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So, this enforced leave ends as it started, with an episode of Chuck (featuring the Bomer, who's, well, a lot shorter than Zack).

This whole thing has been like Chuck.

Me vs the crap weather. At first when it rained it was like, whee, bring forth the dvds but then it was gloomy day after day after day after day and the old cabin fever started to kick in, and since my wings were clipped (by making us take our leave now I can't go anywhere this year, and it was enforced, by jackboot, oh yes indeedy) I figured I'd try and make the best of it by sipping mango juice under the palm trees but no, the gloomy weather put paid to that.

Me vs the crap Xmas presents. Every year I ask for the Bond collection. every year I wait expectantly. Every year I'm bitterly disappointed. I've asked for nothing else now through several Bonds and formats now. I'm getting a little irked, just between you and me.

Me vs the crap computer. Bought a new mini pc to use as the mini pc I bought myself this year has been taken over so I never ever get to use it, not to mention it's been damaged. But this new PC, she no go. And I've had enough experience now to know that if they don't work out of the box they never will. I've spent over $300 on stuff to try and make it go, just do something, but no joy, only grinding misery. I'm waving the white flag here.

Me vs the interwebs. Having so much difficulty with connections, accounts, wifi, software, hardware etc. All I wanna do is see the Dr Who finale before March. Is that so bad?

Me vs the hot water heater. Well, you know about that one.

Me vs the dairy cabinet. The milk said best before. It wasn't.

Me vs the crap birthday. See above.

Me vs Foxtel. Must they always run Chuck so late after the advertised time? I'll be able to discuss Gossip Girl within another week of this, and I'd much rather not.

Me vs Channel Ten. No more White Collar (okay, we caught up, but it's starting up again soon) and Supernatural just vanished from the schedule.

Me vs the neighbours. It's called private property, buddy.

There's more, but you get the idea. I tried to turn that frown upside down, and I really did, and I know other folks are having a far rougher trot, but it's my only holiday this year, and I hated nearly every minute of it. It's not French castles in the sun, that's fer sure.

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