouch, sore point, boys, sore point).

And at least the tv still works and coughed up Tudors last night. It was the one I saw on the plane, and I'm not sure whether it was a better viewing experience without the 'omg we're all gonna die' turbulance because this time 'round I was battling some pretty severe jetlag, still, despite sleeping fourteen hours before (and thus totally slacking off in the whole getting the washing out department). Nevertheless, I enjoyed (I was denied learning about the Tudors at school so the finer historical points rarely intrude upon my enjoyment) and I've decided Henry Cavill is the prettiest, prettier even than Bomer (though I may be a touch subjective on this point at the moment).

Aside from The Tudors, some half watched Burn Notice (I was furiously trying to study the instruction manual) and High Chaparral, and bits of a very noir Maverick that I only caught in glimpses, not much boob tubing was being done yesterday. The HC was all about Victoria, which I didn't mind, as I like her, she's one fiesty chick, and is so put upon by all the boys. I'd love to know what some of the furious Spanish she erupts with when provoked actually is. Yesterday's must have been choice because they actually dubbed another track over it, so you couldn't quite hear it, but it looked splendidly incendiary, whatever it was, and not without good reason. Poor Victoria, how she suffers so, amongst the boorish menfolk.

I know how she feels. Certainly I don't have any useful men in my life at the moment, useful being defined as an ability to plug Foxtel into my dvd-r, you know, that sort of guy stuff. Sometimes it sucks to have to do everything myself, especially when I'm tired and fed up as a starting point, let alone four hours into a cable A into socket B ordeal. Sigh.

Went across to the park to try and cheer myself up. There was a full on film crew there setting up. Oh, they really are putting the boot in this week. Also, the ladies loo is closed, as in catastrophic bog failure. I just can't catch a break. Shall torture myself looking at more White Collar shooting photos. Oh baby, make it hurt so good.

White Collar - A Criminal Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - USA promo - 30 sec

White Collar @ Paley NYC

Tim DeKay - Outside Paley Center June 7, 2010

White Collar Comes Clean at the Paley Center in New York

White Collar Comes Clean at Paley Center

White Collar - Characters Welcome at Paley Center and Everywhere

The cast of White Collar at the Paley Center last night

Some more stuffs from the Paley NYC Event

White Collar Comes Clean The Paley Center Event - PART I

White Collar Comes Clean - Paley Center 6-7-2010

Tim DeKay - Outside Paley Center June 7, 2010

John Larroquette Dons Black Hat For ‘White Collar'

"NY: The Paley Center For Media Presents: "White Collar" Comes Clean"

'White Collar' Season 2 Sneak Preview


Can Matt Bomer collar Emmy voters?

Paley Center

White Collar - A Criminal Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - USA promo - 30 sec

White Collar Paley Center 6/7/10

Summer diversions: The returns of 'Royal Pains' and 'Burn Notice'

Exclusive: The full Jeffster! video from the finale of 'Chuck'

Finale watch: Let's talk 'Chuck'

Justified Exclusive: What's Next for Raylan and Boyd?

Have you been watching … Justified?

Behind the Scenes with The Good Guys

HBO's "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere - Arrivals

HBO's "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere - Red Carpet

HBO's "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere - After Party

Sex Symbol With an Unearthly Twist (Mads)

Lost in translation, subtitlers get the chop

This Shoe Had Prada Beat by 5,500 Years

Bugleweed - Ajuga

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