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I have finally found an online version of that review of last week's White Collar which provided a titter or two as I read it (and, frankly, there's been barely a breath about poor old White Collar down here so any mention, no matter how brief or silly, is a thrill). It begins thus:

"Matt Bomer, who plays him, is a gorgeous man, fabulous hair, blue eyes, he's like an Armani model. Probably was. Tim DeKay, his FBI straight man, looks like a bag of hammers next to him, which is annoying because on his own he was Jonesy in Carnivale with absolutely no problem."

It then continues onto:

"White Collar is all about the two main guys. They have more chemistry than Terry White. Tiffani Thiessen from the original Beverly Hills 90210 (she was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) plays Tim DeKay's wife and she's hardly ever in it, they just don't need a woman coming between them."

Apparently the Courier Mail, from Queensland, that bastion of progressive thought and deed when I was growing up (that's me being very sarcastic, btw, it's not for nothing it's a red state on the CM banner) is shipping the boys hardcore. I am amused.

Friday's Collar? Well, it stopped way, way, way short of being as campy as Oz and James, which naturally came to mind as it was all about wine and wine ponces, nevertheless, it was cute to see Neal once more do the comedy boggle thing when Peter stuns him with a leftfield bit of sophistication. I don't know why, as Neal knows Elizabeth runs a catering business and surely Peter would have been dragged along to a posh do or two in his time and if James can pick up the lingo, surely it's not too much of a leap to assume Peter could manage same. Especially as he's not supposed to be a Dumb Old Copper (tm). Also, Matty really needs to work on his surprised look a bit more. Otherwise he's just asking for it with the screencaps, I'm just sayin'.

Having done my homework and read the article the @wcwriters posted, I could see where they'd just cut and pasted it into the plot. It's one of the ongoing problems of White Collar, that Neal is meant to be way, way smarter than the plots he seems to find himself in. It's probably why he seems to cruise through a good many episodes.

And going back to the discussion previously, as I was watching this episode, I think I can see that it's not so much that Neal, as a guy, is disinterested, it's just that he's got his eye on the prize, he's a focused dude, and he'll be flirty flirty to anyone to get what he wants, but what he wants isn't the person he's flirting with, it's usually what they've got locked up somewhere. It's just like a handshake to him, part of the job, what he has to do to get what he wants. I don't see Neal as asexual, just a sociopath. And, to be honest, I've yet to see any convincing demonstration of this alleged trust he has in Peter, but never mind.

It was cute to see once more the chick of the week more interested in Peter. I wonder what game Neal is playing, as he seems to push Peter into more and more situations where Peter is the one who has to make nice with the ladies. I wonder what Neal's real game is? Desensitising Peter to the idea of extramarital fondling? Hmmm.

That said, I kinda thought the inflection on the term 'friend' indicated just about every guest role in this episode thought Neal and Peter were together (while the rest of the cast remain blissfully igmorant). Of course, I'm watching it wrong. There's no thigh fondling here (as there is on other shows I'm watching at the mo).

I did like this one, though, lots of lovely Neal and Peter interaction and actual screen time, and Neal has his wee desk by the door. How cute, he's doing the whole nine to five at a desk thing. Neal, of all people. (Sometimes I think he just wants Kate back so he can play bridge and key parties with the Burkes). Peter's instant suspicion of Neal's sudden initiative was obvious but very cute. As was Neal trying to hide it like a naughty schoolboy. And the black turtleneck? Oh yeah, baby.

Could have done with a bit of background on Keller, but I suuppose that's what fic is for (rival, ex friend, ex lover?) and how on earth they ever got together (Neal, you mysterious minx, always dropping just enough to be interesting), but I liked him and kind of wished he'd be off to plague Neal again. I prefer Keller as Neal's Moriarty to anyone else they've offered up (and let's face it, poor Peter has become his Watson). And I liked the actor playing Keller anyway. Was he in Band of Brothers? He looked very familiar, a real case of hey, it's that guy. (Hello IMDB, why yes, he was).

