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Monday: Hey ho. Not to much to report this week, or nothing you'd want to know about anyway (there was an ick factor) and I'm off to collect the v.expensive Xmas present for the passive aggressive creature who managed to leave a trail of destruction re housework while I was curled up in a ball not feeling at all well (too much stress and rich food makes for one very unhappy girlie).

TV? Not a lot. Sat through Merlin, it was the water utilities one where Uther decides to build a desal plant, no, wait...sorry, there was a monster in the water supply. Whatever. A few priceless moments of the boys together and some nice foreshadowing as Arthur grimly arrests Gwen because there are no exceptions to the law of the land. It's kind of interesting because we see the dark, stubborn no excuses Arthur of legend, where most of the foreshadowing bits are Arthur trying to prove that deep down he isn't a total dickweed. Arthur is still his father's son, when it comes down it, I suppose. Merlin should take care to remember this, as much as he finds the whole double life a grind.

There was some Top Gear, some Supernatural, the one where they go to the film set and it's full of in jokes, most of which float by me as I'm not a fan of the genre. I did like the walking off into the sunset bit, though, and it's a lot like a Jason King ep that also dealt disparagingly with Hollywood machinations and Dean is always stuffing his face in this one. If it's a comedy ep you can bet that poor Dean will be making the squirrel face, the love.

There was Murdoch Mysteries (more giant Victorian era robots, I have a whole genre now), and Seeker, which is very Xena-lite and entirely lacks that whole gay subculture vibe that Merlin has going but I love The Bruce and there's ample opportunity for Kiwi jokes and Ted Raimi did his required appearance and it'll do for Sunday arvo waiting for dinner to cook viewing. I also like the fact the old LOTR helms etc are getting put to some use and I really liked the attention to detail, not only with the shingling/thatching of some of the "town" roofs (properly done, for a film set, to my untrained, amateur historian eye) and when the PG complained about the allegedly poor village throwing their veggies at the stocks, the ladies of the village were later shown gathering up the bruised produce in the background while the heroes bantered. Nice one.

There was also Oliver Twist, the one with Spall Senior and Tom Hardy. I'm amazed I made it through to the end creds, and considering the state I was in, that's quite an achievement for a little prog I didn't think I'd be much interested in. I suppose if it's Xmas, it must be Dickens, and any Dickens will do (cue song and dance number singing "any old Dickens will do" to "you've got to pick a pocket or two").

The apple tree is not happy, sigh, but I think it's the crazy weather (40C, 20C, 40C, 20C, etc) and the feral cats, to which the new fence has had no success in disuading from trespass. Still more sigh.

Oh, and according to The Australian, after The Wire et al, euro-cops are the new cool, making me and a few mates so ahead of the curve (just fer once). And they didn't even mention all the ones we've seen/sat through like Unit One, The Eagle, Spiral, etc. Sorry, I'm bemused when the mainstream clamber upon my lil wagon.

Gary Sweet is also off to fight WWII on telly - again. I know, I'm really dating myself here if I dare mention the 'S' word, but there wasn't anything else on telly back then, and he did turn a young gel's head (and I have the ancient curled TV Week poster to prove it). Hmmm, nostalgic.

Tuesday: So, Supes was back on telly last night (opp the Fixer, no less) but the Brothers Winchester won out and I dunno why, but I'm enjoying this season much, much more than last season. Yes, it's silly and overblown and has vanished up the arse of its own mythos the way the X Files did, but murderous Abe Lincoln and a vicious and terrifying Gandhi? Could have done without Ms Hilton, who is so yesterday she hasn't even popped up on any 'most annoying people of the decade lists' but at least they chopped her head off. Lots of pop will eat itself injokes and despite the brothers being on the outs (no matter how hard they try) there were some fun moments to be had, mainly at Winchester The Younger's expense (heh). What do you know, an episode that entertained, and without the firepower you-know-who. Has SPN got it's mojo back? for me, yes, well, as much as I could ever hope for. And that Gandhi is one scary bitch.

Tonight it's White Collar. I can't wait. Do not be the peon who gets between me and my White Collar tonight (I'm hormonal, stressed, sore and sleep deprived, consider yourselves warned). Shall be checking out that blue/orange pallette again.

Meanwhile a friend sent along yet another article where the boys from True Blood wish there could be more screen time devoted to the Adventures of Bill and Eric: The Early Years. Every interview with one or the other of the boys features some fantasy plotline that involves manlove and dodgy fashion, from which one can only assume they're as bored with SOOKEH as the rest of us, not to mention that they spend a lot of downtime constructing slashy scenarios. Oh my (fans self).

