mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

in your dreams

I was watching The Saint and Simon strolled into the baddie's lair, selected a figurine off the display shelf, tossed it around a bit, then chucked it into the corner, smashing it into a million bits. Simon then just perched on a desk, lit up and blithley explained it was a fake made by so and so in Rome and if the baddie didn't start behaving Simon would be back and start smashing up the real stuff. He then sauntered out, with a gun on him, explaining he knew the guy lacked the stones to shoot.

Neal Caffrey is never this cool. In his dreams he could ever be that cool. One day, he might manage it, but right now, compared to Simon, he's a snotty kid in short pants. Leave it to the grown ups, kid.

Meanwhile, this outfit reminds me a lot of Sean Connery in Goldfinger.

And, to borrow from Jason King, third finger, left hand. Cute.

Meanwhile, actually felt sorry for myself yesterday, not in the usual woe is me way, but more like 'poor little mite'. Cause I was unwell, came home early, or on time, potted about sorting the post and the like, then swung open my door and the moment I saw my bed I just went over. Yep, was only being held up by my ponytail, apparently. Diddums.

So I crawled into bed, watched some Carnivale, some True Blood (thanks, showcase) and decided I was calling in sick. So I did. Hence the Saint and Supernatural (followed by weird fever dreams, but that's what you get. Right now it's Top Gear...

And I made the mistake of checking my work mail. Oy, are they making me pay the piper...(because I never get that much mail, all of it nasty).

Burn Notice

Mission: Impossible star Peter Graves dies aged 83

'Lost' Shakespeare play Double Falsehood published

Day the Vikings got their comeuppance

From coast to coast, Hadrian's Wall bathed in sea of light

Hey, sickos! Real men marry women!

Matt Bomer is a Make-A-Wish Man

Matt Bomer: Glasses for Next Fall!

Matt Bomer: 'White Collar' Finale Airs March 9!

Broadway Opening Of "Next Fall"

Kevin & Steffiana James Host A Make-A-Wish Event - Arrivals

Kevin & Steffiana James And Make-A-Wish Foundation Host A Day OF Fun

Human Target hits the mark

Downey Jr to lead 3D sci-fi 'Gravity'

Hugo Weaving, star of The Matrix, steps as Red Skull in Captain America

True Blood Gets Season 3 Return Date

Matt Bomer on "Guiding Light" [nice duds...]

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