The episode had its flaws, but I think it's one of my favourites so far, and I really liked the way Keller played Neal (it was good to see oh so smug Neal rattled, ruffled, and irked, just a bit) and I think the show is finally starting to find its feet. More of this, please. And more of Neal and Peter being on the same side, rather than being opponents. They should be moving past that now. Because, trust me, it really works when they're working together, even if they are taking a low road/high road approach.

Meanwhile, Matt in his civies. I don't mind him slobbing about like one of the boys from SPN, it's where he's from, I get it, but does it have to be Bobby? (There's more if you wind back through the posts, and do not go to @mishacollins, I'm tellin' ya now).

Don't want to talk about the weekend. I host the worst garden parties ever. Where could I possibly start? Giving everyone sunstroke, forgetting to clean the umbrella to everyone was covered in dead cockroaches and dead lizards and probably dead possum if I could have managed it, then I gave everyone food poisoning with the chicken sandwiches, made from tinned chicken in a pinch. Sigh. I really am a walking disaster area and should stay locked in my little attic room.

Not even High Chaparral provided any relief. Saturday's episode was so, so preachy that we started getting very, very un pc as we reacted to lecture after lecture from the pulpit. Ah, American tv in the Nixon years. Gotta hate it. So on Sunday we were demanding dead injuns or, at the very least, some inappropriate man touching, but nooo, it was the Thanksgiving episode (bit early for May, but we'll let it slide, but it was Apache amnesty day, so no inappropriate ethnic cleansing, darn it). At least we did get the inappropriate bro fondling (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not quite what one expects on vintage telly). Because, like, I know Buck and Blue are meant to be uncle and nephew, but man, that actually makes it worse. Get a room, you two, seriously. Oh, how I had to hide my blushes, especially when we got up to the thigh fondling. Not even Captain Jack is that forward.

I really shouldn't be watching tv as wrongly as I do, but they started it. Oh, I did play back an episode of HC that Himself had taped and was so proud of himself for doing so because it a) featured Jack Kelly, b) in colour! and c) playing the louchest, coolest version of Doc Holliday yet. Ironic yes, as Bart and Doc are still my favourite couple du jour, fave even more than Peter et Neal, but oh man. Okay it was ten years on from Maverick and middle age was settling in on Jack, but man, he was still the business and his Doc, I tell ya, Michael Westen crys little girl tears into his pillow every night wishing he could be that cool, seriously. Oh, I loved that episode ftom start to finish. That one was a keeper, and in SP, that's how good it was. And yes, there was much fondling of Blue, there always is. The boy must be bruised, I tell ya, bruised like a ripe peach on a fruit stall.

And this was my favourite show when I was a nipper. This, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Avengers, The Saint and MASH. My infant viewing habits, I tell ya. Of course, these days I don't watch anything that involves gay cowboys, spacemen, time travellers, spies or art thieves. Not a bit of it. (Other shows of juvenille interest inclde Man From UNCLE, but I didn't go big for this until it repeated in my teens, Ellery Queen, and, well, stuff I'm probably not going to admit to, bearing in mind it was the dark ages before tapes, cable, dvd and downloads).

I was going to crow that I was finally getting my mojo back, just a bit, but it looks like it's gonna be a rubbish week, sigh. And it was only tiny, yet important things, like burning my first disk in three years, and filling up my first notebook in three years and I was hoping to do some scanning, but that was far, far too ambitious it seems. Can I not, for the the love of anything, just have a weekend in peace all to myself to do my own shit? Just once? Yes, I was annoyed at being kept from my notebook, I had to sit up all night into the wee hours, trying to re-create scenes that had long since played out in my head. Rougher still when you understand I have to get up in the wee hours to start my massive commute.

Didn't even get lunch today and you can tell, I'm tired and cranky now. These last three years have been shit, aside from a couple of weeks here and there I spent out of the country, and burning my first disk in three years is pathetic and unfair. Run away, get away, how do I? Escape from you?

PM update. At home. I should be watching telly or scribbling but I'm doing this instead, and battling the world's noisest cockroach (a big one got into my room and has circumnavigated it three times so far).

Anyone know where I can find SPN to grab? I'm having no luck so far. I suck at this.

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