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Well, the good news is my Chuck dvd finally, finally arrived from the US of A, via several ports in Europe and New Zealand, of all places. Oh, Chuck, you International Man of Mystery, you (I'm picturing something like the credits of Chuck crossed with the credits of Catch Me If You Can right now, or one of those maps from the Indy films). Seriously, though, somebody needs to give those folks at Amazon a map. I was just about to send out the most stern of missives, indeed, I was pretty much hovering over the send button when the much battered and redirected and be-stamped and re-labelled parcel finally thudded into the letter box.

Still, I've had worse (the infamous book that had been ordered for a birthday that arrived swimming in a bag of water like a goldfish springs readily to mind).

Other than that, yes, I've been quiet, I've been a bit unwell (what's worse than spending the night being ill in the bathroom? Not being ill in the bathroom. Clean up on aisle five!), to put it mildly. At least I got one day off and I was thinking yay, dvds! but it was more like just lying there and going 'urgle' occassionally. Wed was a long hard day and by the time I got home I was too wooby to even think of watching M. Bomer on Youtube so I sort of just lay shipwrecked in front of Geds on Kommissar Rex and finally dozing off during New Amsterdam (Nicki, love, I adore you, but that show blows, dear heart).

Yesterday was pretty rough too (and so far today is worse) but I did get to peek at Twitter (I heart Misha hardcore) and caught a few more mins of Carnvivale than I did on Sunday, and some of those actual minutes had T. DeKay in them - mercy!

I've found a new source for overseas mags, not that it matters because I never get to scan any more (I wish the lazy sod who never, ever works, either in paid labour or housework, would realise how dangerously distressed I am at having to spend all and every Saturday and Sunday scrubbing and ironing and sweeping instead of just having a coupla hours to do something I used to enjoy doing, but he won't, and nobody will help me, and I've screamed and shouted for help, so I'm just gonna have to give up all thoughts of having a life, one way or the other, not that the selfish sod would ever notice). Nor did I get the issues I really wanted, but at least I can pretend to look.

Not that it matters, cause there's no way I can scan when it's gonna be as hot as they say it's gonna be this weekend. I'll stick to the pages and my PC will explode. But it's the principal of the thing, you know. Someone spends their days visiting galleries and lunching, others spend their days and weekends working from 4am til midnight, and they've reached breaking point.

It'd probably help if I had the time to write, the technology (thanks for nothing, El Diablo, the PC of mean, whose real names would make Malcolm Tucker blush, and yeah, the lazy sod at home took over the PC I originally bought for myself, the one that works) and a damn plot, because so far the JPIII and LOM ones are fine, just no time to write, the Lewis ones went to a weird place but the plots of the first five or six (oh yes) are in various stages of completion and just need some free me time (and I don't even have time to sleep these days), the Merlin one I'm truly bored by (need to amp up the menace? Reading R Sutcliffe might help) and the White Collar one is another PWP in search of a plot. I did think of a plot while I was being violently ill but it's silly, overly complicated and leaves everything way too au to attempt any further developments. Which is a pity, but perhaps some bits can be salvaged.

The main reason it's a PWP at the moment is that Peter is pretty much ready to pop at the starting position because it's quite obvious that he has a thing for Neal, and a thing for Neal for a while, which Peter probably tries to explain away as a matching of wits, the chase and hunt and catching of quarry and a deeply felt need to protect Neal, both from the FBI, from Neal's associates and Neal himself by trying to make Neal use his powers for niceness. There's also a great deal of hero worship, jealousy and fantasy going on. Which, you'll have to admit, is a heady mix of motivators. Never mind that Neal is drop dead gorgeous and patholgogical charmer. Basically, Peter wants Neal, wants him real bad, and if Neal turns the charm offensive up to eleven, well.

Does Neal like Peter? I think yes. There's professional respect, a fondness and, how sweet, a puppyish need to impress and get approval, not to mention ego stroking when able to demonstrate how clever he is to a truly appreciative and critical audience. Impressing Peter is oddly important to Neal. Neal's also loyal to a fault, and, weirdly, Peter is one of the few Neal has let within his inner crcle, so any betrayals will come hard. There's a lot of armour there and a rather soft sticky centre, but of Neal's background we know nowt (well, I don't, because I don't get USA - insert a stream of Malcolm-like expletives here). However one can presume that the grifting game can get lonely because that's what Neal seems to want from Peter: a friend. Oh yeah, and an admiring audience. Neal knows he's pretty, clever and talented and he needs the approval - to the point of admitting past misdeeds and how they were done just so Peter can know how clever he was. It's kinda like Holmes peacocking in front of Watson, in a way.

