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Okay, so glad Tuesday is done. Not that it was all bad, but this week has been a perfect storm of go here, do that, you know, you say yes to this and yes to that and they're all carefully spaced out in your calendar then they all get changed to it's complete madness from start to finish.

So yeah, running around on errands (mostly fail), urgent database admin and stuff, long technical meetings, job interview, and the Bunnymen. Sleep? Dinner? TV? No and Maccas burger while watching Chuck at 1.30am. Yikes.

So yes, there were a few moments while I was rocking back and forth almost asleep on my feet watching said Bunnies that I was thinking I'd be glad when this week is over. Not to say I wasn't going nuts over the Buns, well, as nuts as I could go, anyway. I mean, there he was, Ian McCulloch, Mr School Folder, right there, crooning my fave songs of my youth, and, serious hero worship, there was some of that (I mention only that he was pasted to the cover of my school folder so you can understand the serious childish esteem in which I held said gentleman during my so called formative years). And they played my faves and they were good and faithful renditions and I was thus satisfied, pleased, and, yeah, okay, there was squee. Aged, embarrassing squee.

The support band, Frightened Rabbit, were pretty cool, too. Of the Postcard School of Scottish rock, so I liked.

So that was happy, as was finding the Maccas next door still open (I'd not eaten all day) and hopping straight into a taxi home and playing back that day's Chuck, which always pleases. I know Chuck probably won't get another season, but that's okay. It's been an absolute pleasure and nothing lasts forever.

Job interview? I might be up for a sideways move and while a move much, much closer to home and away from She Who Must Be Obeyed would be in the pro side, as a con we have a boss I've also worked with before whom is only very slightly less demanding and the job would be even more of what I'm currently struggling with here ie more de facto project management (you do all the work while your betters get all the kudos) and less hands on work which is of course career progression but I like hands on and I have so much trouble with watching less experienced folk make a complete mess of things so it'd be a steep learning curve and I have to ask myself, do I really want to challenge and conquer when all I really want to do this year is coast? It was a really fun on interview and I'm not sure I'm up for it (certainly not today when all I want to do is sleep). What should I do? Do I always have to push myself? Is it worth the disruption when there's a 90% chance I'll be moved about in another reshuffle next year anyway? Also, I'd have to learn completely new operating systems, just to start with, well outside my expertise, with no support, and no time. Do I really want more stress? Just to make my CV more exciting?

I mean, I was so bored last year when I put that job application in but since then I've been doing more and more of my own stuff, which isn't proper or right and I really need to do something about that five hour round trip commute every day but I'm not sure I want to, I dunno, make things worse? Jump from frying pan to fryer? Especially for just a year, or less? Oh, what to do, what to do? Because, you know, all I'd like to do is sit down one Saturday arvo and start working my way through the square meterage of accumalated magazines waiting to be scanned. Because I used to like that, and I miss it, and I want to take my life back and I'm not sure walking into a high pressure job is the way to do it (even if it is closer to home).

Oh well, the one piece of yesterday that wasn't epic fail, aside from the PM parts which were quite nice, thank you, was getting to spend my voucher in the frock shop out in the burbs (well, I was right there) because the new ensemble is getting the thumbs up. Phew. Thought it might. You can't beat the classics.

And yeah, I finally have clothes I don't feel ashamed to wear in public. It's a new and shiny experience after a lifetime of enforced dowdiness. The wardrobe though, it doth over floweth. Time for a cull, methinks, but not this weekend, this weekend I'm going to see just how much of a bare minimum of chores I can get by with. Himself is away so I'm hoping for rain, and ordering take away. Please, please, let it rain.

Meanwhile, I was deeply bemused by the review of Silent Witness in today's Tele that was in fact almost entirely an ode to Neal. You think I've got the White Collar monkey on my back? Oh, it was Neal this, Neal that and Neal the other and ring, fax and email Ten and demand the return of White Collar. Oh yeah, she got the No Pretty shakes but bad.

At the end of the flailing Neal squee she mentions Carnivale, and it seems to have completely passed her by that TDK is in both. Oh dear. At least I'm not quite so much a one eyed Boner fan, um, let me rephrase that...

But you know what I mean. I kinda fell across Neal and Bryce the same day, it was Mr Dekay who brought me to White Collar. And I like Tim, I like what he has to say about Peter, and Peter's relationship with Neal (can I use the 'R' word?) but what I really like is an animated gif on the Boner post where Neal is sassing an FBI agent (I think) and Peter is just, well, you don't need to ad on little love hearts floating around his head like bubbles to see what's going on. Clearly, this boy's in love. Pete, this one's for you:

I could add in something from Regurgitator here for Neal but I'll behave, if only because Burn Notice is gonna be on any minute - it's back! Yay!

And speaking of which, I got a parcel!!! Thank you!!! I'd be up all night watching if I wasn't so fiecely sleep deprived I idle on screen saver if I stop moving for three consecutive minutes. Damn nearly slept through my stop on the bus. But tomorrow...oh yeah, baby. Thank you.

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