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New Doctor, new Ashes, lots of time travel this week (not to mention daylight saving). Thanks as ever to that tireless compadresleeper_frost, without whom, well, I'd really have to push the old sleeves up. Oh, and when Mr Murdoch puts everything behind the paywall this list is gonna be significantly shorter, so enjoy it while you can.

The dream team: Ricky Gervais's bright young things (Cooke)

Toby Stephens to face family history at Old Vic

Television cop show The Bill axed after 26 years

Christian and the Peas (Bale)

Jamie Bell and some guys looking 100 AD stylish

Q&A: Jack Davenport of FlashForward

Emmerdale set for love triangle (Jason Merrells)

Spooks star Richard Armitage on the run

Stephen Tompkinson to star in new ITV crime drama

The Gods Weep gets lost in a corporate whirl (Irons)

THE EXPENDABLES Trailer (Statham)

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Ducati Duo

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: West Village Partners

Global adventure to the ends of the earth in The Philantropist (Purefoy)

Billy Boyd and Sean Astin together in Witches of Oz

Robert Sheehan for Interview Magazine

FlashForward episode 12 review (Davenport)

Mark's strong interest in villains

Andy Serkis Talks Hobbit Start Date

The brainiest Brit in Hollywood (Isaacs)

Spartacus: Party Monster (Hannah)

Bernard Hill on Canoe Man

Greg Wise tried to seduce Kate Winslet after clairvoyant said he'd marry a Sense and Sensibility co-star

Exclusive Restricted Clip From The Good Heart (Cox)

Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend Spending Time Together

Animated Sir Billi to be Completed this Summer (Connery, Cumming)

Spider-Man Reboot Casting Rumor: Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson?

Stills of Hugh Dancy in "Coach"

Stars to remember actor Woodward

Dyer 'trains with army for WWII role'

Jim Broadbent is on the run in Perrier's Bounty

Paddy Considine's Tyrannosaur Gearing Up, Getting Cast (Mullan)

Protect arts cash or risk our economic recovery, say cultural leaders (West)

Famous fan: John Simm{83A644F4-1A7E-48B9-AF95-4605613A9A18}&redirectorid=news_story&newsid=6647572

Vinnie Jones keen for David Beckham to slip into Bobby Moore's shoes for an Escape to Victory remake


Gene Hunt belts out Billy Joel’s classic Uptown Girl in Ashes To Ashes

Philip Glenister slams 'bullying' reality TV shows

Interview: Philip Glenister - Actor

Ashes To Ashes star Philip Glenister blasts Simon Cowell's X Factor

Gene Hunt belts out Billy Joel’s classic Uptown Girl in Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes Star Philip Glenister Blasts Reality TV Shows For Bullying

Philip Glenister, Ashes To Ashes

Ashes to Ashes – Season 3 Episode 2

Glenister: 'It's time for Ashes to end'

Ashes to Ashes returns

Life on Mars detective says what people are frightened to say in PC times

Philip Glenister brands Simon Cowell's TV shows 'malicious and cruel bullying'

We trace ancestry of Ashes To Ashes co-stars

Glenister slams reality TV shows

Philip Glenister test-drives golf clubs

Ashes to Ashes series three

Phil Glenister ('Ashes To Ashes')

Ashes To Ashes: what do you think will happen?

Ashes to Ashes

Show's over for Gene Hunt as Ashes to Ashes finishes


World Exclusive: Burke & Hare Still (Pegg)

Simon Pegg Talks Burke And Hare

The Jameson Empire Film Awards - Press Room

Pegg and Serkis' movie chills

Simon Pegg Talks Burke And Hare

Rupert Grint attends Jameson Empire Film Awards (Pegg)

Pegg: Star Trek 2 Christmas shoot


"The Greatest" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

"The Greatest" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

"The Greatest" Los Angeles Premiere - After Party

Pierce Brosnan seeks to escape James Bond's shadow



'Desperate Housewives': John Barrowman hits the Lane

12 John Barrowman must-see gems you may have missed

Brand X Files: Capt. Jack straight?


Doctor Who? It's Matt Smith!

BBC Renews 'Doctor Who' For Sixth Season, Report Says

Doctor Who: The Thrilling Opening Minute of Season Five

Are you excited for the new 'Doctor Who'?

More pictures of John Barrowman as Patrick Logan

First look: Trailer for new series of Doctor Who revealed following Cardiff premiere

New Doctor Who Matt Smith wrote stories to help him understand Timelord's character

Exclusive: New Time Lord's Take on Doctor Who!+Mail

Doctor Who flies into Gloucestershire

Doctor Who new star Matt Smith reveals he got inspiration for his role from Albert Einstein

News Flash: Doctor Who's Harris Tweed jacket

Doctor Who's Matt Smith keeps breaking his tools

Matt Smith's screwdriver troubles

>Matt's Blake-ing an effort

Who's the baddie?

