mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

non, je ne regrette rien

Hey ho, the interwebs is down at work again, which is crimping of the style as I have to log onto to external servers, let alone anything else, ahem.

Anyhoo...I'm all tired and my eyeballs are burning in my head on account of staying up late, or was it early, getting all hot and sweaty and damn nearly melting down with my poor old PC last night (I hope it's okay, it kinda gave me two fingers and shut down after I kept it on two hours past the time I should have switched to Computer B (the one with the much, much slower yet much, much more expensive net connection). This is what I get for staying up late getting all hot and sweaty watching Timmy and Matty be very, very silly indeed. Have you seen the USA Q&A that folks very kindly re-posted? Behold two grown men behaving like six year olds on red cordial, but they are soooo cute. So damn cute. And I was very much amused, so amused I completely forgot the time.

Okay, so I was wrong, Brit actors can get arrested and American actors can be amusing, but I was speaking in broad brush strokes, you understand. Right, well....

What else? Oh, I've seen a few American actors in Q&As this week, ahem, and while I think it's fair to stand by my assertion that what you see is pretty much what you get, they were amusing.

I wasn't going to say anything and you'll have absolutely no sympathy at all for my still raging cold and hacking cough but it was getting a bit better and it refused to rain here despite record floods everywhere else so I had to do all that yard work on Sunday. And Saturday, well it was very spur of the moment but there's no use cause it was the entirely wrong place to try and go incognito and I was well and truly spotted, cover totally blown.

So I'll come clean, I raised myself from my sick bed to go off to a con, because, man, it was still RDA, albeit the wreck of RDA, and I promised myself no photos, no autos, just sit, grin and go, and I was very strict with myself but I still had to catch a taxi home cause it was too much. So paying for it now.

But yeah, the wreck of the actor formerly known as RDA. But, seriously, ADD much? He spent one whole question emptying his pockets of such an odd assortment of items that some wag asked if he was going to make something (well played) and then he just fiddled and fidgeted the whole time. Talk about your short attention spans unless you got him onto a topic of interest to him, like his conservation work. But what the hey, he's retired, he can do what he likes.

Chris Judge was Chris Judge, Connor Trineer, who was a complete douche the last time I saw him, was chippier, and David Nykel was a delight as always. David Blue, from SGU, was surprisingly entertaining, well educated in the ways of the nerd and, yeah, I liked him. Highlight for me was Ben, Claudia and Gigi. Guess I'm still a Farscape girl at heart. Cuteness was Ben being indignant at his 'foreigner' status, insisting that after living here for nearly five years he was practically a local. Fair enough. Dear Ben. It's very much Ben = Crichton, so I was happy.

Sometimes you don't mind, sometimes, you don't want to be disappointed, sometimes as seen on tv is more than satisfactory.

Just like somedays you watch HBO, or Showcase, as we have here, (not last night, try as I might to watch Tim in Carnivale I was thwarted at every turn) and sometimes, and yeah, more than usual of late, you watch what they call the anti-HBO, USA network, or whatever channels their shows end up on here. Because sometimes dumb and fun is enough. Sometimes dumb and fun is better than difficult and interesting.

And besides, USA is totally peddling the old ITC back catalogue, barely even fiddled with or updated, and I don't mind one bit. Sure, I'll watch I Claudius, but there's always room for Randall and Hopkirk. at least in my world there is.

Not that I was allowed to watch any telly of my choosing last night unless it was delivered over the interwbs. Maverick? No, the remote was snatched away. Get Smart? Ditto. Carnivale? I gave up. Bit peevish about that, considering I pay for the cable, IQ box and telly but whatever.

Get Smart really hurt cause it was a Hymie episode, the one where they think Hymie has gone bad and Max hides Hymie in his flat and Hymie gets all neat and prissy and, well, if they'd ramped it up any further I'd have been watching White Collar - grin.

I love Hymie, and still oddly less robotic than Shaw, whom I loathe, mainly because:

  1. he's not Bryce

  2. he's more robotic than Hymie

  3. he's not Bryce

  4. I'm a one eyed Chuck/sarah shipper

  5. he's not Bryce

  6. he's not Bryce

You get the idea.

Shaw aside, I got my seaty mitts on some Chuck S3 courtesy of a dear friend, and I'm loving it so far. I didn't think I would, but four episodes in it still retains an essential Chuckness. The opening episode was clumsy, though, and I'm not sure I bought it, but it had it's moments and the second episode, the one with Vinnie Jones (!) was much better and kind of sold what had gone before, then I watched the Devon two-parter. And, loving it.

Oh, but, dear Chuck, foreign embassies, Central American despots, sekrit evil spy rings? How much do I love you? You tick all my cheesy tv boxes. Now if you can do an episode involving spies, voodoo and a Sutherland (I don't really care which one), I'll be really happy.

