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Monday: I've just realised that my dear wee Rev Walker will not be speeding in any boat (or plane) like a bird on the wing any time soon, but it can't be helped. At least I know they're still making the bloody things and I can stop throwing a strop every time the esteemed Rev Walker glides into view in the background of White Collar (why that print I'll never know, but there you go). Of all the decs the possums ate, he and my centurion (aka Marcus Flavius Aquila), hurt the most. Okay, and the headless reindeer.

I gotta say, I am suprised, which is fun. Usually the world unspools exactly the way I think it will, so I am rarely ever surprised, but volcanoes? Real volcanoes? Volcanoes closing Heathrow? It's like a bad Hallmark tv movie. It sucks for everyone wanting to travel, yet I cannot help standing back and thinking, well, wow.

Speaking of which, I was orginally planning to pop across to Blighty right now but my plans were stomped on and torn up and tossed in the bin by others. Is there a term, and if not, there should be, for someone doing you a malignant bitchy spiteful turn that actually works out in your favour?

Thanks to the Peanut Gallery who risked life and limb to drag my old, old pre-digital photo albums of yore from the cupboard where they were being jealously guarded by the most nasty looking and enormous, like Primeval enormous, spider that was doing the whole 'my precioussss' thing while dangling above them from the blue picnic blanket above. "That's the last time I'm buying a pincinc blanket from Metabilus 3," huffed the Peanut Gallery, armed with nets and elephant guns.

All I wanted to do was see if I'd been somewhere that looked oddly familiar while watching tv on Saturday night. Alas, I couldn't find a photo of said building, just ones very similiar from the same general area. Either I didn't take a photo (possible, I only had four rolls of film per trip back then) or I was confusing it with other like minded buildings (more probable). It doesn't really matter. Any excuse to get out the old and largely unseen albums (and omfg, I couldn't take 90% of pics in the first album now, ah, those dear, innocent days) and look how sweetly organised I used to be, everything carefully put away and labelled, even the postcards and tickets. These days you just get a shopping docket, but back then, well, my little red cardboard ticket to the Empire State Building - how adorable!

I really should print out my digital photos, just to have a record. Especially as the digital cams seem to have helped my limited abilities as a photographer immensely. Either that or I just really love Europe (true) and my photos bask in that deep and abiding love (because my photos of Canada suck big time).

That was the weekend. Planted a tree. Shovelled shit (literally). Went out to lunch, felt extraordinarily unwelcome and over ordered, probably because I was feeling so surplus to requirements. Oh well, I needed some proper food, been trying to live on fruit and water again, but at least, until yesterday, I'd managed to lose one of those blancmanges. So I shan't tell you that Himself made an apple and raspberry crumble last night then. Nor that it was delicious. With custard.

Speaking of custard, may I join the chorus of Doctor Who, yay? This has far more to do with the writing and direction of the show than the actors, but, finally, at bloody last, my idea of Doctor Who on screen. Where do I start? It just ticked box after box, including my rarely ticked Patrick Moore box (I just adore the old duffer and how willing he is to take the piss). The crack in the wall, the door you couldn't see, how perfectly freaky and straight out of all the scary BBC stuff I used to watch as a child. And the doctor stealing his new outfit from the hospital - how perfectly Pertwee. Oh yeah, ten minutes in and I was Matt Smith's bitch. By the end, I was squealing with delight.

Sure the effects and cgi were still a bit ropey, and Mr Smith seemed to veer uncomfortably towards Colin Baker rather than a more comforting Troughton at times, but for the most part I was pleased, and very pleased at others. There were some great lines (especially the one about the whole world being able to see Jeff's browsing history - yikes), great ideas (it all starts with a crack in a wall, how brilliant is that?), great characters (more earthbound folk but I liked them) and while I wasn't hiding behind the couch over the ropey aliens, I'm sure the giant eye and moray eel would have given me serious pause when I was wee (and too be fair, I'm far too old to be watching Doctor Who but I don't care, to my mind it played with far more complex ideas and themes than anything the so called grown up shows could over that night).

Okay, sorry, I'm sure everyone else is doing a detailed line by line, shot for shot analysis but all I can manage is squee. The creepy is back, and I declare myself satisfied. I can breathe a sigh of relief and trust that a favourite childhood treasure is in careful and kindly hands, hands that understand all its quirks and needs (like any vintage vehicle, it requires special care and understanding). My show is safe. Phew. And, even better, my show still rocks. Whee!

What an unexpected joy to actually delight in a show, esecially an old favourite, instead of merely setting one's jaw and enduring it and trying to mine it for little pleasures. Oh, that was fun.

Oh yeah, also watched Primeval, which I like, because, like, people being chased by dinosaurs, it still works, and Castle and Bones, which were unchallenging plot by numbers fare but that was okay, because I was tired and wandering of attention anyway. Didn't get to see Leverage because the tv guide stuffed me about (grrr, hello Amazon) and I missed my tv westerns (but I probably should have been tidying up anyway, not dragging old photo albums instead or running off to luncheons where I was as welcome as the proverbial, that's the last time you'll see me attempting to be sociable because I think I ought, and I thought I had an invite but I guess not).

Oh, and there's no Supernatural tonight. Same old, same old, but, well, grumble. Plots aside, I miss my Winchesters. Thank goodness Fox8 gives good Winchester. I'm enjoying the Saturday night repeats, and it helps to keep the loopy canon straight in my head.

