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Well, I'm gutted over Malcolm McLaren. That's a not inconsiderable piece of my childhood gone. Ah well. I don't suppose there's any other clip I could play but this:

Bit of a Neal song that. Well, not the Sid version, obviously, I mean the Frank version. But yeah, that's Neal. Doing it his way.

Btw, having a ball following all that White Collar panel stuff (and thanks, Matt, for getting Total eclipse stuck in my head again - if only you used your powers for niceness, instead of evil). Anyway, oh, how to phrase this without annoying people or going to wrong places. It's just that, well, I found the Colin and Bradley show that was going on in those little behind the scenes Merlin vids so charming and delightful, and, well, I find the camaraderie between the two White Collar boys just as charming and delightful. Clearly they adore each other, and it's all rather sweet. That's it, it's just sweet. And cute.

Oh, and there was a cute pic of Stephen and David at a Bones press thing, too. Hugh will get jealous - grin.

Oh, I forgot to mention I finally got around to watching the end of S2 of Merlin. Yes, the dvds arrived ages ago, but I was, er, um, otherwise distracted, ahem. So, with only days/weeks to spare before S2 finally drags itself onto screens down here, I finally watched 'em. I still sorta love this show. Any show with noogies is okay by me (that'd be Merlin and White Collar then - grin). I wish Morgana's journey to the dark side didn't seem more of a pitched hissy fit, and I wish Merlin's origins had been left shrouded in mystery and conjecture, but a girl can't have everything. And the whole mysterious stranger shows up and causes trouble is a bit tired, and so very very Bonanza or High Chaparral - and thinking about it, that's exactly what I'm watching, only with warlocks instead of Apaches. But all shows feature a gruff patrician figure and rebellious chafing under expections of duty, the family business, responsibility etc son(s), not to mention the odd faithful retainer. Merlin differs by actually having a few chicks in the mix (probably a good thing given all the nudging and winking that greeted Bonanaza - and in the early 60s at that!).

I still enjoy the budding Merlin and Arthur bromance. Just when I begin to despair, Arthur will drop by to apologise to Merlin, cajole Merlin when he knows something is wrong and the last episode, what a treat. Arthur's constantly rebuffed attempts to find out what was distressing his friend were almost painful to watch, especially as it's not something Arthur has really done before, the whole empathy and sympathy thing (I imagine Arthur 1.0 as one of those thoughtlessly cruel jocks I get on the bus in the afternoons) and when Merlin stood up to fight the dragon beside him, it was a real friend and ally not servant moment.

I like the movement of Merlin from sidekick to a more equal footing with Arthur, in private, at least, as in public Arthur is still the prince. The show is quite clever in giving the boys a public and private relationship, as in publicly Merlin is still Arthur's idiot serving boy but privately Merlin is Arthur's BFF, and Arthur, at least, is quite explicit in this. In fact, it's kind of sad, the way Arthur needs Merlin far more than Merlin needs Arthur. Arthur trusts Merlin, well, we assume he does, he does that whole I Dream of Jeannie getting knocked on the head thing a lot and I do wonder if the penny is/will/has dropping/dropped anytime soon (either that or the boy poor dies of an aneurysm). Kind of reminds me of Peter and Neal, the way Merlin runs around doing his own thing behind Arthur's back, often for Arthur's benefit, but not always. Poor Merlin, no wonder he's so exahusted, having to be so many things to so many people (friend, servant, assistant, confidant, cupid, protector, etc).

Merlin's king making is, I still feel, approaching levels of Lady Macbeth styled homicidal ambition, but we'll let it slide because it's all for the greater good rather than personal gain, and Arthur is really growing into that man of honour he's supposed to be. Nice loyalty from the actual red shirted knights, too, and yeah, Arthur does deserve and comand such loyalty at the end, though, boy, who'd want to be a knight in Camelot? Not a lengthy posting, I dare say.

I even like the Arthur/Gwen romance. I really believe it, because the actors are friends and have a real chemistry on screen, and I'd totally ship it if Gwen wasn't a backstabbing two-timing harlot, but there you go. Poor Arthur, trusting the untrustworthy, a fatal flaw (hopefully not so fatal for Peter?). Not that Merlin, in legend at least, is untrustworthy, he just fails Arthur at the most critical moments by being taken out of play by the toxic babe (and I can't imagine Neal ever falling for or being lured into peril by a toxic babe - cough).

But then again, in the show at least, Merlin is going to have to come out to Arthur at some point, and there's going to be some trust issues there (and the show teases terribly with some near revelation moments).

I sympathise with Merlin. He's bursting to tell, but his bestie is chief enforcer of the king's genocidal policies and Merlin still isn't sure where Arthur's loyalties lie, and whether or not Arthur would hide him or turn him in (like wicked Rolf in Sound of Music). Though, in Arthur's defence, we've been seeing him move more and more away from his father's world view to having one of his own (as all young men must do, with requisite conflict and much butting of horns), and in a far more constructive manner than Morgana, too, but I don't think he's quite there yet, and Merlin's revelation will spin him, or maybe it won't. I think Arthur is seriously underestimated at times, even is this young and foolish state.

Sorry if this is a typo-filled ramble. The panadols have just kicked in. I've been walking home, well, not all the way home, obviously, but a leg thereof, to try and work off the blancmanges, and I think I've rooned myself again. I heard something crack yesterday but I didn't notice because I always crack and creak, and have done since I was a kid because I was beaten up at school daily, including being turfed down concrete staircases more times than I can count, so it was a bit ouchy but you know, whatever, same old, same old. But last night it got ouchier and ouchier while I was messing about online and not giving Dollhouse my due attention, and today I can barely walk on it. Buttery fuck, as Mr Fry once swore on Twitter. This does not bode well, and it's been so hard (and scary) getting stuff organised of late (and well done on making the English look laid back, btw). Why I insist on going outside my comfort zone I will never know. Getting too old for this shit, clearly.

But, yes, Merlin. Silly, daft and High Chaparral with dragons. I like it.

TV, the bulk of it, does seem to fall into two main types: those heroes who actually set forth on a journey of actual kilometres and go forth seeking monsters and/or adventure, or running from same (Supernatural, The Fugitive, The Hulk, Maverick, The Saint, Rawhide, Star Trek, etc), or those that take a more personal journey as they sit tight and wait for trouble to turn up on their doorstep (Merlin, Bonanza, High Chaparral, White Collar, Burn Notice, Chuck, etc).

And it just me or are the lyrics to the Maverick theme a little suss at times? Just me then. No worries, I'm on panadols, cupcakes (I know, and me reduced to hobbling, but it was somebody's b-day and one so hates to be rude) and endless cups of tea, and no She Who Must Be Obeyed. It's all a bit surreal, in other words. I even had some kind and timely help from HR. Freaky.

America: Freakier.

I'm just sayin'. Exotic meats??? What the???

But don't mind me. Okay, I am seriously having trouble walking on that fucker now. I think I really did something bad. Oops. And I was feeling so damn virtuous and so damn smug that after finally getting over my last oops I was clocking close to my old times for getting this lardy arse from points A to B. Sigh. Pride goeth and all that I suppose, but dammit. Planned excursions may have to be, no, will have to be revised, ie less slogging, more lounging around cafes. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck nuggets. So much for my latest 'get fit' attempt. One weekend in bed with the remote, coming right up.

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