Speaking of silly old telly, I had some old lozenge on while I was ironing, and oh, how we laughed, at it, though, not with it. But yeah, it was ticking all the wrong boxes in a so bad it's good kinda way and what was with all the old, ugly, really, really gay guys on 70s tv? The the really old and really ugly bit that really yanks my chain, where was the pretty when I were lass?

Mind you, it was a massive mince fest and I remarked to the Peanut Gallery that I'd have a double shot the moment an actor even vaguely hetero and non cravat wearing walked on. The only drinking game approved by alcoholics anonymous, snarked back the PG, and he was right, it was a dry old time. More old queens than a royal portait gallery. Yikes. And did I mention the really old and really ugly part?

Alas, no tv westerns for me this week, it sems. Sigh. I did catch up on last week's Burn Notice (the Oirish accents, please stop), a big episode on Smallville (I know, but it's my soap), and the ghost ship episode of Supernatural, which I didn't mind so much this time around, and as annoying as the chicks are on SPN, I'd rather have whatshername than any of the bimbos they have on White Collar. At least this one would be a match for Neal, I think. But yeah, Dean all done up pretty in a tux, Sam getting groped to within an inch of his life by the mature cougar, the switches, I liked, yeah.

And White Collar, dear White Collar. I never noticed before when the Fibbies are pulling what I presume to be an all nighter (though it's still light outside), Neal is sitting cross legged up on the window sill with his noodles. It was cute. Underlining his maverick status a little clumsily, but still cute. He really is the naughty boy up the back of the class, isn't he?

Sadly, probably because I'd had a rough day and I was all cross, I wasn't quiet carried away with the slashy vapours this time around, but the drunk singing, not to mention choice of song, and the raw, unabashed Peter love from Neal, awww. Any episode that features noogies is okay by me. And I know that White Collar's mission statement is ignore the plot, look at the boys, but really, we can't have both? Still, the plot did take a happy Department S worthy turn at the end, I suppose, and Neal is so damn cute with his toy badge how can I not love?

I just wish there was more Neal and Peter interaction. Sometimes I feel the supporting characters chunk up way too much time, but that's just me, I know it's just me. But I do wish for more Neal and Peter time, and that Peter stopped being Rose Tyler to Neal's Doctor as in ohmygodyou'resosmartwow. Peter's supposed to be Neal's equal, that's supposed to be the attraction, the matching of wits, not having his own personal fanboy trailing him about.

A slightly more consistent tone wouldn't go astray either, because it's like some other show I used to watch that escapes me, where it's like if it's Tuesday Peter hates Neal but Friday he's in love? Back and forth much? It just seems like bad not on the same page writing than organic. Oh well, it's not the only show I know to do the whole one step forward, two steps back thing. Would that the show would end with the two boys together, drinking beers or riding off into the sunset, like other favourite shows of mine. Not gonna happen, but, sigh.

But repeating to myself it's just a silly show and it's sweet and fun and those boys are so damn cute together (and even cuter off stage, as it were).

Oh, I forgot to mention Castle. More terrible Oirish accents, and it's not even St Paddy's Day yet. Worst offender was our beloved James Cosmo (pick a side of the Irish sea, Jimmy, and stick with it), but it was James Cosmo. The man was in The Sweeney once. Respect. Alas, he wasn't in the episode much, and it was a big episode, blah, blah. A Castle episode trying to be serious? Please. Forget that and gimme more James. So that was an unexpected treat. Which meant I stayed up late when I should really be keeping nana hours, but, well, it is what it is.

Even more Oirish accents in Maverick, in a very silly, but weirdly based on fact episode with a young Roger Moore. That was fun, and at least Burn Notice, hitting a new low, has slid this Maverick episode further up the scale of terrible Oirish accents, anyway. If I were the makers of Burn Notice, I'd be checking under my car, I really would. Cringeworthy (and dear friends have lost loved ones on all sides of "The Troubles" so it's not something I enjoy see being made too trivial on American television, usually, though we are talking American television, not the most hand wringing of institutions, and to be honest, making a mockery of real world nastiness is more entertaining than the post colonial hand wringing that was going on in that completely dire episode of Silent Witness that I only saw bits of, but bits was enough).

I did get to see another episode of Maverick and it was a Bart one and I was hoping for Doc, but no, but I did get Peter Breck, in his pre Doc appearance, playing a train robber who'd gotten himself a job as the sheriff so he had to escort a gold shipment he had every intention of stealing (l'attention White Collar!). It was a great episode, with the gold switched with rocks again and again and again, a not quite reformed as she said she was faroh girl and former aquaintance of Bart's and my favourite line, when Peter, whose character had already been remarked upon as a fancy dresser (pot, kettle, Bart) closed all the blinds in the sheriff's office because he wanted to mess about with the gold, his crusty, disinterested deputy, remarked sarcastically that Pete was a modest one and was he going to flossy up in private? Just what were they saying about the sheriff/train robber? Heh. Now I must try and use the phrase 'flossy up' in a sentence this week.

