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rain with a chance of bomer

First off, I hope the F-tards that had me doing a restructure and redesign of the site on Xmas eve while everyone else got a day off got coal in their stocking. Rammed in there, good and hard. I was so annoyed I did a crap less than halfarsed job and left (and am still fretting about the work that awaits me when I get back, way to ruin Xmas). Like I said, F-tards.

However, for once I didn't get home late and there was Tom Ward and dinosaurs on the telly, but then I was tempted with Chuck on another channel and I thought yeah, I could so some chuck. But what were odds of getting a glimpse of the Bomer, I quietly wondered to myself. Quite good as it happens as it was Chuck VS the Alma Mater, with quite a few flashbacks of Bryce, albeit Bryce with bad hair (bonus points for the shoot out set, if not filmed, in the Stanford library).

For those of you unfamiliar with Chuck, it's your basic geek wishfulfilment secret hero deal, with lots of silly, geeky humour. If you like Get Smart/Buffy that's kinda what it's like. with the odd bit of Bomer (though actually i'm being very unfair because I adore Chuck, it's just that the hormones are sugar powered right now, it being diet amnesty week, ie Xmas to NYD).

So that was Xmas. Rain, rain and more rain and a box set of Chuck S1, mit ze Bomer, albeit glimpses thereof but never mind because I just adore Chuck and cringe when I get a really geeky joke and how did I not know about this show before now? Love the Chuck. Love everything about it ( but bonus points for Bryce speaking Klingon - heh). I love Casey. I just love it. Silly, geeky fun.

Other than that? Turkey with the stuffing from the Jane Austen newsletter that worked a tree, Xmas lights, Holiday Inn on telly. Not bad. But thank god for Chuck. Oh yes indeedy.

Don't know when I'm going to get to see Holmes (no transport). Sigh. Thank goodness for dvds and turkey leftovers.

Oh, watching back White Collar I noticed Neal had the skating Rev on his wall, which bemused as it's one of my fave pics, have the fridge magnet, used to have it as a Xmas dec until the rats ate him, man, I miss my skating Rev. Anyway, MWAH!!!

Also, in Merlin, when Bradley shoved the goop all Colin's face - bwahaha! Scripted? Whatever, Bradley looked like he enjoyed it way too much, Colin looked long suffering. and Santiago, oh my.

Oh, and Wallander? Enough with the yellow and blue, already. Yes we know you're in Sweden. Or, as the PG grumbles, the only thing that isn't blue or yellow is the Ikea furniture.

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