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heatwaves, nerds and dead danes

The next time I dare to think my boss is gonna be really pleeased with how across something I am and how I've got it moving forward, just hit ne repeatedly with a two by four, with rusty nails in it. It'll be less painful. Repeat after me, thou shalt not show initiative, thou shalt not show initiative...

That said, I did finally get my half day off, once I pointed out I'd not had the graciously granted half day off (God Save the Queen!) for an entire decade. I dare say it was my legitimate grounds for formal complaint rather than charity that moved them, nevertheless, home in time for Chuck yesterday (and just as well as it started twenty minutes later than the time given in the guide, Foxtel bastards!). Sadly it wasn't as great as Monday's episode, but it was still giggle worthy as I discovered why all the sad, ageing gamers of my aquaintance disregard the show, as I bet there were a couple of nerve strikes there. Mwahaha!!!

Not that I can talk. I got loaded on leftover NYE cheap fizzy pink wine and mango juice (half and half, into a big glass, with ice) and attempted to get El Diablo the new and unfriendly pc (its real name is unprintable) at least up and running a bit, and this time I managed to get 7/10 programs installed, which means I'm only at my best better than average when sozzled? You're just like Bender, says the Peanut Gallery, not very helpfully. And the headache the next day? Diabolical.

At least it was kinda Xmassy. It was stinking hot for starters and my pressie chocs are now just brown smears but never mind that because the RSC Hamlet dvd finally arrived. So there was a somewhat marathon late night viewing, as I couldn't sleep anyway on account of the oppressive heat. To be honest I'm glad I saw it live, not to brag, but I just enjoyed it far more and it was more more immediate and right there, you know? I also enjoyed David a lot more then. Is it just me, or is the Hamlet on the dvd a lot more Doctor-y than I remembered it? I think so, at least, I feel so and it's the way I remember it. But these are mere quibbles. It was smashing and nothing at all like the dreadful dirges I've had to sit through previously during the old school years.

Not that I was watching it as seriously as I should have been. I couldn't help but quip about all that Danish death and not a beach house in sight which instantly had us imaging the old Unit One team on the know, Prince accuses Uncle of murdering father, La Cour sees the ghost on the battlements...heh heh heh.

Okay, so I need to give the Eurocops a breather. Well, tough because they're just so the thing right now (have Wallander S2 on order).

That's me, so far ahead of the curve I look like I'm going backwards (well, that's what I tell myself, anyway, honestly, it's just a fluke and a complete lack of anything else on telly that I got hooked on le cops euro.

Which was why I was watching Hamlet last night (the only other serious alternatives were #9 on UKTV and #11 on ABC2). Ah, David, I'm gonna miss you, even the OTT gurning, eventually.

So that was yesterday. Monday was work (inbox! arrrgh!), watering the garde ( my poor apple has dropped all but one of its apples) and watching back Chuck, which was a corker. No so much the plot (chick fight in the showers? really?) but just in the comedy between characters. I just love those little moments. Zach does great reaction shots, and is so easily deflated, poor lil petal. No more Bomer until the S2 finale (whimper) but the last episode wasn't that great, despite having some cool moments (I particulary liked Capt. Awesome laying down the law). It was the episode where Bryce kinda lost his cool to Chuck, so I suppose. And he is way shorter than Zach. I'm just sayin'.

Missing White Collar. Anyone know where I can, ahem, watch it once it starts up again in the States because eff knows when Ten will play it again (ditto SPN which has completely vanished without a word). Mind you, White Collar: could do better. Much better.

Yeah, I love the boys, oh, how I love those boys, but the stories are woeful. I keep imagining the lads in plots from Maverick and the Saint (surely out of copyright now?) but I'd rather see some zingy plots in the show itself. Oh come on, it's such a rich field. I feel I want to lock the writers in a room showing only Fox Classics until they get a clue. And where are all the other con artists? One of the best ever Mavericks was one where they had all the recurring characters in on a long con, very much the Hustle mother/template episode.

Then again, The Saint episode I caught a bit of yesterday was so Last Crusade I was almost embarressed. Weird, and a bit of a departure for the ambigiously ethical jewel thief. Mind you, that was a B/W one. The colour ones they're showing on the weekend are so James Bond it hurts, and if only if Roger had played Bond as he played him here. He wouldn't be a punchline in a later, regretable season of Buffy if he had.

The weekend? Mostly baking hot (I think I gave myself sunstroke again doing the washing) so I read more than I'd intended instead of doing stuff, but even so, it was only a third of Desperate Romantics, which I got for my b-day. Cracking read. Days of our painters, oh my, yes. And, yes, I got the cover with Mr Turner on it. Hee.

Also had an invite to lunch to make up for DisasterBirthday, which was nice. Ended up at the old/new pho place (old fave, new shop), cause I wanted pho, and it was a really, really good pho, so I was happy. Got to bitch about stuff, too, which helped (having spent Saturday ironing through Merlin, Smallville and Supernatural, I wasn't best pleased with my situation as maid/groundskeeper/handyman/bank but I've since had Hamlet and chicken salad and pho and Chuck and have settled down a bit).

Oh, yes, the plumbers sent me a souvenier fridge magnet. It's now the six thousand dollar fridge magnet, and has pride of place (bitterly, and can you have fridge sarcasm?).

And honestly, it's not like it doesn't take much to settle me down. All I wanted on my hols was a couple of unbothered hours with a good book on the lounge under the shade of my surviving trees with a mango juice on a sparkling summer's day. Too hard? Obviously. It's sunny now of course but at the risk of sounding like Goldilocks it's way too hot. Like baking insane oven hot. I think it was the bitter disappointment of such anticipated simple pleasures that really got to me.

Well, that and the six thousand dollar fridge magnet and still not getting the interwebs on El Diablo. I ring up and they send me out a new install disk. No joy so I ring up again and they say the shiny new disk they sent me was out of date, I'm to download the latest version from the interwebs. How, I ask you, but managed that. Still nothing. Well, my wifi adapter needs to be replaced then. Webpage says them sell them. One winding bus trip to the shop on a hot day and I'm told to eff off and buy one at the BuyMore across the road. All the staff are off fighting international crime but I finally find some callow youth to sell me a new(ish) wifi adaptor that comes with Russian instructions. I think I just flashed on the Russian instruction book, and I'll probably be stuck going to Russian porn sites if it ever works but no fear of that. Still nuffin. Arrrgh.

Such is my life. This from the phone company who still insist on dealing with my dead mother despite filling in a forest of forms to get the account transferred to my name, for three years now, and counting. Arrrrgh. Oh yeah, every time I ring up they ask to speak to Mum, so I'm upset at the outset, you know? Arrrgh.

Okay, think happy thoughts. Think happy Chuck thoughts. It's weird, I'm so into Chuck, but it's White Collar that is whirling in my feverish fic brain, but it's always the undercooked shows, eh? I was hoping to catch more Carnivale on the weekend but no such luck. Damn, cause I had a real jones, for Jonesy (heh, did you see what I did there?). Oh well, if I remember rightly it was the lack of said Jones as we spend way too much time with Clancy and the kid (A plot that they might be) that pissed off so mightily the first time I watched S2. Oh well, enjoying it a bit more now, when I do see it, even though satisfactory screentime with Mr Jones is few and far between, and why is Doctor Who all about stoopid moving planets and never about creepy sideshows? At least Torchwood gave me a creepy sideshow.

Sorry, rambling. This sunstroke/champagne/sleep deprivation headache is really becoming a crippler, hence the blog typing/whinging instead of doing anything that requires actual processing power. Oy....

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