Not that I could ever use it for White Collar. I'm not sure it's possible for Neal to flossy up any further, in private or no, but there you go.

Meanwhile, I caught up on 3.5 and 3.6 of Chuck (yes, I could have been doing something else but it was like midnight, so no, not rated for anything else but bobbling in front of the boob tube) and I loved the episodes, really did, even with the entirely gratuitous bit of Chuck having to free Casey with the laser pen. Was pleased to have dear, dead Bryce name checked a few times, because he was the guy who kicked it off. Gone, but not forgotten, and I was thinking, damn, he's really gone, when the very next day I read this quote/unquote from Little Matty Bomer:

Is there any way Bryce will be back on Chuck?

That'd be really fun. We'll see. The opportunity is open, but timing-wise with both of our schedules it hasn't really worked out so far. But I love that show, I love everybody on it, I wish them all the best, always.

Oh yes??? Does this mean Sarah doth protest too much over her dead ex Bryce? Not that I should care, but, man, oh, man, I miss Bryce.

But Neal is growing on me, slowly. I guess I just keep thinking he's no Simon Templar, though he probably is, I'm just weirdly loyal, and there's nothing wrong with Neal, I'm just not getting the Bang! Bryce! I got in Chuck (mind you, I barely noticed him as insipid boyfriend (tm) on Tru Calling but for the fact that he was teen mag pretty).

But Matt, dear Matty, I take it all back, I really do. Still chuckling over that USA Q&A, so much to love. Had to show the peanut gallery the bit where Matt was saying they wanted to cast Neal as older and British, like Remington Steele (aha!), at which point Tim realises "That'd make me..." and heads the desk. "Oh, my dear, don't be silly," snarks the PG archly. "You're Doris Roberts and you know it."

He's cruel, the PG (or possibly fed up from being inflicted with countless Carnivale repeats).

Also caught an episode of Get Smart, at last, which had 99 as an undercover chantreuse in a Casablancan nightclub (l'attention Chuck!) and I was bemused because one of the songs she sang was the tune my beloved old music box plays (it's a piece of 70s shite but it's my pride and joy even if I can't remember exactly what school competition I won it for any more, ain't that terrible? Nevertheless, music box still has pride and place on the dresser, even if it has seen better decades). It was a fun episode, though a passing awareness of Bogart, Greenstreet and Lorre was required.

Thursday: Well, I didn't get to post this yesterday, because the network didn't come back up until ten minutes or so before I was about to walk out the door (you bastards) so by the time I finally got home I was busy and tired. Caught glimpses of Maverick (more Oirish), Top Gear and Primeval (they were right, the third series was a vast improvement, and, you know, dinosaurs running around an airport? What's not to love?) and QI which featured Emma Thompson (loved her story about her emergency geek call to Mr Fry). And yeah, could I watch Emma on a quiz show without going to the Young Ones place? That be a no, a definite no.

Meanwhile, just found out the friend I wickedly stood up the other week mother has died. It's true, I really am the most evil person ever. Sucks, but I think they'll be relieved when it's all over. Miserable, but relieved (because it's a huge burden, having an ailing relative). I know I was. Heartless, but true. Yes, I am the most evil person ever, demonstrably so. So here I am, miserable for not feeling more miserable, and only thinking at least now they can have their life back. See? Evil.

Wish I could be a better person, but it just ain't gonna happen. Anyhoo, watching Supernatural and Sammy angst last night. Oh, these CW versions are so much better than the Ten versions (and will be even better when I get up to the never screened ones). They must cut 'em to ribbons. They actually make sense when I watch 'em now. Even on Fox *, they do. Oh yeah, getting all my Sam and Dean vitamins this week.

PM update: Not having much luck in my forays to the park. If it's not rain, joggers, trainers, school kids, srinklers or tractor mowers, well, today them went and dumped a steaming pile of fertiliser right next to where I was sitting. Good thing I decided against the favourite shirt at the last moment this morning. Sigh.

I should explain that we're not talking those large sweeping parks they have in other, proper, cities, but just a very small city block or so of the green stuff, so it gets extraordinarily crowded, like Bondi on Xmas crowded, and getting there early to stake out your spot (my deafult setting really is German, isn't it?) doesn't matter a jot cause I'm always getting run over or, quite literally, dumped on. Karma much? The road to WC pr0n never runs smooth, it seems.

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