New Dr Who gets to grips with sonic screwdrivers

Doctor Who: Matt Smith's debut in The Eleventh Hour - the verdict

Doctor Who's Theatre of Dreams

Matt Smith admits "romantic" nature

The new Doctor Who crash-lands to screams from kids and aliens

Doctor Who new star Matt Smith reveals he got inspiration for his role from Albert Einstein

Dr Who Matt Smith in airport prop stop

Doctor Who's Matt: 'I've broken four screwdrivers'

The Doctor Who News Page: Gay Times

Zinedine Zidane was an inspiration for new Dr Who Matt Smith

Watch a bit of Doctor Who Right Now, Wherever You are (Even in Space)

DOCTOR WHO Daleks, Atraxi and Churchill - Oh My!

Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks details & pics

"Dr Who" UK Tour Photocall In Northampton

"Dr Who" UK Tour Photocall In Manchester

Doctor Who – taking on the fashion monster

Doctor Who series 5: The Eleventh Hour gallery

Doctor Who series 5: Vampires Of Venice preview clip


Who's the Daddy.. ; Tennant Returns to TV in Scotland

David Tennant Stars in Of Mice and Men Radio Dramatization

Suranne Jones joins David Tennant in BBC One drama Single Father


Video - Tonight's TV: Whitechapel - The Age (Penry-Jones)

Original cold case is still a ripper


Sean Bean Joins The Age Of Heroes

Sean Bean Joins The Age Of Heroes

Casting Notes: Tracy Morgan Replaces Terrence Howard; Sean Bean and Danny Dyer in Age of Heroes; Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed

Sean Bean to star in 'Age of Heroes'

Sean Bean and Danny Dyer in Age of Heroes

Sean Bean to star in war drama based on Ian Fleming's 30 Commando unit


McKellen delighted at icon award

Ian McKellen rejoices at movie icon accolade

Sir Ian McKellen: Jade Goody was the great performer of this century

Sir Ian McKellen 'surprised and delighted' as he takes Icon title at Empire Awards

McKellen's movie icon accolade joy

'Middle Earth rejoices' says McKellen of Empire Icon win


The Jameson Empire Film Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

The Jameson Empire Film Awards - Drinks Reception

NEW ON DVD: 'Sherlock Holmes' (Law),0,5701712.story

Jude Law's lawyers act to try to stop ex-wife Sadie Frost's book

Jude Keeps Steaming Things Up on Set For Dior,0,1#1

Jude Law: Bonjour Dior!

Jude Law Presents Best New Play to 'The Mountaintop'

Jameson Empire Awards 2010

Jude Law Honored at Empire Awards

Forest Whitaker, Jude Law buddy-up in cautionary sci-fi flick

Jude Law calls in the lawyers over ex-wife Sadie Frost's tell-all book

Jude Law: Christian Dior Commercial Continues

Jude Law Films a Commercial for Dior Homme


Stephen Fry gets operatic for BBC4 Wagner film

Fry: 'My love of Wagner is tearing me apart'


Russell Crowe's bows and arrows to be a Cannes opener (MacFadyen)

Kim Cattrall dazzles in a tour de nuclear force of bickering in Private Lives

Great Behind-the-Scenes Video for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood


Jason Statham, Clive Owen to film The Killer Elite in Melbourne

Clive Owen Fronts Bulgari Fragrance


Liam Neeson goes home to Ireland for troubles film Five Minutes of Heaven

Must Watch: Second Brand New Trailer for Fox's The A-Team (Neeson)

Liam Neeson to play President Lyndon Johnson in 'Selma'

Liam Neeson 'reunites' with wife Natasha Richardson in documentary

Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson reunited in new film


I KNOW YOU KNOW Movie Trailer with Robert Carlyle

Host of stars remember first steps to fame on The Bill


Rome: Kevin McKidd Ready to Make the Movie

'Grey's' needs to give new life to Hunt — stat!


Gerard Butler takes aim at the paparazzi on the promotion trail of How to Train Your Dragon

Gerard Butler puts a cheeky hand on Jennifer Aniston's bum while posing for pictures

Gerard Butler Talks Jennifer Aniston Butt Grab

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Take a Cozy Parisian Cruise,,20355244,00.html

Dragon movie tops US box office

Gerard Butler Talks Jennifer Aniston Butt Grab

Gerard Butler Covers 'Architectural Digest' May 2010

Gerard Butler – the old-school cad who Hollywood loves to hate

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler premiere The Bounty Hunter in Europe

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Spain Sexy

Jennifer Aniston: On The Hunt In Madrid

Jennifer Aniston Premieres Bounty Hunter in Berlin

Jennifer Aniston is a Berlin Babe

It's official ... Jennifer Aniston has been Butlered.

