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Phew, that was bracing. Boss lady is back and tore strips off me for eight solid hours. As always, nothing I did or didn't do would suffice. It makes me think how it's funny how I've seen two Candide's this year when I guess I'm trying to shrug and say it's all for the best and try not to struggle so much. Not really suceeding, but submission was never going to be an easy win for an obstinant Capricorn.

Also, I should probably restate that I don't care what little Matty Bomer gets up to, it's just the media dance as performed by an officially coy young actor is highly amusing to watch. I mean, it's not for nothing that celebrity tattle has been a human past time for at least two thousand years - it's so darn entertaining.

I do wonder though, about all those stories about an up and coming yet indiscrete young actor a year or so back. And I should have more important things to ponder, but it does preoccupy the remains of the noggin during torturous workhours and soul destroying commutes.

Anyhoo, PC about to melt if not melting so adieu for now.

'Chuck' recruits Willard, Kurtz for top-secret mission

Matt Bomer's Big Break


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