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Not much news today. Had to stay back late re-writing that damned report and it was heavy going. Pretty much all I was capable of was Hulk type! by the time I packed up last night. It still needs revision but I'll wait until co-worker gives his notes on it. I'm relying on him to beef up the tecchie details. Dammit, Jim, I'm a librarian, not a computer engineer.

Raced home in time to see some of Tara before her unceremonial and unforgiveable end. Damn, why do they kill characters I like while Dawn lives on with impunity. It ain't fair. I don't really get the whole Spike scene, either. It seems so sudden and out of character, Spike's always been a bit of a charmer, and seems to me more Noxious Noxon evil ex-boyfriend wheelbarrow pushing to me and it just didn't fit. No way would Buffy not be able to fling him off, hurt or not, and it just seemed so, she tries to avoid words liked rammed or forced, but it seemed to have been, well, just pushed into the nattative but with no real lead up or explanation or continuity. It really jarred too, one minute you've got a rape scene, the next minute comedy jet pack capers. See what I mean, it didn't fit in the narrative. I would have dropped that scene, Spike was broken up enough to go chasing a soul without needing to prove he was still a monster, surely that he felt not yet enough a man would have been enough. Still, what am I expecting, a deft hand in American television? Perish the thought. The partial redemption of Jonathan, who was never really evil, just led astray by his loser friends, was bittersweet and I'm hoping Andrew as crazy, dangerous Warren stalker will be played up, but I bet not.

Angel was another one I'd not seen (I must have been away or off sick or something) and it was another 'we hate Wesley' episode because it's okay for Angel's dark magic to kill innocent bystanders but what Wesley did was unforgiveable and we won't even speak his name. Do these people even listen to themselves? No wonder Wes is all upset and grumpy, my poor darling Wes, and woof, didn't he look so hot, all gruff and tragic with the beard and the blue eyes. Oh yeah, finally, the Wes I always wanted. Whoo. Of course, Wes saves the day, again, as useual, and a thankless task it is again, as usual (over idebtify much?). My poor, poor Wes. why he frets over those intgrates, well, I suppose, no, I know waking up to find your friends now hating your guts without ever wanting to hear your side of it, it's a hurt that never heals. That they don't respect you enough to give you the benefit of the doubt - that bites. Still, for all his pain and angst, beardy hurtin' Wes...mmmmm...

Oh, the birds tried to round up another cat for me, but he got away. Heh, soon, soon I'll have my army of trained winged fiends, and it'll be Willard, only with little birdies...cue evil maniacal you'll all be sorry laughter ala Vincent Price at his campiest. Miss the Vince. Need to find Dr Goldfoot on dvd - grin.

I'm all cheered up. Hialarious fic on jack_daniel, cool fic on sharpecc and a mysterious parcel in the post. Whee. Delight in the small things, because the big things I have no control over (job, war, the dvd exchange rate...).

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