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decking the halls

Today I've learnt that Arthur Dent is James Bond's cousin, you can never have too many cactus people in Dr Who and the Top Gear boys are bigger girls about spiders than I am.

So, not a complete waste of a day, then. Better yet, She Who Must Be Obeyed is away so I've had a calming day of fixing up old stuff I would have done better had I had the time, you know how it is. I also picked up a coupla pretty baubles for my poor bare Xmas tree. I know, before long it will surpass that baubly tree in the k-mart ad, but I don't care. But I am aware I'm over-compensating. Last year I was constantly annoyed by my complete lack of tinsel (I couldn't get any, anywhere), but now the front room looks like a collision between several mardi gras floats. Heh. Yes, I think I've definitely answered the question of wether or not you can have too much tinsel, but just let me get it out of my system, 'kay. This is my shiny things time, and, dammit, there's going to be shiny.

I also picked up an enormous box of Yorkshire tea. Comes under the heading of essentials.

Now I meant to get online and get stuff done, but it was so hot my poor Pootie was smelling all melty without even being plugged in so I gave him the night off and polished the brass during Supernatural instead. That's not a euphenism, I was actually polishing the actual brass. Just doing my bit (I have all the traditional below stairs jobs) for the annual spit and polish. Besides, it's kind of soothing, or maybe that's just the fumes.

Anyway, I'm still underwhelmed by the whole god squad plot, but prissy white suited Devil!Sam was vaguely hilarious. Apparently when Sam get's possessed he gets really, really gay. And I'm gonna gloss over Dean's pantie revelation right here. Mainly, I'm just watching for Cas. My friends were right, Cas is the only reason to watch Cas rocks hard. I'm not sure which Cas I love most: hardrase Cas, woobie Cas (he looked so miserable in the cat house) or hippie triipy Cas. Can I have all of 'em? He makes the show, and considering the plots of late, that's some real heavy lifting the boy is doing. He also makes a great foil for Dean. When Dean said his little outing with Cass was the most fun he'd had in years, and he wasn't the only one. It's starting to get a bit annoying to be honest, that everytime the show hits its groove, it gets yanked back to unsatisfying and uninteresting plotlines. This is why I'm so over arcs. The story and characters aren't allowed to make inresting diversions or find their own voice. They have to stay rigidly on message and it's boring. Oh well, at least There's Cas.

Oh, I also lugged bags of potting mix home, uphill all the way, watered the garden and put the Chrissie lights up, the new ones, anyway, which are LED ones and I think you can see them from space, they're so bright. Heh.

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