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It's only in the high twenties today so it's Go! Go! Go! re getting on the interwbs. Friday was insane, I was up til one or two in the morning unable to sleep on account of the heat, trying to get new mp3 player working (I have lousy luck with those things) and watching Carnivale. Yep, I saw a bit of it, and some of those bits included nekkid DeKay (oh my) though I was having PC probs (El Diablo, the PC of mean, as always) at that exact moment.

Saturday was also 43C or some such so I was up at 4am trying to get the washing done. I've never had washing dry before I've finished the next load before. Watered the poor plants, not that you could tell, but it wasn't all bad as I ended the day with lightning, cannons and bats.

No, really. Hooked up with some folks to go see the symphony in the Domain, and when I left it was still hot and sunny but a third of the way along my journey the clouds rolled up, then there was rain, then the bus was struck by lightning. It all went white with a zzzz-BANG!!!! and the chick behind me screamed. For someone who usually has an exaggerated reaction to such things, I barely noticed, too used to the flash bangs the local jihad keep letting off at all hours, I guess.

Anyway, meant to take a picnic, but I was still queasy (heat + hardwork+ hormones = unwell) but I still bring seat cushions, I figured they worked for the Globe they'd work for this, and they did. and I had fun. It was a prog of Bernstein West Side Story, etc) and I loved hearing pieces I knew and loved, especially the West Side Story pieces which I'd not heard in ages but still know off by heart apparently. Yes, me and my showtunes, moving on. They lit up the trees autumy colours and I could pretend I was in NY.

They finished off with the 1812 Overture which climaxed (literally) with cannons and fireworks (which upset the fruitbats something chronic, and possibly took out a couple, but lets hope not) and everyone in the audience was waving sparklers (I was out of the loop on sparklers but apparently its tradition) and it was just fab.

Almost as good as being on holidays but... one of the folks there kept saying things like "I know you" and this is what you do and what you say and this is how I xpect you to be and what you should like and arrrgh! The whole point of being on holiday is being me and not this person everyone assumes I am. So yes, it was everything I could want for a night out, but I was still straighjacketed by expectations. So no, not as good as being on holiday and yes, I'm feeling trapped enough to gnaw my own foot off already and its only January, oh dear.

But I'm overreacting. There was fireworks and favourite music. I just want to be the person I am when I'm not here. I love that person. The person I am here, the one everyone expects and imagines I am, I hate her and want to strangle her on a second by second basis. Arrrgh. I want to be me, I want to be free, etc etc.

Maybe I could use this for describing Neal and his two mile limit? Maybe not. Speaking of White Collar, looks like it's one of those fandoms that won't share, as in this is a local show for local people. Byotches (and that's putting it mildly).

Whatever. I did get to see The Saint today which happened to be the episode that's a pilot for The Persuaders and to my great delight there was a Pappy quote, which I'm gonna take as a Maverick shout out. So can I draw a line from Maverick to The saint to The persuaders, and not just cause R. Moore was cast in all three? Because I know it was The persuaders pilot, but it sure felt a lot like Maverick to me. And it was fun.

That's about it. Rain has stopped, it's getting hot and there's nothing on the interwebs to grab and watch so I'm gonna go and do stuff.

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