Not that I can keep anything straight in my head at the moment. a bear of very little brain today, I'm afraid. I think I'm coming down with the Peanut Gallery's conference bug, or something, anyway, I cannot simply be this much of a space cadet just by myself, please, no.

Tuesday: Wow. Things were not right yesterday but they're a bit better today. I was, repeat, was, supposed to try and go to bed early but I just decided to clear some stuff off the digital to do list and got caught in a youtube loop, well, until my evil wee pc, got all calvanist on me and decided that have a dozen Bomer vids was more than enough and wouldn't let me have any more. Harumph. So I watched back that night's Carnivale (pathetically I never get to the far too early Showcase screening but this time I'm determined to follow along via disk) but there was precious little Jonesy in the offing, sigh.

But it wasn't all a waste of time. Had some more jumbly thoughts, which may spit up some new ideas for the rambling disaster area fic. I'm wondering if one actually could compare Neal to Iago, or if Neal would go all Iago if he was particularly annoyed. Because I know TPTB said Neal was going to get all Rusty in his revenge, but I feel that is far too direct for Neal. Maybe Bond in Quantum of Solace (Or Qantas of solum as we tend to mangle it), if he was really, really peeved, but I'm thinking, probably, that Iago would be more his speed, you know, planting evidence, whispering rumours with those Jedi mind tricks of his (these are not the droids you're looking for), setting folks up, that sort of thing, to devastating effect.

In my attempts at fic, at least, that is what the boy has been up to, I suddenly realise. well, that and the odd and extreme moment of Bond violence because they've made the boy really mad now (and it's for dramatic effect, to make Peter crap himself when he realises just how freaking dangerous Neal can be when he goes off reservation). Especially as events in my fic have burnt away Neal's squeamishness, shall we say. I'm not sure if WC itself would ever follow that route (a bit dark and angsty, I dare say).

At least, I wanted to try and play with the duality of Neal, the sweet face he shows to most, versus the dangerous supervillain lurking within. Or something like that. It's all done with the clumsy and artless skills of an ITC hack writer, but I tried.

And yes, I said supervillain. I mean, if Neal has these Mary Sue-like polymath abilities to do absolutely anything he turns his hand to, and do it very well indeed, well, he would be pretty darn dangerous if he was deadly serious, instead of indulging in schoolboy larks and boy scout feel good capers. Imho, at least.

So, thems my thoughts. Well, that and the boys snogging all over the place, but that's just me being bored. Did I mention I was bored? Man, am I bored. I asked if I could help and they laughed at me. So here I am, trying to amuse myself. Sigh. bored now.

Oh, they gave me some stuff to do. It did it. They were surprised. Harumph. Never mind, there was cake.

Oh, and speaking of going off reservation, back on the High Chaparral, not a lot of creepy grooming from Uncle Buck of late (thank goodness, but he said Blue was getting a bit old for him now, yes, he really did, shudder), but we're amused that the local Apaches seem to work to rule, in so far as whenever they seem to have the High C gang bang to rights it must go beer o'clock and they just wander off. Every time. Shift's over, evenin' Ralph, that sort of thing. Hilarious.

Meanwhile, oh my, there are some lovely pics of Merl and Artie, or rather Colin and Bradley, about the place right now. How could I forget my other favourite boys, back at the castle (and now being stalked by fans with high quality cameras). There are some lovely, lovely shots of the boys. Oh my, yes.

Wednesday: No, I didn't post this last night. Oh, what an ordeal. It was one of those bus trips where I just lost the will to live. I had to go home the long way round and the train trip was fine, on a nice, clean, near deserted posh line that, naturally, runs nowhere near where I live but rather skirts widely around it, ran into a friend, it was all good. Until I got to the bus interchange. The first bus shows up but the driver decides it's beer o'clock and just drives off. Fine, I decide to kill some time in Borders. I didn't find anything but I was enjoying myself, especially as it felt so illicit. It's dark and crowded by the time the next bus arrives, about an hour and twenty minutes later. And then it takes like forty minutes just to crawl to the corner lights, which I could have walked in four (less when I was nineteen, and I know that for a fact - grin). So a bus trip that should have taken an hour at most takes two and a half hours with an insane bus driver and insane traffic and it was just soul destroying and tedious and never ending, and I fly to Europe from Australia at the back of the plane so imagine where my baseline for miserable is. It was, easily, ten times worse than some long haul flights I've endured, seriously. I was wrecked. And I missed Doc hanging off Maverick again - wail!!!!

And so far, everything is all screwed up today, too. Yup, just gonna be one of those weeks. Some sleep would help, but the bats that have decided to play outside my window every night are so damn noisey. My fault, it's because their favourite tree got hacked to pieces during the fence saga, so they've moved across to the one right outside my window. Perfect.

I dunno. I'm just not very good at this being grown up thing. Other people have got it going on, they're brilliant and competent and professional and talented and wonderful everyday, they're being wonderful and productive right now, but me, I can't even dress myself in the morning or remember what I'm supposed to be doing or do what I'm supposed to do. Sigh. I just can't do anything and I just sit here and realise I've done nothing and I probably couldn't have done anything, anyway. too mediocre to be a contender. That sucks.

Didn't get my precious time in the park, either. Not that I care. Stupid lame arse attempts writing. Boom. Dead. The End. There, done. And don't even get me started on this top I'm wearing. I like the William Morris inspired print but people have been unkind. Whimper. Then the computer crashed. Et tu, you box of bits.

I wanted so much out of life, but right now, basic adult competencies seem far beyond my grasp. Just having something to do and not screwing up would be a start. Too bad I can't quite manage it.

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