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Typical day in the sidekick's lounge: crap crap crap, insult, humiliate, belittle, crap crap crap, right I'm off to the pub, clean up my mess.

Congratulations! You are: Sergeant Lewis.

Oh yes indeedy. Does this mean someday my prince will come?

Anyways, what's news? Nuffin' much, been all work and no boy candy for this lil poppet, alas. Though I did end up watching episode 1:1 of Carnivale last night instead of going to bed early like a good little girl, just 'cause. And I quite enjoyed it, too. And oddly, it looks like soap wasn't quite the foreign concept it was in S2. No idea why this bothers me, but it does. Never mind, thoroughly enjoyed the experience of wallowing in the story so much I almost forgot I was there to perve at Jones. Ah well. I just wanted to go back and review stuff from the start, having seen the end (you know, were core promises answered, that sort of thing).

And now I'm bored. Stuck here waiting for a decision and I can't look at pretty pics on web or type up fic as, now everyone is back from hols, there's too much chance of being sprung (ala the ill-fated banker). Sigh. Also, read back some of the fic and it's dire. I really have lost my mojo. Sigh. Oh well, I'll keep plugging away at it until I get bored (as the Fed said to the conman).

At least the skirt was a hit today. It's an old silk print skirt I have that is a rather bright 50s pink (tending to the salmon, but with a bit of Barbie thrown in under fluro lights) that features a heavily stylised view of some south east asian village, with pagodas and palm trees n stuff around the hem area and it's all very pretty pretty but because it's me I keep thinking the 51st Airborne is going to come flying in at any moment and blow it all to buggery (cue Ride of the Valkyries). Because I'm like evil and shit.

I usually never wear it on public transport (and therefore to the office) on account of the dirty seats but as me getting a seat hasn't been an issue this week I figured why not?

On Monday I managed to get through a week's worth of email n stuff (I never get time to just noodle online these days) in a third of the time on old faithful Dell Boy as opposed to El Diablo, the PC of Mean. And I could actually play YouTube trailers. So from now on, DellBoy will be referred to as distinguished rather than old, even if my old buddy does need a jason recliner to boot up these days. Mind you, since moving a lot of stuff onto an XHD he's been zippier than he has been for years, once he's booted up, that is.

This means I had time to actually watch The Fixer for proper for once instead of out of the corner of my eye. I quite enjoyed. Then I was thinking on the bus yesterday that little Neal doesn't know how good he's got it. He could have Lenny for a keeper. Bit of lip? Fist in the solar plexus. Not following orders? Head into the wall. Shot? Bleed to death in your own bed then, yer careless bastard.

Oh yeah, a little Scottish tough love would soon pull Neal back into line. Or are my Calvinist skirts showing again? I actually caught myself repeating something about life having to be suffered and endured as I got up this morning, but I've never been a morning person, especially not at 4.30 am when I'm tired. But I digress.

It's kind of interesting, to compare and contrast the methods of the two handlers and their relative control over their charges. Lenny takes a hard line and John simmers with resentment, realising he's exchanged prison bars for a council flat and one feels that explosion will come, and come soon. Or maybe not. Maybe Lenny will break him (but I doubt it, as Lenny seems to have made a few missteps in the battle of wills in S2).

Peter meanwhile tried to set Neal up in a squalid flat. That didn't last long. He's tried to take a hard line. Ditto. Peter seems to be taking more of a show him trust and respect and hope for the best approach, and while Neal pushes the envelope wildly (enough for me to be thinking a little wall slamming wouldn't go amiss at times) it does seem to be working. Neal is behaving, mostly, and trusting Peter, mostly, though the respect seems to be an uneven thing as despite promises to the contrary, more and more Neal is becoming this year's Mary Sue who can do absolutely anything while Peter just stands in awe, and it wasn't meant to be like that, it was meant to be more I Spy, please, more I Spy).

Anyway, interesting, to see which method works best in the long run, the 'show 'em who's boss' hardline approach or the softly softly approach.

Or is John Mercer just so shut down and messed up he can't work the sytem like Neal can? No, that's not true, it's just that Lenny seemed to be always six steps ahead of him (at least in S1), materialising out of dairy cabinets to put the wind up him in supermarkets, for example. Maybe Peter needs to do more of that. Lurk. Menance. Just to remind Neal that big brother is indeed watching. Just to keep that boy in line.

Because, to be honest, Neal's I con because I can ethos works fine for the first few episodes, but it's starting to ring a little hollow as he seems to be a mere cipher of skill sets with a few vague mysteries lurking in his past. Not that I need a complete bio episode, gawd, no, but a few more glimpses of some of the steel he showed in ep 8, or a bit of the real Neal, with ther persona rubbed off, just something to make the boy more interesting and, while I'd never want him to be squeezing out the emo tears like those Wichester jessies, this whole telflon con thing, it makes it hard to truly love and feel for the boys. Where are the flwas? Kate doesn't count, I'm taking real personal flaws, not a crap ex, everyone has crap exes.

Oddly, I feel we learn more interesting snippets about Peter, ie not as near as buttoned down as he seems, rather than Neal, who at times seems to have all the substance of fairy floss/cotton candy, occassional petlulant displays of anger nothwithstanding.

Not that I don't love the boy (and, to be fair, if you wanted Simon Templar's back story you had to read the books and magazines), but still. Good heroes, especially anti-heros, need to bleed occassionally. They need to care, so we care. At least, all the great ones do. The ones still located on the TV Classics shelf, anyway.

Yeah, I'm still bwee over White Collar even though the standard of writing is Remington Steele at best - ouch. And I should really start moving onto the Prisoner, but meh, what can be said that hasn't been said, but odd, yeah, that, with Burn Notice, most of what I watched this week has been guys under close state scrutiny. Paranoia tv much?

The other thing I watched, waiting up for Burn Notice, was Rex, and this time he was back in Vienna (cue Ultravox) but everyone was still speaking Italian, including beloved Kunz who was dubbed over with a high pitched Italian voice that was doing my head in. Actually there was a lot of being silly and bursting into song as we heckled, including Tintarella De Luna at one stage. But yeah, everyone talking Italian while in Austria? It was weird. Oh it was fun, though. At the beginning Rex was being super dog and we asked "did Rex just flash?" which led to a whole lotta intersect jokes and "This is Fulcrum! Ve do not smoochy smoochy here!" Sorry, been watching a lot of Get Smart lately (thank you, Go!).

Ah, my childhood telly, as I seem to be wallowing in Get Smart and the Goodies in the evenings wen I walk in the door of late. Never mind how many explosions I watched as a kid, how many gener confusing episodes was I made to sit through? Because, man, there's been a lot. Even George Jetson dragged up the other day. Yikes. And Astro. Double yikes.

Oh, there's one thing Mary Sue Neal can't do, which is use chopsticks. I was going through some of the White Collar galleries (just a couple as I never get the time, whimper, and evenings doesn't count because Get Smart might be one but tea is also going on) and I saw the old forks and spoons out. Now Peter, I can well imagine, is a fork and spoon man. But Neal? Tsk. Massive slither down a big fat snake in my estimation, young Neal.

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