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glittering prize

Charlie! First I saw his guitar being brought out on stage. Then he walked on in silhouette and then he was there. Charlie! and Jim!

Oh yeah, the boys were back in town, my favourite Wegies, and they rocked.

Okay, I've been sticking at the age appropriate entertainment thing, but it's starting to get seriously like that Band Candy episode of Buffy, oh dear. Nevertheless, great crowd (if getting on). As one we leapt to our feet and stayed there and the boys played the hits (as well as new stuff, gotta take the rough with the smooth) and I danced and danced and I became one of those annoying people who flail about but for once I did not care because I needed to dance (and I was stone cold sober as I couldn't get within cooee of the bar, as they used to say, but in this case, a fairly accurate assessment). And, oh, how I loved the boys, they were just, well, just. They even played some really, really old stuff, which bamboozled the slightly younger lot in front of me. Ha!

But yeah, all the classics, but it never felt twee. There was so much love for the boys, and the boys looked like they were having fun, so it was just a grand of time. Jim and Charlie were really affectionate, too, which made my heart go pitter pat, even when Charlie stuffed up the start of Someone Somewhere In Summertime, which Jim made him play again, because it was the best bit. But Jim corrected with love, I must make this clear. They were chatty, too, and because of the, um, intimate setting, I could hear every word this time.

Thanks, boys, I really needed that.

Charles, you leave that backgammon alone now...

Today I've spent at home, catching up on a fortnight;s worth of stuff while doig the washing and being taunted, pestered and abused by passive aggressive parrots (dropping seeds and biscuit crumbs all over my mini pc is not cool, Captain). Glad I stayed home (despite what my inbox is gonna look like on Monday). Aside from anything else, I'm suffering from an illconsidered chicken teryaki. Oh dear.

And will I ever learn not to even think the words: "It's lovely out, I'll just go and make a nice hot cup of tea..." because there'll be clouds before the kettle's boiled. Now I have to watch over the washing all afternoon, sulk, pout.

hey, it's White Collar tonight. How could I forget? Cool.

Oh, and I did get to see some of a very early b/w Saint and Roger was all young and skinny and ever so pretty pretty with a lock of hair that kept falling forward and he was very, very Neal, or rather, the other way around, you know what I mean. Oh man, do I have a type or do I have a type?

Whoops. It's High Chap time. Buck! Hands! Hands in new places!!!

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