So if Neal's close relationships and somewhat ironic willingness to trust are weaknesses, I think his pride is, too. That whole having to sign his work thing. Pure ego, and it is gonna trip him up.

Okay, then there's the fact that Peter's married. Personally, anyone who gets comedy socks like that from their wife is just advertising their availability and openess to a better offer, but that's just me. Nothing says my marriage is a habit more than a tacky comedy present from a supposed loved one. And surely Elizabeth has lived with her husband's obession with Neal for long enough to be on the clue bus. Surely she can see where it's heading, and perhaps even the train wreck that will ensue. Perhaps they can have one of those very modern marriages, of the sort I've been reading about in Desperate Romantics (in which Neal is very definitely the Rossetti as far as the whole rock star aura goes, with the rest as his entourage).

Yes, still on the PRB, they're just such a part of my life. Even Merlin, which often references paintings by Waterhouse, gets itself included in the genre. Not to mention Morris being responsible for my fave tea rooms at the V&A. Squee. But I digress...

So I'm thinking Peter has been living and breathing Neal for a long time, so naturally the new joined at the hip relationship should bring up new issues, a bit like the morning after as they discover the reality about each other. And just how stalky is Peter - within the bounds of the law (not that there are any privacy laws these days)? And Neal - would he try and play Peter? Are they polaying each other? Are they being played against each other? I think my main problem is that every plot I've had so far is more of a Bryce plot, oh yeah, I can see which way my plot bunnies are leaning. Fulcrum made us do it. Ahem.

So yes, Peter has finally caught Neal (and vice versa). Now what? After all the years and months and days of flirting and dancing, what happens now they've caught each other? The boys lean close, we fade to black, but what happens next?

Where do go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear...arrrgh, stop it, or that'll be the song that gets stuck in my head. Various fics have theme songs (mainly because I'm a frustrated vidder). Merlin's one is a brilliant Mariachi version of Princes's I Would Die 4 U which summed up the relationship, for me, anyway:

I'm not your lover
But I'll be your friend
I am something that U'll never comprehend

Anyway, not sure where I'm going as several plots have been thought of and discarded. I am in a rut. I've been reading white collar-esque stories in the paper and there was one about a guy who, having served a sentence is one state, is being extradicted to another, which is a thought. Neal may have a rather impressive list of outstanding warrants hanging over his head? Maybe not. I doubt they'd let him out on a work release program if it were so.

Anyway, ideas on a postcard, please.

Meanwhile, I finally found one of the magazines I was after. i was walking past one of the only remaining old shops (by old shops I mean shops still standing from six months ago) left to me and I was muttering to myself that if it wasn't there there would be hell to pay, but it was. Yay (though I was kinda looking forward to unleashing the beserker rage that's been brewing) so that's something. After a crappy lunch spent in the shop I loathe and will only go to as a last resort. All the customer service of a US Army POW camp, I tell ya. Sometimes I really hate this dinky little no shops flyspeck of a town. But I did get the only copy of that mag I've seen on the shelves. Well, shelf, anyway (since all the other shops I would have looked in are gone).

Btw, have you seen the American dickwad they've got playing my beloved, beloved omg so beloved Marcus Flavius Aquila? You sir, are no Marcus Flavius Aquila and you never will be. I hate you and you've ruined a lifetime's worth of re-reading my most favourite book. You bastard.

Just so as you know, I'm not that impressed with the casting of Eagle of the Ninth, in case you might have missed it. Save me from American movie studios and their crappy casting. I suppose I should be grateful they didn't cast Adam Sandler, but not by much.

Oh, since I seem to be in a fiesty mood, here's a pic from today's Herald of Mr Worthington. The past is another (really bad) haircut. Mwahaha!!!

Sorry. This is part of a conversation with a dear friend of why I'm not as in awe of Mr Worthington or Mr Bana, mainly because I lived through their juvenalia and I have baggage like that pic of Sam stuck in the back of my head. and now, with any luck, you do, too. Go Google "Macbeth", it gets worse, trust me. And when you're tired of that, try "Poida". Mwahaha!


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