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So last night, after a great many trials and tribulations, including a couple of white trash pot heads, and I'll be charitable and assume they were potheads and not naturally that mentally enfeebled, having a loud conversation not out of place on one of those trashy talk shows, on the bus seat behind me that I'll never be able to scrub out of my head.

Anyway, at last, there was Chuck. I caught up on two S2 eps I'd missed and, oh, I had fun. I adore this show and you know how good I've tried to be, watching it primly and properly, but when Casey snorted "Who hasn't slept with Bryce Larkin?" I did have to tell myself to behave and move on, move on towards the end of the episode where Chuck stuck his tongue down Casey's throat. Sure, it was all do or die and there was much carrying on, so much so I think the lady doth protest too much (no, really). Not to mention the whole "Fulcrum made us do it" is such a slash standard I could accuse them of blatantly pandering, though Chuck has never been a show to steer clear of playing up the bromance, and then some, but usually it's no, please no, not those two, arrrgh, my eyes, my eyes. Now if it had been Chuck and Bryce locked in a room with the gay serum I might have sat up and paid attention. Nevertheless, you don't often see guy on guy on American network television, even if it did come under the umbrella of "Fulcrum made us do it and we didn't like it, much". That said, Chuck did grind his crotch into Casey's face in the next episode, again under perilous circumstances, but still. That Chuck, wot a tart (cause he also had the two ladies on the trot as well).

Anyways, was bemused, because I've been trying so hard, so very, very hard not to go there and then suddenly tongue kissing. Shrug. (To be honest I think Casey is carrying the worst kind of torch and all his snide comments/growls spring from jealous wounds, but that just me. Dammit, I am watching it wrong! Mind you, The Chicago Tribune, in an interview with Mr Baldwin, also referenced Casey's "ferociously suppressed affection for Chuck". I'm just sayin').

And I miss Bryce. Everyone loves Bryce Larkin, though I knew Timmy wasn't getting out of that well since I was something like three weeks into White Collar before the Chuck S2 finale got first run out here. Sigh. I think I much prefer Bryce, poor, dear, complicated 'everything I do, I do for you' kinda stalker guy Bryce, to Neal, but a girl can't have everything. What can I say, Bryce was more intersting, but that's just me. I'm sure Neal has layers, secrets, obesssions and dark corners, but since the pilot we've seen neither hide nor hair of them, nor do we ever get to see him strut his stuff, the way we did with Bryce so you knew exactly why everyone swooned when he walked into a room.

Dear, dear departed, damaged, slutty Bryce Larkin. Sigh.

But that's just me. Down, plot bunnies, down! (I could really go something fic wise if I wasn't being ridden by a thousand devils right now).

Also, the writers on White Collar and even wee Matt really need to lift their game. Seriously. A friend just sent me a list of episodes and it looks like we're getting a variation on that old chesnut The Diplomat's Kidnapped Daughter. Yawn.

If they're going to pull this out of the battered old hat I'm gonna look for a dazed somewhat undressed amnesiac girl found wandering and/or a villains lair in a waregouse filled with mannequins. Sorry, suspecting the liver spotted hand of an old hack at work here. Either that or they're really just rummaging down the back of the couch for old yellowed scripts.

Anyway, we were still being silly over Unit One does Hamlet (Jonny kicks the skull around to amuse the local kids...) and then there was the last episode of Oz and James. I know, but first screening here (poor old SBS has bought up big on the boys' side projects now they've lost Top Gear to Nine) and could I have enough man love in a single night of telly viewing? apparently not. Very amusing, and dear James finally got a good cuppa and some fancy cars to fawn over so he was happy at last. I was taken with a champagne wine press that, and I realise I've watched far, far too much Midsomer Murder here, but it looked just perfect for chucking a body in. "A Good Year For Murder" chips in the Peanut Gallery, already workshopping the idea (and I dare say most MM episodes have been thrown together from less).

Meanwhile, I rejoice in the fact that I have an ancestor named Increase Beale. Increase Beale! Oh, I wish I had a kid now, just so I could call him Increase Hercules and say they're old family names. Yep, the child abuse starts right here. If I had a wench I'd call her Dorcas. Mwahaha! Now isn't it just as well the bloodline stops here. My wickedness knows no bounds of common decency.

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