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I did but see him passing by

Nobody gives two hoots what I did on the weekend, so I'm going to blather to you. Yesterday I saw Bob Hawke conduct the Hallelujah chorus of Messiah at the Opera House. Then I had lobster and perry for tea down by the quay and watched a cruise liner pull out, with acrobats bouncing around on the top, apparently.

Somehow, let's not say how, I'd scored some free ticks to A Beginner's Guide to Messiah at the Opera House (yes, the big white one) which was basically just a few highlight pieces played (with a choir of 500 no less) and explained, but in very entertaining fashion (because it sounds ever so dry but the conductor/mc dude (the one who wasn't Bob Hawke) was a hoot. Then Bob got up and did his thing, conducting the chorus then making a speech but I didn't mind, nostalgic as I was for the days when pollies were such characters they could fill a room and you could spot them a mile off. As it was with old Bob, and he is getting on, but he was so recognisable, even from a great distance (and trust me, we were in the gods).

And I know, you're wondering who the bloody hell Bob Hawke was/is. Well, if you don't know, it doesn't really matter. It's just a local thing (but he was PM of Oz in the 80s if you really need to know).

So that was fun. Bit of kulcha. Bit of the yartz. Big old 50s/70s puff of a building (anything that looks like could do double duty as a Bond villain's lair is okay by me). I felt properly educated and entertained. Then we had a bit of an early supper (but with one eye on the timetables) at the old oyster bar right on the Quay (I mean right on the Quay as in occassional splashes of sea water). I had my lobster. He had his barrumundi. Yes, what a splurge, but it's been instant noodles and soup a lot lately and well, I miss my end of year posh nosh. So we watched the liner get ready to leave, avec trapeze artists, as well as a great many ferries to-ing and fro-ing and it was kinda cool.

On Saturday morning I watched a parrot perch in one of my banana trees (B1) as I breakfasted on the veranda. Tropical enough for ya? Heh.

Alas, after that the day went decidedly downhill and you'll note I'll not be regaling you with comments on Merlin or Wallander or anything like that. Grizzle and grumble. Sometimes, Cinders, she no like still being with the ironing of bedsheets at 11pm. Thank goodness I did get to go to the ball, as it were, on Sunday, eh?

Oh, I did get my apple tree planted and it seems happy and well. I love that tree. I've always wanted an apple tree and there it is. Need to get a few more trees in but it's one a day, on account of the heated and my limited ability to lug back bags of potting mix from the shops (just for infill but the worms are not holding their end up in the compost heap, I can tell you). Soon I will have turned the back yard back into an orchard. Yay.

Wednesday: Today I am having a Top Gear wardrobe challenge as I have to:

  • go to a job interview

  • go to an office nibblies thing in the afternoon (byo chips at your edesk thing)

  • go to the art gallery

  • go out to dinner

I've got a dress that I'm wearing a serious top and coat over the top of the dress (so it looks like a long skirt), to be replaced by jaunty peach crochet cardy (to match the flowers that run up the black dress) for the office do, then black t-shirt over the top for the gallery, then dress and coat for dinner. Do ya think that'll work? Phew! Took me all night of wardrobe rummaging to put it together.

Speaking of work, I had to dress to the nines (nine of what?) yesterday too as one of the celestials deigned to walk amongst us mere mortals. I was on camera duty and can you say roughly manhandled much? Not so much as a complimentary sanger for my troubles, either, which was a bit rough as I am, for the moment, on staff. Nevertheless, it's been a pollie heavy week for me, thus far.

Other than that, busy with work (tis the season for everyone to clear their desks, by dumping it on mine), no time to organise Xmas (I shouldn't have to write 'turkey' on the list, but I do), my internets has been used up for the month (by folks with no time for housework but plenty of time to use up monthly allowance), no SPN on Monday. Sigh.

Just before I was due to tune into White Collar this week, a friend pointed out the extensive use of blues and oranges in the palette, and she's right. It was the Iraqui gold ep and there's a lovely shot of Neal in front of the gold windowed FBI building (as well as the opening with all those orange files). Lots of orange/brown/gold panels/doors/shelves going on and blue blinds and arrrgh....I can't not see it now. It was fun though, just to spot it all going on behind the lovely heads of our very lovely leads. It's such a slight and slender show but adorably 'after ITC' and thus I love it to bits. And the Bomer is of the pretty, ya gotta admit.

I couldn't find anything online about any meaning of the use of blue/orange schemes other than they look cool together, especially on the web. So no overly deep meaning there (unless you want to get really silly and start prattling on about saffron being a sacred colour but I think that's a little too outre, to be honest).

Orange/Blue Contrast in Movie Posters

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White Collar


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Song for lovelorn servicemen released in aid of Help for Heroes

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