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just give 'em whisky

We had cupcakes. Lemon iced, coconut sprinkled cupcakes. And yes, I said they were a bit dry, but that was the first tray. The second tray was perfect. And yeah, just about the only thing I ate yesterday, whoops.

We were expecting company but no one showed up but it doesn't matter as the cupcakes were good and the place needed what passses for a quick tidy and I was much relieved to be able to spend the day in bed wuth whisky and Winchesters. Which sounds much more fun that it was, no reflection on the whisky or the Winchesters, it was just that I was a touch under the weather.

Finally caught up on a few episodes and saw the con one which I'd heard referenced about the place. At first I thought, hey, is that a nice thing to do, to pillory the fans? Then I remembered which fans we were talking about here, and sat back and let them get on with it.

I don't mind the silly episodes, but two in a row, in the big arc? It was all a bit, I dunno, King Lear, with the fools coming on and telling us, the audience, what was important and what we should be paying attention to and what the main themes were (brother vs brother, in case you were dozing off a bit, like me). But I can't quibble. The plot had been getting convoluted so perhaps some liberal use of the highlighter pen was warranted. and I just love the boys so much I can forgive them almost anything. I was really digging my afternoon of Winchester wallow.

I was going to do more Burn Notice, but I'm still processing last month's marathon, and, to my surprise, Supernatural was way more fun. I thought it'd be too hard to follow ( iwas really, really unwell), but it was just right for keeping me preoccupied and distracted. Winchesters are full of win.

And I like going back to this idea of just staying in my room no matter how much housework needs to be done, just this one weekend a month. It works, for me at least, and anything that avoids me getting in too much of a state is a good thing. And I loved my Winchestes.

So shame about the no show (I don't mind, but a stand down message wouldn't have gone astray) but my Sunday worked out well enough. Oh, and when I popped the Winchester disk, there was Buck standin over a half naked man at his feet on the High C. Sadly, the rest of the episode didn't quite live up to the precredits promise, but it was still a ripping episode, and besides, we're sadly heading into '69, the year American tv stopped being so much fun. Sigh.

Just Give 'em Whiskey (4:19)

Leonard Nimoy talks about Oscars, art, ComiCon and all things pointy-eared

You call that having sex?

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