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Thursday: See, I told you my week had started out unreasonbably bad. I have brownies - fresh still warm brownies. I'm as happy as could be. It's all in the details (technically the brownies were a bribe but by the time you tell ICAC the evidence will be all gone, trust me - grin).

Apparently there's a small paragraph in the latest Sharpe novel, "Sharpe's Havoc" where Sharpe doesn't seem at all bothered to learn that Lord Pumphrey wants to shag him:

    "You do know," Hogan said with considerable irritation, "that Lord Pumphrey is a molly?"

    "Of course I know he's a molly"

    "He can be hanged for that," Hogan observed with indecent satisfaction.

    "I still like him" Sharpe said.

    "He's a serpent. All diplomats are. Worse than lawyers."

    "He ain't stuck up," Sharpe said

    "There is nothing," Hogan said, "nothing in all the world that Lord Pumphrey wants more than to be stuck up with you, Richard."

Heh, another small mark of my evil influence, the smallest, but I'm sure it's there. Somehow, I need to collect these proofs that I existed, that I affected, not so much it's a wonderful life but from seeing my father's and even my own life's achievements purged in revisionist histories. I like to find small foot prints, even hints of one, and say I was there. Gay characters in a Sharpe book? Well, I do wonder so.

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