Jennifer Aniston Adds Color on the Red Carpet!

Gerard Butler Calls Out His High School Crushes

Gerard Butler Laments Lost Love on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Gerard Butler denies Aniston 'grope'

Gerard Butler Captures The Crowds

"Der Kautions-Cop" Berlin Premiere

"Der Kautions-Cop" Berlin Photocall

Gerard Butler cosies up to Jennifer Aniston at Paris Bounty Hunter premiere

"The Bounty Hunter" Madrid Premiere

Jennifer Aniston Attends "The Bounty Hunter" Photocall In Madrid


Fassbender's dad defends his son

Fassbender's ex claims he broke her nose

Romantic role for star of Hunger Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender's former girlfriend files restraining order against him

HUNGER Criterion Blu-ray Review (Fassbender)

Ex-Girlfriend Files TRO Against “Inglourious Basterds” Actor Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender to play Mr. Rochester in new Jane Eyre movie

Michael Fassbender by Paul Maffi (Wonderland, Apr/May 2010)


'Miami Medical': Jeremy Northam and company turn trauma into drama,0,1715607.story

'Miami Medical' reminiscent of 'M*A*S*H'

'Miami Medical' hopes to turn trauma into hit drama

'Miami Medical' to premiere on CBS

'Miami Medical': Jeremy Northam and company turn trauma into drama

'Miami Medical',0,3068849.story


McGregor only misses alcohol when he's unhappy

Ewan McGregor signs on for King Edward lead in W.E.

I Love You, Phillip Morris

McGregor won't be fenced in

Ewan McGregor blasts Bush, Blair

Ewan Mcgregor - Mcgregor's Terror Flight In Fighter Jet

McGregor not in Madonna's movie


Romeo and Juliet at the Courtyard, Stratford-upon-Avon

Romeo and Juliet, Courtyard, Stratford-upon-Avon

Pictures from Romeo and Juliet


Set Visit : Clash of the Titans (Flemyng)

"Clash Of The Titans" World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

"Clash Of The Titans" World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

'Titans': 12 'You're on set!' pics,,20357202,00.html?xid=rss-feed-todayslatest-%27Titans%27%3A+12+%27You%27re+on+set%21%27+pics

"Clash Of The Titans" World Premiere (Flemyng, Hoult, Serkis)

Clash Of The Titans Premieres In London


The Last Station (McAvoy)

The Bill made them famous

James McAvoy - GQ Germany


Patrick Stewart returns to B'way in Mamet revival

Patrick Stewart returns to Broadway in Mamet revival


Jonny Lee Miller the Front Runner for The Walking Dead?

AMC Orders Six Episodes of Walking Dead, Jonny Lee Miller Expected to Star


Cillian: Inception is 'special'

Official Peacock Trailer with Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, & Susan Sarandon


Even if You Never Watched The Tudors, You'll Like the Final Poster

stills from the final season of The Tudors

War of Gods news (Cavill)

8 Movie Clips from SHELTER Starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers


O'Donoghue Prepares For The Rite (Hopkins)

Anthony Hopkins slams young Aussie co-star Chris Hemsworth

Casting Notes: Anthony Hopkins Gets a Co-Star for The Rite; Timothy Dalton in The Tourist; Matt Bomer and Ari Graynor in What's Your Number?


Idris Elba: Man on a mission

THE LOSERS Gets Another Poster Featuring the Entire Cast (Elba)

Collider Goes to Puerto Rico to Watch THE LOSERS - Read Our Set Report Plus 6 Brand New Character Posters of the Cast


Rhys Ifans 'wants family-friendly roles'

Ifans spanner in Shakespeare works

Rhys Ifans Video Interview GREENBERG - He Also Talks About Playing Xenophilius Lovegood in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS


Nicholas Hoult in The Midnight Beast's video "Lez Be Friends"

"Clash Of The Titans" World Premiere - After Party (Hoult)


More 'Lennon Naked' Details (Eccleston)

'Lennon Naked' Trailer (Eccleston)


Exclusive New Clip from 'Harry Brown' (Caine)

SXSW Review: Harry Brown


Timothy Dalton, Steven Berkoff join 'Tourist'

Casting Tidbits: Tracy Morgan, Timothy Dalton & Kate Hudson


Merlin - Season 2 Premiere - Review of Colin Morgan and Bradley James in the Season 2 Premiere of Merlin


Colin Morgan And the Magic Behind Merlin

Bradley James Plays The Future King


Kenneth Branagh Talks Thor

Kenneth Branagh Talks Tho

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