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Hey there. Here I am, being annoying again. Anyhoo, I'm still struggling through Casino Royale on the bus (I'm either standing, dozing off of racking off early and having the sun right in my eyes the whole trip home), but Bond was being fussy over his dinner again and he described himself as "pernickity" and "old-maidish", two words I was thinking I'd never associate with Neal Caffrey, and then I thought of that sustained prissy hissy he had while Peter was su cassa-ing and yep and yep. Spot on. Heh.

I wonder if we'll ever see Neal line up his pens like Sam Tyler used to. sigh. i miss Life on Mars.

Meanwhile, we were thinking of recreating some Bond menus (especially as what apparently got you applause for ordering in '53 is dead common these days), but we thought it'd be fun. All the best fun ideas come from Bond books or films, I sighed, remebering the aquarium and the revolving 60s restaurant.

Yes, remarked the Peanut Gallery archly from his Blofeld-esque chair in the corner, that day we held the world to ransom with a nuclear arsenal, such larks.

Harumph. I don't care. I had the best day ever. Everyone always says it's my fault I have such a miserable day at work, but remove two people, two particular people, and it's all peace love and mung beans. I got stuff done, I laughed and joked and had a happy lunch in the warm sun in the park and we even snaffled left over sandwiches from the meeting room nearby (public servants and stray sandwiches? Think Animal Planet channel). Best day ever.My back doesn't hurt - I'm not hunched over. Too bad it's just a day, but it's good to know it's not me, it's them.

And now I'm off to scrawl rubbish in my wee notebook. Oddly, this song popped into my head, possibly because I was watching Ashes last night, but it's kinda of where I am in the story. And yes, that is Annie.

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