Now, really, Mr Ball, you must do this. The boys are keen, and seem to have already workshopped a number of scenarios. It'd be a perfect off-season filler for HBO. I can see it now. Eric and Bill: The Early Years. Lots of dodgy fashion, hijinks and man love. It'd be like White Collar, only with fangs. Eric has a scheme, Bill whines but tags along. What could be better?

Well, better would be Maverick with fangs, but I'll spare you, and I've not seen Maverick in ages (ie days), so I'm sulking.

Oh, and The Times has an article pointing out the slashy textual canon of Sherlock Holmes. Especially if you read the Holmes stories with Dorian Gray where certain tastes and behaviours....well, lets just say there's food for thought there (even more when you consider Dorian Gray and a Sherlock story were both born of a dinner party, and, well, there's a lot of connections there). I'm also really annoyed at every review that complains about something in the new film that is actually canon, thank you very much (although Jude's Watson seems a touch more waspish than in the books, but perhaps there's a valid reading there, I just read Watson as a touch on the needy side re wanting a bit more affection and appreciation from Holmes. Good luck with that, John).

I'm just looking forward to the fic. Please let there be good, slashy, angsty fic. No modern AUs with birthday cakes and fluffy kittens, or there will be blood. I'm just sayin'. Don't, really, don't.

And now, if I don't see you before Friday, merry whatever, good cheer etc (although I'm entirely devoid of that myself, I just don't do Xmas well and since I've been so unwell lately as to have pulled a muscle, well, grumpy as, as they say). So take your seasons greetings from this grizzled old grump and be content (well, I have tried to do Xmas but ever since the rats ate a lifetime's worth of carefully treasured decorations I'm exploring my inner Scrooge because I'm tired of trying and that hurt, man). It'll be just another day for me this year. Sad, but true.

Anyway, have a good one. Right, onto more bollocking. That's me, being bollocked. Me, ducking the flying daggers like that chick from the Seeker. I can never do anything right, even when I think I have. Especially when I think I have. Oh well, at least himself scrubbed the kitchen cupboards for Xmas. That was one job I just wasn't going to get to, so I'm appreciateive (less so of the cold shower I had to take this morning, though, apparently he doesn't chaffe his hands with cold water and soap like I had to).

Wednesday: I was far too cruel as the wee boy did tackle the giant spiders to clean the windows, although others said he was overworked and underpaid, cause I paid him in chocolate, and Haigh's truffles at that. I'll have you know that I wasn't entirely kidding when I said many Bothans had died getting those chocs. For starters they had security guards on the doors of the shop and you had to queue up round the block just to get in and then queue up again for hours. The only chocolate shop in town? Pretty much.

He also had the lights going, so I felt a right grump. And also a right idiot because I'd been thinking that because he was getting a v.expensive pressie he didn't need chocs as well but the tiny burnt out brain cell I have left was weakly calling "Error! Error! Error!" and I remembered my Dad ussed to come a cropper on the same error prone assumption, hence the three hours in the chocolate queue. Never let it be said that I don't suffer for my stupidity.

But anyway, thanks to Himself, Xmas will proceed in some sort of fashion.

Last night offered many feasts. We had chilli prawns, with our first chilli of the harvest, and what a ripping hot little bugger it was, too. And telly, well. There was a Doctor Who repeat (but we had a seasonal phone call, right when Davros rolled out, thus proving my rellies have still got their timing down pat) and then there was the Lost World, with Matty Rhys, Tom Ward and dinosaurs. Perfect. Although in the middle of it I was obliged to switch over to White Collar.

Obliged? Panting for it, rather. I don't know what it is, but I do rather like those two boys, very much so, even though it isn't as slashy as I could hope (or maybe they're being edited thus, certainly we never, ever get any of the handcuffed together promo pics that had me at hello). But there was some cute stuff in the stakeout, and cuter stuff with the French babes (personally, if I'd seen Peter banging on the door to get in the loo with Neal I'd be getting a clue, but that's just me). And the bit about Peter being hopeless at flirting? Oh really? and what does he call his life long game of catch with Neal then? One could very easily read into Peter's pursuit, obessession and quasi legal stalking, well, more than a sense of justice, let's say. Oh yeah, Peter knows how to flirt and play, and I gotta say, his wife is very accommodating (or is it just me who gets the whole shrug, whatever vibe from Ms Crap Actress, ie she could be playing it that way, or she could be just rubbish). But aside from all that, I just think the two boys are hawt. Oh boy, am I having a sudden attack of the vapours over these boys. Is there some good fic out there? You know, sans birthday cakes and kittens? Are there any cool pics I could drool over? Sorry, I have a shiny new fandom and I need to WALLOW!!!!

Ahem. Maybe I shoulda had some of that chocolate myself. Work blah and a very last minute dash to PO. If they're at least postmarked before Xmas, that counts, right?

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