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My mother said to get things done you'd better not mess with Major Tom

"Time and again I tell myself
I'll stay clean tonight
But the little green wheels are following me
Oh no, not again"

Sorry, being both silly and sleep deprived. I told myself, no, put the pretty boy back in the dvd box and go to bed but nope. Never gonna happen. Worse, I can't even admit to what I was watching (so ashamed was I the box set has been up the back of the collection, for a while). Let's just say that the ogling of pretty tv eye candy continues apace.

Also saw five mins of Commanche Moon w/Karl Urban, five mins of Carnivale w/Tim DeKay (Jones! Wrestling in mud!), five mins of The Saint (more automotive tomfoolery) and five mins of Merlin. I also saw a couple of bits of the Persuaders and almost an entire episode that featured Ed Devereaux being all evil and bad. Ranger Matt! No!!! Heh heh heh. Lots of blue/orange going on the Persuaders sets, I noticed, to my amusement (but a lot of purple too, hee). Definitely a 'curtains closed' dvd, lest the neighbours think I'm watching vintage gay porn (I mean, that bedroom scene!!!). Oh yeah, they've re-released the dvds with some hoopy extras. Me likey. Me likey lots.

Other stuff? Let me tell you about Sunday. Up at the crack of to get the washing/watering/weeding/up potting underway, so I ask Himself to sit out for a bit in the lounge and mind the buckets (greywater runoff from washer which I put on the trees) and by the time he'd perused for suitable reading material, changed his outfit and made himself an expresso it was nearly an hour and a half later and why bother, really. As if that wasn't enough, feeling unwell after my exertions all around the yard (while he lounged with the Sunday papers and expresso) I went to my room for a much needed siesta. All he had to do was watch for clouds. But no, he's so involved with a dvd by the time he's noticed it's raining and changed outfits again everything that was 90% dry when I left them fluttering in a perfectly blue sky was wet as. So I coulda just spent the morning writing pr0n, you know? Rrrrrgh. I know, tis my cross to bear, but really, some days I am sorely tried.

This is what I get for actually falling properly asleep for once (mainly because there were no screaming kids, angle grinding, skip dumping, chainsawing, dogs barking, lawn moving, hammering, leaf blowing cacophany to intrude on my dozey ear - bliss). You can bet that's the last time I sleep in a while. Certainly didn't sleep last night. Sigh. Also, I think I pullled something lugging large lime trees about, but whatever, I'm just limping about the place, is all.

That's about it. All grumpy and hormonal and hoping to get home for some serious box set time, but I know that everything is likely to go gang aft agley, which I understand is my native tongue for tits up.

Sums up 2010 so far: tits up. At least work is a bit quieter as a lot of jobs taken from me were quietly handed back (so it's less work for me, not having to fix up stuff that's been effed up to death), mainly because I think I got one of those secondments I applied for and, while I'm still here, I dunno, just for the moment I'm not being stuffed around in an extraordinary fashion (just the usual SOP bullshit, which I am used to and can cope with). Which is good. But the pr0n? Maybe when I'm not feeling quite so jagged.

Now, speaking of tits up, will he be wearing that tight little t-shirt again in episode six? We can but hope.

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